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Dr. Lawson Calls Fred
Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Dr. Lawson Calls Fred
July 30, 2014

Wednesday 10:43:18 AM

Dr Lawson calls to tell Fred he had talked to Dr. Udekwu, Dr. Dew, the pulmonologist for the facility and WakeMed’s CEO, Donald Gintzig and requesting Fred to call him back so to catch him up on what he had got done.

Dr. Lawson Text Fred
July 30, 2014

7/30/2014 12:32:35 PM From  Dr West Lawson     

Mr. Lempe, plz call me when you can. I spoke with Dr Dew  (Valley's pulmonologist) as well as Donald Gintzig, WakeMeds new CEO. Thanks

Fred Calls Dr. Lawson
July 30, 2014

WakeMed's CEO, Donald Gintzig Said “I will drive it up there myself, if need be”

Fred and Dr. Lawson Phone Conversation 1:37:45 PM

Dr. Lawson opened the conversation by stating that he had spoken with Dr Udekwu twice the previous evening.  He immediately went into the availability of a bed for the facility to have for Freddie to be furnished by WakeMed.  He said that any equipment needed to make this transition would be provided and transported to the facility by WakeMed and had been approved by the CEO and would be put in writing.  Dr. Lawson then said that Donald Gintzig, WakeMed CEO even stated “I will drive it up there myself, if need be”.

Dr. Lawson then said that he had spoken with Dr Dew, the facility pulmonologist. After basic introductions, Dr. Dew told him that he had weaned patients off of the vent before and that there was no predisposition against weaning attempts.  He then said Dr. Dew informed him that he was leaving on vacation the next morning and would not return for a week.

Then Dr. Lawson varied off-course and elaborated about various positive care experiences he had experienced as Director of a long-term care facility by giving  examples.  These stories went into the explanation that weaning a patient off of the vent could take months and that; again could be done in this facility.  He has been told that Dr. Dew was an upstanding guy by reputation and that he felt Dr. Dew would learn Freddie when he got there; negating the need for a “prior-to-admission- consult”.  He also spoke highly of the facility's NP and the RT director, Judy to Dr. Lawson.  Dr. Lawson continued to boast about Dr. Dew and his capabilities as well as those of the facility.

Fred asked Dr. Lawson where we were with the issues brought to him by Dr Udekwu.  Dr. Lawson then readdressed the equipment issue and said that he was aware that Udekwu wanted to talk with Dr. Dew; which pre-empted the phone call with him.  He said unfortunately, Dr. Dew is leaving on vacation and then Dr. Lawson said the conversation would need to be redirected to Judy Hilton.  Dr. Lawson stated that he had texted Dr. Udekwu to call her on Thursday.

Dr. Lawson then told Fred that the deadline was now to be Friday, August 1st.  The subject of Freddie’s need to be readmitted to WakeMed was answered by Dr. Lawson stating “we don’t say no to anybody” but our concerns were not specifically addressed by Dr. Lawson.

Dr. Lawson then took it upon hiself to read word-for-word to Fred, what Dr. Lawson said was a three page Medicare/Medicaid discharge MI form that must be filled out 2 days prior to discharge which discusses the appeal rights for  disagreement to discharge.  Fred didn’t know anything about this and other than Dr. Lawson stating that it needed to be signed on Wednesday to be discharge on Friday.  Again, this form was read to Fred and has not received a copy of it nor was he aware of it. The conversation ended with an agreement to get back in touch later. 

*WakeMed's CMO, Dr. West Lawson: "WakeMed will Provide Anything Freddie Needs at Facility and Will Put it in Writing"

*WakeMed's CEO, Donald Gintzig Said “I will drive it up there myself, if need be”

*No Talking to Facility Doctors Before Freddie would be Transferred.

Dr. Lawson Talks to Facility and Calls Fred
July 30, 2014

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 5:04:43 PM

Dr. Lawson called Fred and said he had called the facility trying to get a sense where they were.  He said it’s pretty clear that they are going to need a decision no later than by the end of the week.  He now said the end of the week would be Sunday.  He said that they recommended to him that WakeMed doctors (Dr. Udekwu) to call facility tomorrow and speak with their RT director, Judy Hilton in place of talking to the pulmonologist.  He said that he had already texted that to Dr. Udekwu but had not heard back from him.

Then Dr. Lawson said from his point of view, he still thought it should be we work as if the deadline to have an answer ought to be still made on Friday.  Dr. Lawson then proceeded explaining the need to get the plans for ordering or purchasing and delivering a bed for the facility be put into play asap.  He stressed multiple times his urgency for things to be put in motion now and came accross as wanting to eliminate any obstacles that might hinder getting Freddie in this facility.

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