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WakeMed CMO, Dr. West Lawson Emails Fred
Friday, July 25, 2014
Dr. West Lawson Emails Fred
July 25, 2014

Sent: Friday, July 25, 2014 2:48 PM
To: Fred Lempe
Subject: Re: Update

Mr. Lempe,

Iíve heard that you are planning to visit Valley tomorrow- thatís good news! I trust that your questions will be answered and  hope that you find it to be a loving and skilled facility. Iíve learned that they now have several other patients who need their  highly specialized services and care, and so keep that in mind- they plan to receive a new patient for that space in the coming  week, so if Freddie is to win that offer, they will need to know that by Monday I believe. Please call me on your return trip-  my cell number is 919-XXX-XXXX- anytime, and leave a message if I do not pick up.

The Neurology team has made their evaluation about the Keppra and their recommendations will be communicated to Dr. Feinsonís team. Dr. Feinson did tell me that he would recommend tapering the Keppra first and the baclofen afterwards, but is concerned that the baclofen might be more difficult due to the amount of spasms Freddie has at his baseline. Time will tell, and again,  those changes are done just as easily at Valley as they would in the hospital- there is nothing special about a hospitalís  ability to manage and monitor those changes.

I wish you safe travels tomorrow and blessings as well. And remember that all involved truly want what is best for Freddie. Call me please after your visit!


West Lawson

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