WakeMed 5A Meeting
Thursday, October 13th 2011
WakeMed's 5A Manager, Pauline Stillman and Intensivist NP, Allyson Edmundson Assure Us that Freddie will Get the Best Treatment in 5A

So with this decision for 5a to take Freddie; they arranged a meeting with Paige and me to go and meet with 5a and pick Freddie’s room.  They were “remodeling” the rooms and they said we could pick the one we wanted out of the ones that was available.  First we would meet with the 5A Manager, Pauline Stillman; the Intensivist’s Nurse Practitioner, Ally Edmundson and a 5A social/caseworker.

We sat down and everybody introduced their selves.  It was understood and discussed why we were leaving ICU to go to step-down when Freddie wasn’t ready for step-down but was being done in an effort to protect Freddie from RSVs and what the 5a group was going to do for Freddie.  Pauline said that Ally was the NP for the Intensivist and would be my point of contact for the doctors.  That even if Dr. Hart was Freddie’s pulmonary doctor and would continue the weekly bronch-washes, the Intensivist would be watching all of Freddie’s other needs that might arise.  As she put it; in essence, Freddie would be getting extra care.

I mentioned that we had been there a long time and that we had a lot of problems with dealing with many doctors and that it had been a real problem because with so many different doctors it was hard to keep everybody on the same page with Freddie’s care.  That eventually it was decided that I would only deal with Dr. Piehl, which he gave me his cell number and that worked really well and benefited Freddie’s care.  That I was able to text a question or concern anytime one arose and I was only dealing with one person.  Pauline said she had talked to Dr. Piehl and knew all about Freddie’s history and that they had agreed to do what it was going to take to take care of Freddie with all of his medical needs.  She then said that was why they had arranged Ally to be my point of contact.  So it would work the same way it did in PICU with Dr. Piehl.  But Ally wasn’t going to give her cell number to me.  She said; I can give you my pager number and you can page me anytime I had any question and she would then return my call.  (The thing that wasn’t said, was the fact that I would learn later is that this wasn’t Ally’s pager.  This was a hospital pager that she would only use while at work.  And if, as it was explained much later to me; that if she wasn’t there and wasn’t using it, the pages would not go through and were useless.  There were many unanswered pages and this was what would be the explanation as the excuse why they didn’t get returned.)

I talked about all of the difficulties with debates on whether to treat or not to treat Freddie.  How the emphases had been too much on getting Freddie out as oppose to treating him with what he needed and that it took the Director of Trauma, Dr. Pascal Udekwu to step in to get Freddie the treatments he needed.  That it had caused a lot of problems and set Freddie back but now Freddie was doing much better.  Pauline and Ally assured us that would not happen in 5a.  I also pointed out that Freddie had serious complications with his pulmonary condition, that the intensivist had pulled out and refused to treat Freddie and he has a hole in his lung from the surgery that we were waiting for the possibility that it may heal if God were to bless us with allowing it to heal.  That we had at this point, gotten past those issues and the PICU doctors had told us that Freddie wasn’t going to pushed out and would be treated.

I told them that it is supposed to be now, that WakeMed understands that Freddie is not a normal case and that they were going to forget about trying to get him out and treat him until we see what happens with the emphasizes of getting him off the vent and move forward to the next step of recovery.  That since we got Dr. Hart and resumed the treatments that Freddie has done very well and that the PICU doctors had changed their approach.  They said they weren't sure about Dr. Hart but if he would continue to treat Freddie.  She said that I need not worry about Freddie getting treated in 5a.  That they knew what had happened in the past and that that would not happen there and they were going to do everything that Freddie needed.  We look forward to having Freddie and taking good care of him.  We have good nurses up here that I’m sure will love to care for him.  Paige and I immediately started telling about how all the nurses in Neuro and PICU had fallen in love with Freddie and we couldn’t express how much we appreciated them.  That the difficulties weren’t with the nurses or the RT’s it had been with all the different doctors and PT.

Pauline said well, you won’t have to worry about that up here.  We understand and you let me know if there is anything that needs attention and I will make sure it gets taken care of.  She brought up that one of their respiratory therapist had gone down to the PICU and consulted with a PICU therapist to get a feel of what Freddie required and they were prepared to do the extra regiment and would do whatever he needed.  I said yea, I was there when she came to PICU and met her and she seemed to be very nice and really interested in helping Freddie and what we were having to do for him.

Pauline and Ally said that they were doing everything they can to make sure Freddie gets the treatments he needs and they said they wanted Freddie to get better.  I said; I understand that even though we had difficulties in the past, that God had blessed us and we wanted to keep Freddie’s care positive and do what we can and accept God’s will whatever that may become.

So we then went to look at the rooms that were going to ready so we could pick the one we wanted.  Pauline took us around the floor and we looked at all of them.  Pauline said that she thought we should choose the one in foyer 7 but the window view was of a courtyard with a building that was all you see.  Paige said she liked and we picked the one in foyer 4 that was at the front of the hospital over looking north Raleigh.

Well this all sounded very good… right?  We were pleased that it seemed that the WakeMed was appearing to really understand what Freddie and we had gone through and really wanted to correct it and do what was right for Freddie and we were looking forward for Freddie’s progress with the positive attitude.
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