Freddie has fought extremely hard for a long time.  He is tired but he is most tired of waiting for a doctor to
come and help.  See, he has the will, desire and the potential to get better but HE NEEDS MEDICAL HELP and
it doesn’t look like there is any chance of WakeMed allowing any doctor to help Freddie.

If he could do it on his own, we would have never needed to go to WakeMed in the first place.  The facts are:
Freddie was severely injured in the wreck.  He survived and he was making progress in his recovery but was
having complications that were treatable.  When treated, Freddie made gains physically and with vent
weaning.  When WakeMed decided to stop treating, Freddie stopped making progress and has fell back on both
breathing and physical condition.

We have and are still pursuing all avenues to find Freddie help.  It has taken all of Freddie’s father’s time and
has limited his ability to do WakeMed’s job of trying to provide Freddie with required physical therapy. 
Without physical therapy, Freddie’s muscles and joints will tighten and this will cause his body to cramp, what
the medical field has been calling spasms.  WakeMed’s Physical Therapy said that PT is required and that if it is
not provided, it will cause big problems for Freddie.  What is crazy is the fact that Freddie would get
professional PT treatments anywhere else but for some reason, WakeMed can and has decided not to provide
this required treatment in their hospital for Freddie.  One way they have tried to get around this is to say that
it is the nurse’s responsibility.  But what’s funny, the nurses had no idea on how to do it.  So after many
attempts and many excuses, after two years the nurses are saying now that they themselves as nurses are not
suppose to do it because they are not trained in it.

Regardless of whatever games WakeMed play, the fact remains that Freddie isn’t getting required medical PT
and suffers because of it as his dad is trying to get him medical help with his pulmonary condition.  See,
Freddie was put on ventilator support when he arrived at WakeMed’s Trauma Center as a precautionary
measure.  Then the Neuro Unit Staff attempted to get him off.  The problem was that they didn’t know until
many months later, after an unnecessary surgery that left Freddie with a hole in his lung was when a doctor
decided to actually look into why this problem persist, he found that Freddie had a respiratory disease that
causes an excessive production of secretions.  So every time they went down on the vent, the secretions
would build up and cause him to d-sat (blood o2 to fall).  So with a hole in his lung, we had to wait to see if it
would heal.  It did and Freddie resumed making the progress again.  But WakeMed decided to stop treating and
Freddie has been laying there ever since.  Even though he could breathe with no ventilator support and when
he needed help with the secretions they said no.  Nurses and respiratory therapists were in disbelief that the
doctors wouldn’t treat.  Not to mention the audacity of WakeMed trying to take over guardianship.  Everybody
and I mean everybody that has Freddie’s best interest at hand including Freddie has been waiting for someone
to come in and help Freddie.

As we continue with the overwhelming task of trying to get Freddie medical help we ask that if you are
interested in helping Freddie, please let us know.  You can contact us at

Things that can help Freddie:

1. Prayers: First and foremost prayer has been the most important.  We have witnessed many miracles in
Freddie’s situation.  The fact that he has be able to sustain as good as he has for almost two years,
without having needed medical treatments is a miracle by itself!

2. Pulmonary Medical Care: Freddie is in desperate need of medical pulmonary treatments that WakeMed
refuses to provide even though Freddie was breathing off the vent and was making progress to get off
it permanently.  This medical treatment is a must for Freddie.  The risk to his life is great and he will
most definitely be at risk of contracting a bacterial infection and dying without these treatments to aid
him off the vent.  If you are a doctor or know a doctor that is willing to stand for human life PLEASE
contact us immediately at:

3. Physical Therapy: Physical Therapy was the second WakeMed group to pull out of Freddie’s care in
August of 2011.  But they lead the argument of not treating Freddie.  When Freddie was moved to PICU
from NICU they fought extremely hard to get the doctors to stop treating Freddie with needed medical
treatments and then just pulled out when WakeMed’s Director of Trauma said that we needed to treat. 
So this leaves Freddie with no professional physical therapy at all.  Freddie’s dad and friends do as
much as they can to keep Freddie loose and flexible, but are limited on time trying to find Freddie
medical help and none are trained in this to provide the therapies professionally.  If you have PT
knowledge or training or know someone who does, please contact us at

4. Coma Stim / Speech Therapies: Freddie needs and WakeMed refuses to provide any coma stim or
speech therapies at all.  This was the first therapy the WakeMed pulled out in the summer of 2011 when
Freddie had a hole in his lung from their surgery.  If you know these types of therapies or someone that
does that wants to help, please let us know at

5. Visiting Freddie: Is therapy all by itself.  Freddie enjoys visitors and it helps his spirits as he waits for a
doctor to help him.  So if you can fit a visit in to Freddie this will help tremendously.  Room 5A-17 on
the Fifth Floor of WakeMed Hospital, 3000 New Bern Avenue, Raleigh, NC.
     ***Please Keep in Mind when Visiting: Freddie's nurses are extremely nice and welcoming to Freddie's
visitors and know; that they are Not the ones at fault for Freddie's troubles at WakeMed.  They have No
authority in the decisions that WakeMed Doctors and Administrators have chosen in Freddie's
healthcare.  So please treat them with respect and kindness as they are the front lines and do the best
they can for Freddie everyday without WakeMed's support.

6. Following Freddie: We understand that many of Freddie’s supporters are from far away and it is
impossible to visit Freddie physically.  However, distant support is huge in a fight to get someone help
and writing a letter is great for Freddie’s spirits.  Be sure to like, subscribe and follow Freddie on, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.  And you can write Freddie a note to that we will read to him.

7. Support the NCLL: Attorney David Gibbs III founded and is President of the National Center of Life and
Liberty.  He represented Terri Schiavo in her right-to-life case and now is Freddie’s attorney.  The
NCLL does amazing work all around the country for the constitutional rights of all Americans and
Christians.  They are always in need of financial support, so by helping them in essence you are helping
them help Freddie.

8. Government Agencies / DSS & SSA:  As you may know, WakeMed took advantage of the all willing
government agencies to attempt to take over Freddie’s guardianship in an effort to remove his father
and get a court appointed guardian in place that would go along with getting rid of Freddie.  We will
tell you that the name social services doesn’t mean that they are there to serve our society’s citizens
that are legal and in need.  They actually are very willing to help the almighty and powerful hospitals;
for whatever reason, we have no idea.  The hospital’s take in great sums of money where DSS makes
nothing.  Actually, when a hospital doesn’t do what they are suppose to do, as with Freddie, it actually
cost the government more.  And no governing agency seems to care, but are all willing to help the
hospitals with their financial interest over the well being of the citizens that they are supposed to
represent.  Maybe they are getting some kind of kickback from the hospitals that they help…I don’t
know.  Given these facts, if you know about how the government agencies work in these cases or know
someone who does and want to help Freddie get through these processes, please contact us at:

9. Media/Writers: As you know, Freddie’s case has been unbelievable to say the least.  The fact is; most
people don’t have a clue what could happen to them if they or their loved one winds up needing the
healthcare system.  If you have writing skills or the means to get Freddie’s story out in an effort to
inform our fellow Americans, God forbid they ever find their selves in a similar situation of what the
healthcare system can do or choose not to do; please contact us at:, so
that maybe we can get our legislators to look at possibly taking action on stopping our healthcare system
from taking advantage of citizen’s misfortunes of needing healthcare in America and manipulating a
patients’ care for the sole reason of maximizing their bottom lines.

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