Thursday, October 20th 2011
Changes in Freddie's Care by 5A and CT Scan
October 20th 2011

5A doctors changed some of Freddie's care backwards from what we had accomplished in PICU.  They put Freddie back on a catheter after nurses in PICU had got it where Freddie didn't need it.  They said it was better for Freddie because it reduced the risk infections and helped Freddie with his bladder control.  Same with his feeding, 5A nutritionist put him back on continuous feeding instead of timed bolus feeds.  The PICU nutritionist had put Freddie on timed bolus feedings and said it was improvement for him and his digestive routine.
5A night nurse gets concerned about Freddie’s condition and thinking that the TBI may be causing some of the variations in condition and vitals.  She consulted the doctor on call and a CT scan was ordered.  I was told everything checked out fine.  5A manger, Pauline Stillman said she thought it may have just been a precautionary measure from the new staff not being familiar with Freddie.
Changes in Freddie's Care by 5A and CT Scan
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Freddie's Fight for Recovery
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