Thursday, December 15th 2011
Pauline gets Skip Roy, PT Manager
December 14th 2011

12/14/2011 Paige email to Pauline

Good Morning Pauline,

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with Fred and I yesterday.  We left the
meeting feeling very good about Freddie's care and 5A.  You all are really awesome. 
I was also checking to see about the Christmas Tree - I did not know if you had found
out if we can have one for Freddie's room.  The tree would be very small and the
lights we would use are battery operated LED lights so they do not put off heat. 
Thank you for checking into this for us and just let me know what you find out. 
Thanks again for all ya'll do.


12/15/2011 Pauline email to Paige


I am waiting to hear back from the director to ask about the lights. We cannot have a
real tree…sorry. I will let you know as soon as I hear back from him.
I spoke with Skip Roy, Manager for Rehab services, he is supposed to come up and get
with Fred sometime next week. I told him that he usually comes in the evening. I am
taping his card to Freddie’s door so you have it, feel free to touch base with him if you

Thanks, Pauline

Pauline gets Skip Roy, WakeMed's PT Manager
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Freddie's Fight for Recovery
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