Tuesday, January 10th 2012
Ms Johnson, SSA Case/Social Worker Returns Fred Call - Freddie's Medical Coverage is Fine.
January 10th 2012

Immediately after getting off the phone with Kate, I called and left a message for Ms. Johnson with SSA that handles Freddie’s SSI.

Ms. Johnson later returned my call and I just asked her; is the anything wrong with Freddie’s case?  She said no.  I asked; has anything changed?  She said no.  I said; so you all are still paying his medical bills?  She said yea, nothing has changed; yes, we are still paying everything.  I said well I got a call earlier and the WakeMed is saying they haven’t been paid since the end of December; that his coverage terminated at the end of December.  Ms. Johnson said let me look it up in the computer just to check, but I would know if anything had changed…. Let’s see… no, nothing has changed.  Everything is just as it’s supposed to be.  He is SSI and everything is in order.  We are paying all of Freddie’s medical bills.  I said; well that’s what I thought because I haven’t received any notices of anything different.  The finance office is supposed to call me and I will tell them.  If they still have any questions or need more info; can I give them your name and number and have them call you to get it straightened out?  Yes, sure, I’ll be happy to tell them.  Thank you Ms. Johnson.

SSA - Freddie Medical Coverage is Fine
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