Thursday, January 12th 2012
Skip Roy, WakeMed's PT Manager Calls - No Physical Therapy for Freddie
January 12th 2012

I get a call from Skip Roy and with his over flattering methods said that there was nothing that they could do for Freddie at  this time.  When I talk about Skip's methods, I'm talking about one of those that fills up the conversation with compliments  and kindness.  He is always talking so that you can't hardly get a word in, but he is doing it in such a kind way.  So, I  didn't get much in this conversation.  So I wasn't able to ask much about what he had done or what options there were.  As a  matter of fact;  He never allowed me talked any about Freddie in either conversation.  I'm sure that was the motive behind the  method.

So, there I was, Freddie making progress on the vent, and knowing that Freddie would have to have help to get where he could  moving on rehab.  I wasn’t ready to give up on trying to get him help and all I could think of was; what was told to us in  that first meeting by WakeMed about not giving up on him and making sure that he got whatever he needed, no matter what.  So,  I decided to go back to the 5a manager and ask her for help in seeking that WakeMed lady in that first care conference meeting  that had adamantly said and assure us that WakeMed would do everything for Freddie even if there was no means to pay for it.   This is ironic now looking back on it.
Skip Roy, WakeMed's PT Mgr. - No PT for Freddie
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