Tuesday, December 13th 2011
Meeting with 5A Manager, Pauline Stillman about PT
December 13th 2011

12/13/2011 Meeting with 5A Manager, Pauline Stillman about PT.  Fred, Paige and Pauline

We had been working with Freddie and noticing that he is doing more and more body movements and that he is doing very well with his respiratory condition.  But we were also noticing that his muscles and joints were not in as good of shape as they were before PT pulled out.
I wanted to get Freddie the professional physical therapy he needed.  So, I reached out to the 5Aís manager, Pauline as she had made it clear that she was there to help and if Freddie needed anything she would make sure he got it.

We meet with her and I explained my concerns for Freddieís physical condition and his increased body movements.  I went on to say that I know Freddie requires a lot of care and that I realized that the fact we had moved Freddie to her unit was premature and that it was adding extra work to the nurses that were at a 4 to 1 patient ratio.  I tried to explain to her what the situation with PT had been and expressed that the last thing I wanted to do was bring their negativism to 5a.  However, since PT had put their duties of physical therapy off onto the nurses, that I know and understand that those nurses, bless their heartís canít and arenít able to do it.  Pauline said; yea, itís not getting done.  So I asked for her help in trying to figure out the best way to get what was best for Freddie.  I also said to her specifically; I donít want to bring anything bad to the unit and I donít want to put you in an uncomfortable situation, I just want to help Freddie.  If need be, just get me the info of who I need to go to and I will go and talk to them directly, emphasizing that we wanted to avoid the negative mess we had dealt with before.  She said that she was going to check into and get back with me.

About the PT; I knew all the negativity and hardship that the PT had brought to Freddieís care before they pulled out in PICU.  And to be honest, it was a breath of fresh air around Freddieís situation without them being involved.  However, Itís not about it being easy for us, itís about what is best for Freddie.  I also knew that with the way they had looked at Freddieís situation and when the caseworkers took that attitude to the possible places that might be able to help Freddie, in effect the ptís and caseworkers attitude would be the very reason, the place they would be asking to take Freddie, would not. I also felt that PT really had just taken advantage of the new PICU and pushed their way on the new facility and staff.  Maybe that wouldnít be the case in the old hospital.  And if they could see Freddie's improvements that they said was why they couldn't treat him, then maybe they would start helping him again and that would in turn help him more so as he would be even more able to participate in rehab.

Meet with 5A mgr. Pauline Stillman about PT
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