Name: Freddie Lempe,
Hometown: Smithfield, NC
School: Smithfield-Selma Senior High, SSS
Age: 17 at time of wreck, HS Senior
Member: SSS Swim Team
Birthday: October 15, 1993
The Wreck
On Sunday, March 6th 2011, Freddie was the front seat passenger of a mustang driven by a young girl that lost control on Hwy 39.  This was during the year's first strong spring storm with tornado warnings just north in Middlesex.  Unfortunately; the combination of weather, inexperience, carefree/youthful spirit, and apparently unbuckled seat belts, along with unsafe speed lead to the car spinning out of control.  It then continued into the ditch on the right side with an impact that threw Freddie flying out to land approximately 80 feet away, landing beyond the ditch near the trees.  The car bounced out of that ditch, and went further up/across the road where it then hit and broke trees on the opposite ditch on the left where the driver was also ejected onto the shoulder of the road.  The car proceeded to tumble end over end down the tree line to finally rest on its roof in the ditch approximately 700 to 800 feet, the total distance from where the wreck began.  Fortunately; by the grace of God, the young lady driving was spared only suffering a couple of small cuts,  total loss of her car and hopefully; we pray, a life lesson that she will take as a gift and opportunity with her in life to do what God wants her to do.
We thank God for saving Freddie through the heroic acts of those who happened on the scene, fire fighters, EMS and troopers that responded to the scene, along with the trauma team that received Freddie and all the medical professionals that have and continue to care for him. God, we truly thank you for your blessings and lessons to us all, to live our lives doing your will.

General Information
Location: NC Hwy 39 North of Selma, NC between Brown's Pond Road intersection and Buffalo Creek Bridge.
Responders: Bethany VFD, Thanksgiving VFD, Selma EMS and NC-HP
Hospital: WakeMed, Raleigh, NC
Injuries: TBI, SCI, Fractured Pelvis
Getting Freddie Needed Medical Help
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Freddie's Fight for Recovery
Freddie's Fight for Recovery
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