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Fred Ask WakeMed Again for Clarification
Friday, January 03, 2014
Fred Ask WakeMed Again for Clarification
January 03, 2014

From: Fred Lempe
Sent: Friday, January 03, 2014 11:39 AM
Cc: Monique Utley;Nelson, Teresa
Subject: Re: Medicare Lifetime Reserve Day letter 

January 3, 2014

Good morning Stacie,

I have not heard back from my New Years day email.  I’m not sure if you are trying to get more info for me on this situation or not.  But just in case, I need to make sure you understand that I need for you to explain the issues I asked about in my last email.  And in your first email you stated that his Medicare was to be exhausted on December 30th 2013 which is now way past that date.  Is the time it has taken to get this process done going to be an issue with an unannounced deadline date?  Below are questions I need answered:

1. I need to know what you meant by being held responsible by WakeMed if I choose the wrong choice with Freddie’s LTR days.

2. Was WakeMed taking this same position before Freddie’s NC Medicare was added an additional benefit?

3. If WakeMed takes Freddie’s LTR days, wouldn’t they too run out after 60 days and what would WakeMed’s position be then?

4. What date does this have to be resolved by to ensure that Freddie’s LTR days will be protected from WakeMed?

5. Does me telling you in the emails suffice as notice to WakeMed not to use Freddie’s LTR days?

6. Is filling out, signing and delivery of the letter form that you sent attached to your email, what it takes to finalize the decision of Freddie’s LTR days?  The form seems to just be a notice and doesn’t have a place for any declaration of LTR days to be used or not used.

7. Why is the form that you sent for me to sign left blank?  I have been advised not to sign unfilled, blank forms.  The letter form states that it is to be filled out by WakeMed’s staff and has not been.

Since you first notified me of this, I have prioritized a lot of my time into gathering the necessary information and communicating what my concerns and wishes are in regards with Freddie’s LTR days.  I believe that this issue is of great importance to my son Freddie’s best interest and would like to be sure that we take care of that appropriately and promptly.  Please provide me with the answers to my question ASAP as to ensure that Freddie’s best interest can be handled before whatever date is required.

Thank you,
Fred Lempe

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