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WakeMed CMO, Dr. West Lawson Emails Fred
Monday, July 28, 2014
Dr. West Lawson Emails Fred
July 28, 2014

Sent: Monday, July 28, 2014 11:25 AM
To: Fred Lempe
Subject: Update

Mr. Lempe,

I heard from Pauline (who heard it from Freddie's case manager) that you visited Valley and that they have extended the time  they want a decision until Friday- that is very good news in my opinion as I had been told that they wanted to decide on who  would receive their services by today. I suppose that they impressed upon you how scarce those services are. Freddie's prayer warriors influenced Valley's grace period extension, as I'm sure your visit there did, too.

In case you hadn't heard (Freddie's nurse today wasn't sure if you had been told) the consultation with the neurologist has resulted in action quicker than I expected- the Keppra has been stopped already and they have started (generic) Ritalin. I  suspect, but do not know, that they want to give these two changes some time before making any changes to the baclofen, which they would not want to stop all at once. So changes have been implemented already, more good news. The impact of these changes  obviously remains to be seen, and weaning efforts will take quite some time, but I hope you can see that we have tried to answer your requests- Dr. Udekwu has been involved, Dr. Feinson agreed to the idea of changing the medications and (at my request)  reconsulted the neurologist whose recommendations are now orders that have stopped one med and started another. I suspect that  you haven't liked hearing some of my (and maybe even Dr. Udekwu's) opinions, but they are honest opinions offered in good faith, even though they won't always be 100% "right". The urgency that I'm sure you have felt is also honest- the opportunity for this  bed and the specialized services at Valley is time-limited as there are others also needing/wanting the same. They first expressed interest in Freddie over a month ago, and so I am again pleased to hear that they are extending the decision time until the end of this week- that's unusually gracious in my experience. They must be extra-special folk.

Please let me know your thoughts and plans so that, with your permission and participation, we can get Dr. Udekwu (and Dr. Feinson, if you wish) to set up a time to speak with Dr. Dew and you. I'd really like to get started on that today- getting  three doctors' times synchronized can't usually be done at the last minute, and it's getting pretty close to that. I don't need to participate just like I didn't need to participate in your conversation with Dr. Udekwu but I can make time to arrange the  discussion easier than he can.

So, to summarize, this is what we know: Valley has graciously extended their time to decision until Friday. Freddie's medications have already been changed. You have further conversation with Valley to make you comfortable I suspect, and we have  offered to facilitate a conversation between Drs. Udekwu and Feinson from WakeMed and Dr. Dew from Valley. So let's not delay on these next steps.

I'd very much appreciate a response by email or phone today.

Thanks again,

West Lawson

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