Tuesday, January 10th 2012
Kate Brookhouser, WakeMed's 5A Case/Social Worker Calls - Freddie's Medicaid Terminated
January 10th 2012

Kate called and said that I needed to re-apply for Medicaid for Freddie, which it had terminated and Freddie's bills weren't being paid.  I told her that the fed (Social Security Administration) had it now and was paying it.  She didn’t understand, said that the fed didn’t handle Medicaid and said that the state handles Medicaid.  I said; I know they do but, Freddie is being covered under SSA disability, SSI and they said they would be paying his medical cost form the time they took it over from the state when he turned 18 in October.  Kate was still confused.  She said; she had never heard of the SSA paying for medical bills.  I said; well, that’s what they told me when I went and they approved his disability claim.  They said; that they would be taking over all of his medical expenses from the state, that the state wouldn’t be paying them anymore.  She said well it stopped at the end of December and he has no coverage.  I said that makes no since, since the fed has been paying it since October.  Maybe the hospital needs to send the bill to the fed because the state doesn't have it anymore.  She just reiterated that the fed doesn't pay medical bills.  I said, well I don't know what the problem is.  I haven't received any notice of any of this that you are saying from any agency.  How did you find out?  She said that she was notified by Judy Creel, WakeMed's Financial Office Supervisor.  I asked; why wouldn't I be notified by the state if I needed to re-enroll Freddie? Then I said; if what you are saying is right and the fed doesn't pay it, well Freddie was just re-approved in October, right before the fed took over.  And the re-enroll last for six months, It's only been three.  Something just isn't right.  I think the hospital just needs to get with feds so as to get this straightened out.  Kate said; you need to fill out a new state Medicaid app.  I said; I don't really want to fill out a state app if he is on the fed.  That will just make more of a mess.  I think we need to find out what is going on first before I just go filling out apps at different agencies without knowing what is going on.  I said, maybe I just need to talk to Judy Creel and see if she knows about this more.  Kate said she would have Judy call me.

Immediately after getting off the phone with Kate, I called and left a message for Ms. Johnson with SSA that handles Freddie’s SSI. 
Kate Brookhouser, WakeMed's SW Calls - Medicaid Terminated
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