Thursday, December 26th 2011
Met Skip Roy, WakeMed's Physical Therapy Manager
December 26th 2011

5A’s unit manager, Pauline Stillman said that she had contacted the PT manager, Skip Roy about Freddie and that he was going get in touch with me.   A couple of weeks go by and the PT manager set an evening to meet with me at Freddie’s room.

So I get the call that Skip Roy is ready to see me concerning Freddie’s PT care and I went to meet with him late, this evening.  We met at the nurse’s station, in the hall  outside of Freddie’s room.  He was a very and I mean a very nice, flattering man.  Maybe, too nice, if you know what I mean.  He said that he wanted to apologize to me for not have taking the time to come by and introduce himself to me during the eleven months we had  been at WakeMed.  He continued to talk about everything under the sun, asking and commenting on what I did for a living and my business, the weather, etc.  We spent the  whole time out in the hallway at the nurses’ station, never going into see Freddie.  I  tried a few times to talk about Freddie, what he could do with his movements and said I can show you.  He repeatedly brushed that off by saying things like he would be checking  into his situation and that this was just him wanting to get a chance to come and  introduce himself to me.  It was very apparent to me that he was just appeasing me with a  meeting and avoiding the issues at hand with Freddie.  I had to ask again as he was ending  our brief, what seemed to be, unofficial encounter as to what his plan was and how I was to know what was to come, since he hadn’t allowed me to discuss Freddie’s issue with him.   He said again, that he would look into what he could do for Freddie and that he would get  back to me in the next week.
Skip Roy WakeMed PT Manager
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