Monday, October 31st 2011
Met with 5A Manager, Pauline Stillman
about Bed Rotation and Canisters

October 31st 2011

10/31/2011 Met with 5A Manager, Pauline Stillman about bed rotation and canisters Paige and I figured that we would go chat with Pauline about some small issues that we didn’t want to bring up to the nurses one by one but thought it would be better that Pauline would know how to get the word out to the entire staff.  My concern was; Freddie’s bed rotation.  We had seen that when Freddie was on a rotating bed it keep the junk in his lung from collecting and getting infected.  Back in Neuro they ordered a special rotating bed and Freddie did better.  Then when it broke and they put him back in a non rotating bed he developed a new pneumonia and they said it got packed down deep which is the same culprit that we had been dealing with through a surgery and all the complications from it still today.  The rotation had defiantly keep Freddie in better shape than we had experienced without it.  Now, the newer beds are equipped built in rotation and we always keep it going for Freddie.  The PICU respiratory therapist and pulmonary doctors agreed that the rotation was an important aide in being able to keep Freddie’s lungs clean.  And it had been said that the rotation was probably helping in the prevention of pressure points that lead to bed sores.  When we moved to 5A, they had 90 nurses in rotation amongst about 40 some rooms and a ratio of 1 nurse to 3 patients as oppose to the ICU’s are far less.  With 1 nurse to 2 patients and only having about 8 beds that many time were Freddie was the only or one of 2 or 3 patients.  The problem was that the 5a nurses didn’t know about Freddie’s history and there were so many of them it would be almost impossible to tell all of them about this scenario.  I also ask that they keep the pillow that I always put between Freddie's feet and the the foot board.  Because the board actually is metal with sharp edges and it had been told to me that there was a risk of what is called foot drop.  Pauline agreed and said she make a notification and create a sign and post it in Freddie’s room as a reminder for the staff to see when working with Freddie.

Paige was concerned about the canisters that collect the
suction.  In Neuro and PICU, they change them out every
day and in 5a they would stay up for at least a week.  I
wondered if, why they do in the ICU’s was it because of
this risk of infections.  Pauline said she would add that as
well to her list.  She made this list and added about
floating Freddie’s heels of the bed and such and put up
several copies in Freddie room.

We thanked Pauline and she said she was happy to help.
Just let her know if there was anything else.

And all was good.
Met with 5A Manager
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