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Fred Notifies WakeMed Again of JoCo DSS Enrolling Freddie in Medicare
Thursday, September 26, 2013
Fred Notifies WakeMed Again of JoCo DSS Enrolling Freddie in Medicare
September 26, 2013

From: Fred Lempe
Sent: Thursday, September 26, 2013 10:43 AM
Cc: Monique Utley; Nelson, Teresa
Subject: Freddie Lempe - Medicare Requirements


I haven't received any follow-up from WakeMed on the matter of the email I sent to you on September 19th.  Monique with Johnston County DSS called me this morning and asked where WakeMed is on this.  I told her that I would inquire again.  I realize from your reply, that you have forwarded my email but that alone isn't satisfactory to DSS.  They need a follow-up on status as she said this matter had to be handled ASAP by WakeMed.   Perhaps by including all parties in email forwards, we would be able to follow the progress WakeMed is putting forth and you won't have to be caught in the middle… just a suggestion.  I’ve heard that WakeMed says they want communication with their patients and their care to be the best it can be.

Thank you again for your assistance in this matter,
Fred Lempe

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