Thursday, January 12th 2012
Judy Creel, WakeMed's Financial Office Supervisor Calls for New Medicaid App.
January 12th 2012

Judy Creel, the WakeMed Financial Office Supervisor calls me about Freddie's Medicaid.  She said to me; you have to fill out a new medicaid app.  I tell her about the fed SSA, SSI again and she disagrees and says she is unable to explain why.  I asked her why I haven't been notified from the state of what she is saying.  I ask; if what you are saying, that the fed wouldn't be paying, then the state was approved in October and runs for six months, why has it stopped at three months and why have I not been notified by them then?  Again she says she doesn't know that I just have to fill out the app.  I gave her the name and number of Ms. Johnson, the worker at SSA and ask her to call to get it worked out.

Judy Creel, WakeMed Financial Office Calls for New Mediciad App
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