Monday, January 23rd 2012
Fred Meets with Pauline to Try to Get Freddie Help with Physical Therapy Again
January 23rd 2012

So, with PT Manager, Skip Roy blowing us off; I went back to 5a Manager, Pauline and reiterated that I didnít want to bring trouble to 5a but PT wasnít going to do anything for Freddie.  Pauline seemed surprised that PT wouldn't offer Freddie any help.  I told her I wasnít surprised by PT's non action, given of how they acted back before August of 2011 and by them then pulling out on Freddie all together in PICU.  I went on to ask her for help in finding the lady that was in the 1st Care Conference meeting. I describe to her; saying what this lady had told us about WakeMed would not withhold anything Freddie needed.  And that we had never seen her again since that meeting and that I had no idea what her name was.  I said to Pauline; if it was going to put her in an awkward position by her trying to get Freddie help; if she could just find out who this lady was and give me the info, that I would take it from there because I really didnít want to bring any trouble to her or 5a.  She said she would try to find  out who this lady was for me and let me know. 
Fred Meets with Pauline to Try to Get Freddie Help with PT Again
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Freddie's Fight for Recovery
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