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Fred Notifies WakeMed Not to Use Freddie's Medicare LTR Days
Monday, December 30, 2013
Fred Notifies WakeMed Not to Use Freddie's Medicare LTR Days
December 30, 2013

From: Fred Lempe
Sent: Monday, December 30, 2013 4:17 PM
Cc: Monique Utley;Nelson, Teresa
Subject: Re: Medicare Lifetime Reserve Day letter

December 30, 2013

Reference: Freddie Lempe’s Medicare Lifetime Reserved Days at WakeMed

Hello Stacie,

Let me apologize for the “phone tag” that we have been experiencing.  I guess with such short notice and this time of the year at the holidays, it’s to be expected.

I have tried to get in touch with Monique at Johnston County DSS and it appears that she has taken some time off for the holidays.  So they put me through to her supervisor, Paula Johnson.  I asked her about the “Medicare Lifetime Reserve Days” to inform me what they are, how they work and what are the benefits and consequences of  using vs.not using them at this time are.  She said she needed to talk to you first, before she could answer these questions.  I gave her you name and number and she said she was going to call you.  This was right after I left you the message Friday afternoon.  She said if she didn’t talk to Friday, she would this morning and get back with me about the questions I have.

I had not heard back from her this morning and left her a message at 1:00pm, and as of this afternoon, still have not received a return call.  So I had intended to talk to her and then call you.  As of now, the only thing I know to do would be to just NOT use the reserve days at this time.  As you stated in your email letter, we have no way to know what Freddie’s future healthcare needs will be.  With the limited information that I have  been able to obtain since you notified me of this; I believe that the reserve days may be better to keep for Freddie’s future needs when he may actually get to the point of what the reserve days were intended to be used for.

I hope this is what you need and if you see that I’ve misinterpreted anything dealing with this matter in the way I have tried to describe, how I have come to this decision, please let me know and correct me with the accurate information.

Thank you,

Fred Lempe

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