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Fred Talks to RT Director of Vent Unit at Facility
Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Fred Talks to RT Director of Vent Unit at Facility
July 29, 2014

Fred spoke with RT director, Judy Hilton at Valley who was said to be the one who runs the facility’s vent unit.

She was very defensive and negative toward Fred and the outlook for Freddie and at times was rude to Fred regarding his inquiries.  She questioned the origin of the questions, whether it was the doctors or Fred?  She stated that her doctors would not be talking with Freddie’s doctors.  “That would not be a normal practice; they are too busy to consult on someone they might not admit.”  She even asked what doctors wanted this information.

Fred asked her several questions regarding nurse and aide patient ratios, rounding procedures and monitoring capabilities. (The O2 saturations and other vitals are not continuously monitored and this remains a concern since Freddie d-sats).  She explained their protocols regarding these issues and then said her staff “can tell when something isn't right by just looking at the patient when they are in their rooms”.

She did describe the various vents that they use and the settings available and was comfortable with Freddie’s current settings. The vents are home vents and are smaller and allow for patients to be mobile.  The vent settings she had received were gone over with Fred but are lower settings than Freddie has consistently been on at WakeMed.

She told Fred that the breathing treatments will change when going from the hospital setting to a long-term facility and Freddie will no longer receive nebulizer treatments or duo-nebs because they are not covered by Medicaid.  She said that they do have a cough assist machine but they do not provide directional suctioning for safety reasons that could require emergent treatments.

She does seem extremely knowledgeable and confident in her profession but did exhibit what seems to be a predetermined negative attitude towards Fred and Freddie’s future.  She said that a patient must be cognizant to be weaned and must be able to follow commands.  She said she doesn’t think he is a candidate for weaning due to his TBI.  She concluded by saying that the pulmonologist would be in charge of determining the capabilities after Freddie was assessed by her and her staff at admission and her findings passed to him at one of his once a week visits.

She stated several times that this was the only facility in the state that Freddie could go.  She also stated that she approved this bed for him back in 2013, and knew that the offer had been made to WakeMed since February 2014.  Fred was not made aware until July 15th, 2014 at which time he was notified by WakeMed's CMO, Dr. Lawson.

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