Thursday, December 22nd 2011
Bronch-Wash  Dr. Hart - Hole in Lung from Surgery has Healed Over
December 22nd 2011

Fred 1:45:02 PM
Going in for bronch wash at two

Eddie 1:47:57 PM
Good  let me know how it goes

Dr. Hart came and did Bronch-Wash.  Hole Healed!

Dr. Hart did the bronch wash and said that he could not see the hole or even see the staples that had been there from the lung surgery.  He said lung has looked good the last two or three times and the hole looks healed.  Dr. Hart said he didn't think Freddie needed to do scheduled weekly bronch washes anymore, we just need to do them as needed from here on out.

This was such great news. The best Christmas present I have ever had, and it was from God himself!  Praise the Lord!  We had been blessed against all odds, once again and overcome the complication from the surgery.  We were so happy and full of gratitude and now we could get back down to business with helping Freddie on his road to full recovery.

I started asking Dr. Hart about weaning him off the vent and doing trach trials.  He said that Freddie’s care would be taken over by the intensivist. That they were in charge of the vent and he was to come do the bronch-washes when we needed them. 

I asked if he thought if it would OK if I started coaching him to breathe more and building up his strength.  He said that the lung looked really good and that he didn't see any reason for me not to start working with Freddie on taking deeper breathes to build strength in his lungs.

I then gave Dr. Hart his Christmas gift and he was very gracious.  Even asking me if he could share it with his staff and of course I said; please do.

So the pressure was on and I told Freddie; hey buddy, the doctor said that your lung is healed.  This is what we have been waiting and praying for.  Now, it is time to get back working on breathing so to build your strength because it was time to get off this vent and breathe on your own so that we then, can work on everything else getting better and get out of this hospital.  Freddie heard me, it wasn’t long that he started taking more and deeper breathes that showed up on the vent that forced the RT and NP Ally to reduce the support to its minimum.
Weekly Bronch-Wash  Dr. Hart - Hole Healed - Bronchs As Needed and Christmas Gift

Merry Christmas Dr. Hart,
We have purchased a gift certificate along with a promo code for a downloadable MP3
to the Listener’s Bible narrated by Maxx McLean.  This is in our opinion, a very special
narrated bible edition that we find a pleasurable listening experience.
Fred will send the gift certificate to you by email.  It will contain the $25.00 gift
certificate and promo code worth an additional $10.00 to enter when you place your
order, for a total of $35.00 that will cover the price for one of three versions; King James
(KJV), English Standard (ESV) or New International (NIV) of The Entire Listener’s
Bible MP3 download by Maxx McLean.
You may use the certificate & promo code for any other product offered on the site store
if you choose.
We want to thank you and your staff for all you have done for Freddie.  It means so
much to us.  We Hope you and your families have a Merry Christmas & Happy New
Freddie Lempe & Family
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