Thursday, December 22nd 2011
Dr. Piehl's Christmas Gift
December 22nd 2011

12/22/2011 Text to Dr. Piehl

Me  4:49:11 PM
Hello Dr. Piehl, this is your patient from the past...Fred Lempe, lol.  I hope you  are doing well.  I need a little help, I'm trying to finish up Christmas and need  a little info.  Are you going to be around the hospital anytime soon?

Dr. Piehl calls and I asked for his email address so I could send him his  Christmas Gift.  I also said; I guess all the PICU doctors would be OK with  Christmas and all… He said; I wouldn’t say that it is safe to assume that  everybody is of Christian faith.  No he said; I wouldn’t do that.  I said OK, well  I have a gift that I want to send to you then.  He gave me his email address to  send it to.  And I wished him Merry Christmas.

Email to Dr. Piehl

December 22, 2011 6:08 pm

Please see attached
<Merry Christmas Dr. Piehl.pdf>

12/23/2011 Dr. Piehl email  12:19 pm

Thanks Fred for this kind gift!
Dr. Piehl's Christmas Gift

Merry Christmas Dr. Piehl,
We have purchased a gift certificate along with a promo code for a
downloadable MP3 to the Listener’s Bible narrated by Maxx McLean. 
This is in our opinion, a very special narrated bible edition that we find
to be a pleasurable listening experience.
Fred will send the gift certificate to you by email.  It will contain the
$25.00 gift certificate and promo code worth an additional $10.00 to
enter when you place your order, for a total of $35.00 that will cover the
price for one of three versions; King James (KJV), English Standard
(ESV) or New International (NIV) of The Entire Listener’s Bible MP3
download by Maxx McLean.
You may use the certificate & promo code for any other product offered
on the site store if you choose.
We want to thank you for all you have done for Freddie.  It means so
much to us.  We hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas &
Happy New Years,

Freddie Lempe Family
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