5A has Agreed to Take Freddie to Protect him from RSVs
Thursday, October 6th 2011
Dr. Piehl said 5A has Agreed to Take Freddie to Protect him from RSVs  10/06/2011

Dr. Piehl informs me that there is no good option in the WakeMed's Children’s Hospital to protect Freddie from RSV exposure.  So he had worked out a deal with 5A unit to take Freddie even though Freddie technically wasn’t ready to step down from ICU.  That they were going to go the extra mile in 5a to accommodate Freddie’s extra needs.  See it had been explained in Neuro that they were trying to get Freddie to step down but because he continued to d-sat, he would just be sent back to ICU because step down (aka 5A) isn’t set up to deal with unstable patients.  On top of that Freddie required way more pulmonary treatment than they normally do in 5A.

I first ask; are you going to still be his doctor when we go over there.  He said no, I don't think we will be going over there.  When he leaves, he will be turned over to the doctors over there.  I said, well, I was just wondering because when we came here the trauma doctors came with us and then it was later when you all decided to take over.   I ask if Dr. Hart is to stay with Freddie and continue doing the weekly-bronch washes.  Dr. Piehl said he would have to see.  He said that the Intensivist were actually the hospital's pulmonologists and they are the  doctors that were assigned to 5a.  I said ah; are you talking about the same doctors that quit on and refused to treat Freddie just a few months ago?  He looked down and said; let me check into and see if Dr. Hart will still be treating him in 5A.
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