Thursday, January 26th 2012
Eddie's Prayer Update - WakeMed Refuses Freddie Treatments Again
January 26th 2012

I just spoke to Fred. For the last few months we have seen great improvement in Freddie as long as the bronch washes were done on a regular basis. Freddie has progressed with his breathing and in his movement in his arms and legs, especially his legs. The vent trials have been better than had been expected for the last 2 weeks progressing to where Freddie could breathe on his own for over 6 hours. The only complication with his vent trials was when the mucus would build up in his left lung. The nurses, respiratory staff and Fred have been asking for the bronch wash to be done again to eliminate the mucus which would help Freddie to continue to progress in the vent trials. 

Today Fred was told by the doctors, 12 doctors in all, that there was no need to do a bronch wash and that Freddie would never get any better than he is, even though we have seen progress for months now. This negative outlook started about 3 weeks ago when the social worker came to Fred to talk about what plans he had for Freddie. Fred was quick to let her know that the first step was to get him off of the breathing machine and then to take the next step when the time was right for therapy. He also told her that he did not want to do anything that would hinder the care that Freddie was getting and that he was pleased with the progress that we had seen over the last few months.

This attitude is the same that we experienced about 5 months ago when there was only 1 doctor in the PICU department that had any hope for Freddie. God brought in the appropriate doctors then to care for Freddie and God can and will provide again.

Father I thank you for the progress that we have seen in Freddie over the past few months and for the nurses and staff that You have provided for Freddie. I thank you for bringing the Godly doctors and staff on board to care for Freddie. I thank you for bringing down this cloud that is attempting to hinder the progress that You have brought forth in Freddie to this point. You turned the head of Pharaoh the way that You desired and I thank you for turning the heads of the doctors that will bring You Glory. I speak to the darkness that is hindering progress and say depart in the Mighty Name of Jesus. I speak to the mucus that lingers and say go In Jesus Name. I speak health and healing to every cell in his body in Jesus Mighty Name. Thank you Father for total and complete restoration in Jesus Name.

Eddie's Prayer Update - WakeMed Refuses Freddie Treatments Again
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