Thursday, January 26th 2012
WakeMed's Intensivist Say NO to Freddie Getting Needed Medical Treatment AGAIN!
January 26th 2012

WakeMed Intensivist's PA, Ally Edmundson called me this afternoon and said that she had gone and talked to all 12  doctors (Intensivist) and they all agreed that there was no need to do the bronch-washes.  That they didn’t do any good  and they didn’t think there will be a need to do them anymore.  As I was questioning and pleading to the contrary, and  pointing out that she, herself said he needed a bronch wash and that he would get them when he needed them.  Ally said;  “I’m going to call security”.  I asked her what? She replied; “you are threatening me.”  I asked how I have threatened  you?  When have I threatened you?  What have I said that threatened you?  She said that she found my tone threatening.   I just stopped talking all together.  Finally she asked if I was still there.  I asked if she was going to call  security?  And I asked if I was going to be allowed to visit my son as that I had already been checked by their police  department several times and I would really be saddened if they were going to take this approach towards me.  She said  that I could still see Freddie and she wasn't going to call security as long as I didn't talk to her in a way she felt  threatened.  I said; Ally, you know, this is really important to me and I'm sure I come across as passionate and that  my voice changes tone.  But to say I'm threatening you is a little ridiculous. 

So with rules in place... I wasn't really sure what I could say, because if I questioned their reasoning for not treating a patient with needed medical treatments that had proven to benefit Freddie.... I just might say it in a way that sounded "threatening".  So this conversation was basically over.

I did say; these doctors did this before and you all said that wouldn't happen again and here we go again.  She said well; that's the doctors decision.

I felt as and the result of this tactic was to not have to answer my questions or discuss the subject anymore.  Not only was this unbelievably devastating decision for Freddie that they weren't going to treat him with medical treatments that he needs, but they are going to use the threat of arrest by their very own WakeMed police department to  intimidate me to complying with their will.

WakeMed's Intensivist Say NO to Freddie Getting Needed Medical Treatment AGAIN!
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