Wednesday, December 28th 2011
NP Allyson Edmundson "Ally"- Bronch Washes As Needed - Fever Gone - Freddie Kicking Butt on the Vent
December 28th 2011

Freddie's temperature is back to normal 98.6

As Freddie seemed to be getting back to normal from the little blip over the last couple of days, he obviously is taking more, longer and deeper breaths with double the previous volumes over the vent, setting off the alarms.  RT turning vent down to compensate.

I ran into the Intensivist’s NP, Ally Edmundson Wednesday.  She informed me that Dr. Hart consulted with them and thinks that the hole in Freddie’s lung from the surgery has indeed healed over.  The mucus buildup is less than before and that he is discontinuing the scheduled weekly bronch-washes to an as needed basis.  She also informed me that they are moving forward with a slow and she emphasized slow, attempt at weaning Freddie off the vent and that they had already reduced his breathing rate down from the machine delivering 8 breaths per minute to 6 per minute.  Freddie is kicking butt on this by breathing anywhere from around 10 per minute when sleeping to the low 20’s per minute during the day and pulling 900, 1000, 1200 volumes.  This morning, NP, Ally turned down a different vent setting to accommodate Freddie’s increased breathing volumes.
NP Ally - Bronch Washes As Needed - Fever Gone - Freddie Kicking Butt on the Vent
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