Monday, January 16th 2012
Eddie Prayer Update: Vent Trial for 1hr. Praise God!
January 16th 2012

1/16/2012 Eddie Prayer Update: 

Freddie did great during the weekend. They did the preliminary work on his lung this morning which included an ex-ray. Every ex-ray that was taken since August had show a collapsed lung until today. Even though the settings were turned down to support  the lung this is the first time that the lung was up. Praise God!!
The machine was turned off and Freddie was breathing on his own for 1 hour with no complications. Praise God!!!  They are  going to do it again tomorrow and try to add more time as they feel comfortable with doing so.  Father I thank you for the many  praise reports that are coming forth with Freddie. Thank you for strengthening his lungs, muscles and immune system. Thank you  for healing that You are bringing forth in Freddie by the stripes of Jesus.

Eddie Prayer Update - Vent Trial - Praise God!
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