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We have a notebook in Freddie's room that visitors write notes to Freddie that we read to him.  Freddie really enjoys having the notes read to him and we notice that the encouraging words really help a lot with his spirits as he lies, waiting for a doctor to provide him with medical treatments that he needs.  We know many of you are far away and unable to visit Freddie but might would like to send him a message.  Write Freddie a note to and we will read it to him.

Just state in your message that you send by email if you want your note kept private and we'll just read it to Freddie and not share it with others.

Thank You All for Your Support and Prayers,
Michelle- Freddie
02/28/2014 02:41 PM
By gosh by the sounds of things your family and friends are some lucky people to have you in their life. Just read your story and wanted to say hello. Most of us can't see or understand the plans that God has for us,  but I can only imagine how awesome the plans he has for you!!  So stay strong, and know you have the world praying for you!!  =D        

Michelle- from Louisiana

Christina Mickle Norris - Praying for you
02/12/2014 12:19 PM
Good morning Freddie,
I wanted to write and encourage you this morning.  We serve an all powerful God who cares deeply for you.   I am praying for God's Devine intervention and healing power to take place in your life.  I am also praying For The Lord to quickly raise up an army of Caregivers that will minister to your body, and praying that The Lord would impart wisdom and favor to them as they give you care.   May the healing balm of The Lord to be administered to every cell of your body in Jesus Name.  I pray for encouragement, strength, wholeness, and for every organ in you body to operate as God created it to do, I stand with your Dad and family in the power of agreement for provision for everything you need and your complete healing.  I have never met you or your Dad, but I care deeply and you are in my heart.  God bless you and keep you.  I hope to meet you someday! 


Christina Mickle Norris
Smithfield, NC

BK Gale - Prayers for You
12/06/2013 03:35 PM
Freddie -
I have never met you and probably never will but I have been following your story and medical situation on FaceBook. I am a mother of 5 children and can so relate to your father's fight to do everything in his power to help you. As a parent - that's our job. You can beat this Freddie. Hold on to all the memories you have with your loved ones, family, friends - all the special moments you can remember. And - fight. Fight to get yourself better. It can happen. I believe it will happen.
All my love and prayers to a strong and special young man.
Whitehall, MT

Shari Hunt - Hey Freddie
10/30/2013 10:52 PM
Hey sweetie. It's Shari-Ann from SSS. I have been praying for your recovery and I hope you are doing well. You were always a good person a fun to hang out with during class. I continue to pray for your recovery honey. I hope you feel better soon.
~Shari-Ann Hunt~
: I don't mind if you read to others. Freddie was an amazing young man with great potential. I miss him deeply and will continue to pray for his recovery!

Frances Witters - Dear Freddie
10/17/2013 01:29 AM
I really wish I could come see you and I hope I can soon. I miss you so much. I know things are bad right now and sometimes I feel that no one really understands but God has a plan for you sweetheart. I pray for you everyday and I know that you will get better.  I love you Freddie and I miss you. I know one day we will all be able to see your bright smile that warmed so many people's hearts.

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