Met with Dr. Piehl and Dr. Leineweber Apologizes
Monday, October 17th 2011
Message for meeting with Dr. Piehl
October 17th 2011

Fred 8:30:46 AM
Good morning, can we get together for a chat later today?

Dr. Piehl 8:38:52 AM
Yes maybe 11:30

Fred 8:41:24 AM
Sounds good, Iíll send you message when Iím headed to hospital after my meeting.

Dr. Piehl 11:37:59 AM
On my way. Eta: 20 min.

Fred 12:12:21 PM
Iím here

Met with Dr. Piehl in hall and Dr. Leinenweber joins in and Apologizes

I am very concerned with the idea of moving to 5A where the Intensivists work because of their attitude towards Freddie and blunt refusal to treat him a month or so earlier.  I ask again if Dr. Hart is to stay with us?  Dr. Piehl didnít know and said they would check into it.  Dr. Leinenweber walks up and joins conversation.  For some reason all of a sudden; Dr. Leinenweber was very concerned about Freddieís lung condition and we started talking about what needed to be done to help Freddie in detail (lung, peep pressure, fevers and weekly bronch-washes).  Dr. Piehl asked Dr. Leinenweber try to find out more about these issues that he had brought up from Dr. Hart and the Intensivist.

After we finished this conversation Dr. Leinenweber seemed to be very nice and made it a point to walk with me down the hall.  I think Freddie will do well in 5A.  I want to apologize for the way things have gone in PICU, we are sorry.  I said; well, I just hope that in some way, maybe things were learned from our experience and that will help make it better for future patients because of Freddie.  He said; oh yea, we have learned a lot from the way things have gone with Freddie.  I said; I believe that God works in mysterious ways for good, if we let him.  He said; yep, I wish you guys and Freddie the best and maybe he will continue with his recovery without anymore complications.

Wow, finally it really seems that things have changed at WakeMed for Freddie.
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