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Fred Ask WakeMed To Explain Their Statements
Tuesday, January 1, 2014
Fred Ask WakeMed To Explain Their Statements
January 1, 2014

From: Fred Lempe
Sent: Tuesday, January 1, 2014 4:42 PM
Cc: Monique Utley;Nelson, Teresa
Subject: Re: Medicare Lifetime Reserve Day letter

January 1, 2014

Hello Stacie,

I hope you are having Happy New Years Day!

Thank you for going outside of your expertise to acquire more of the necessary information about this issue for what is best for my son Freddie.  I’m glad you chose to do this as the new way to look at the information now seems to be quite different from your initial notification.

I’m somewhat confused in your insinuation of somehow this decision may have serious consequences if not made correctly by me in WakeMed’s point of view.  After receiving your first message, reading the letter attached and talking with Paula Johnson; I was under the impression and Paula Johnson said that my decision would not make ANY difference one way or the other in Freddie’s healthcare at WakeMed or his medical coverage, regardless of the choice made.  That his Medicaid was, is and will remain unchanged even though Medicare was added, that WakeMed has been able to take advantage of as an extra benefit to bill for.  Now this benefit has run its course and will not be available again during this admission regardless of the LTR days.  I think WakeMed would understand all of this as they stated in the media recently, that this type of program coverage, being an important part of their business model that is vital to their ability to provide healthcare.

The way I understand this and as Paula Johnson said, as she put it; “WakeMed is required to notify when his days are in jeopardy of being used”, means that his 60 LTR days are days of a great value to him with his future  healthcare needs, as he has only just turned a youthful 20 years old.  And if his LTR days were used now in the  current situation, he would in effect loose these days that he is entitled to, forever.  She said I was right when I proposed that it would be better for Freddie to have his days at his disposal if he were to ever to need them in the future, if he were able to recover from his current condition during this long stay at WakeMed.

After receiving your last email yesterday afternoon, it appears that I may be looking at this all wrong; instead of the importance being focused on Freddie’s best interest, that WakeMed is now advising that I may actually need to consider their interest with Freddie’s Medicare Lifetime Reserve Days.

It seems that your employer, WakeMed has now informed you to inform me that I would be wise to understand that Freddie’s LTR days may be better for Freddie if I allow WakeMed to take them for their benefit, not for Freddie to keep for his future health needs.  Maybe you could elaborate more on this for me to understand exactly what that means.  It seems that you are implying that WakeMed will consider me personally responsible in some way…  again, could you please make this more clear as well.  It now seems in WakeMed’s view, Freddie’s LTR days are of way more importance to WakeMed than you had originally implied and what Paula Johnson has told me.

Supposedly, Medicare Lifetime Reserve Days were written into Medicare law for situations quite different from the one Freddie finds himself in at this time in WakeMed as a youth.  It’s my understanding that these days were intended to help with normal admissions and discharges where in the rare event that the normal 90 days of  Medicare coverage isn’t quite enough and were made available to be used to cover the extra days of needed treatment to help the patient improve so to be discharged in healthy condition.  Obliviously, Freddie’s situation does not fall into that category at this time, although we would like to see all efforts made to help him with that need.  So, I don’t think it would be appropriate for Freddie’s best interest to exhaust his LTR days in this situation, robbing him of his benefit in his future; if he is able to get to the point of what they were intended for.

Please understand; I am only trying to do what is in the best interest for my son Freddie.   And it has been explained to me that by me doing so, regardless of either choice made concerning his LTR days, it would not have any adverse affect on him.  That is my biggest concern and if you can aid with this, I would deeply appreciate  your help.

Thank you,
Fred Lempe

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