Sunday, October 30th 2011
October 30th 2011

A lot of mucus build up / I visited Freddie turn the bed rotation on and I noticed his vols. were only about 200-500, respiratory rate up in the 20-27 range, heart rate in the 107 range bp 140/40, and vent pressure 27 range.  He started coughing and set off the vent alarm.  I suctioned him about 3 times and got huge amount of mucus out then he started d-sating.  Gave him a shot of o2, him came back up then started falling down again.  He repeated about 3 times, nurse came in and said she was calling RT and I suctioned again.  Then he held at 88% for about 5 mins.  RT came in and I explained what was going on.  The bed rotated to the center and his o2s started coming back up to 95%. RT said he would be back since he was doing ok right now; he had another patient having problems, to do the schedule regiment on Freddie.  I said that will be fine, he is ok now, thank you.

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Freddie's Fight for Recovery
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