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Dr. Udekwu Meeting
Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Dr. Udekwu Meeting
July 29, 2014

Fred and Eddie met again with Dr. Udekwu in the 5A conference room.  This meeting was scheduled as a follow-up from the visit to the facility in Taylorsville along with the follow-up from the last meeting as for what was best for Freddie that Dr. Udekwu was  going to discussed with Dr. Lawson.

We sat down and we again thanked him for meeting with us about Freddie.  Dr. Udekwu asked what I had thought of the facility.  I told him that the place is not as up kept as seen on the website however; received good reviews from the locals at a local  restaurant.   Then we expressed our concerns if they would even be able to handle Freddie at his current, required level of care and what this would mean for his safety with the care level lowered as well as lack of proper equipment.  After hearing that,  Dr. Udekwu said he wanted to go down there with me to visit the facility.  He said he wants to see it firsthand, in person, in addition to speaking with the doctors that manage the facility and that could be assuming care.  (He also stated in the first  meeting).

That’s when we also made Dr. Udekwu aware of the conversation just before this meeting that occurred between me and the facility RT director.  I said we have to tell you that the RT director was defensive and full of negativity and took all of the wind out  of my sails.  She said they would wean only if “Freddie was viable”, that he “must be able to follow commands”.  This mimics the same negative, close minded attitude that has gotten us where we are today.  She also said that the facility, her or their doctors would not be able to speak with Freddie’s current doctors before an admission and seemed shocked that we were even going to attempt to.  We told Dr. Udekwu how very optimistic we were prior to this conversation that this was possibly the place we had been looking for and that they could help Freddie, if we could get everything worked out that Freddie would need.  But now I just wasn’t sure if this place could work for Freddie.  Dr. Udekwu again stated after we made him aware of these attitudes and he stated again that he was going down there. 

I also asked about the possibility of the facility doctor coming to evaluate Freddie before and if he were to go there.  Dr. Udekwu said that probably wasn’t something those doctors would be willing to do but he stated again that he was going to go down there to speak with them.

I then told Dr. Udekwu that during my visit to the facility, with my concerns over the facilities lack of equipment, I was told by the Director of Admissions to ask for whatever Freddie might need from WakeMed.  Dr. Udekwu said he was going to go to Lawson and convey the concerns over the lack of equipment and monitoring capabilities offered at the facility.  We also asked about the possibility of Freddie not doing well and would he be able to come back to WakeMed if the need arises?

The conclusion to the meeting was that Dr. Udekwu and I would go together to the facility.  He was going to Lawson regarding the safety concerns and equipment as well as the agreement for Freddie to return to WakeMed if needed.  Dr. Udekwu also said that Dr. Lawson would have to be the one to arrange the meeting with the doctors at the facility.    

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