Monday, January 16th 2012
Vent Trials Start Again!  X-Rays Shows Left Lung Open Completely
January 16th 2012

1/16/2012 Vent Trial Start Again! - X-Ray Showed Left Lung Open Completely

Ally was very excited that Freddie did well over the weekend and said; let me show this X-Ray.  When she pulled it up on the computer she said; as protocol we took an X-Ray before we start the trials and with a smile on her face she said look at this.  His lung is completely open.  Freddie has not had one X-Ray since August, when we lowered the vent peep setting down to 8, that didn’t show his left lung completely whited out, collapsed from the hole in it from the lung surgery in June.  The pulmonary  doctor, Dr. Hart had mentioned to me before Christmas and was concerned that Freddie’s left lung may have been damaged from having been down, infected and on the vent for so long, that it may not come back or not quickly.  Ally knew this and was going ahead with the trials.  To Ally's surprise, she said, as she was showing it to us, his left lung was opened up and was getting air, all the way down to the bottom.  This makes little sense because, it had been down for so long, even with the  weekly bronch-washes and on top of that, for the last two weeks, we had been reducing the peep setting, which is the pressure  to help keep the lung from collapsing. 

Ally then said we are going to start out very slow; he may only go for a few minutes.  We just want to do a little at at time  and work up over time. Weaning takes a long time.  We don't want to overdo it and go too fast.  That will just wear him out and cause him to fail.  We have to go slow over a long time.

Fred 2:42:42 PM
He did great for a little over an hr!

Eddie 2:45:12 PM
Praise god.  So he is doing fine now

Fred 2:49:46 PM
Yep, they only went one hr today.  They will keep adding more to everyday as he can stand.  And yes he is doing great

Vent Trials Start Again - X-Ray Shows Lung Open Completely
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