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Dr. Lawson Promises WakeMed's Mission to be Get Rid of Freddie
Friday, August 1st, 2014
Dr. Lawson Promises WakeMed's Mission to be Get Rid of Freddie
August 1, 2014

Sent: Friday, August 01, 2014 1:14 PM
To: Fred Lempe
Subject: Next steps for Freddie

Mr. Lempe,

I am disappointed to learn that Valley has withdrawn their offer to have Freddie transfer there for ongoing care. They felt that, after talking with you, they would not be a good fit. Unfortunately this limits the opportunity for Freddie to receive long-term care in North Carolina. Generally speaking there are two options to consider for Freddie's long-term care: either he can go to another facility which provides ventilator management, or your home can be equipped to allow for in-home care. Of course neither will be easy and both will take time to either find or prepare, but we need to move to agreement about which path you intend for Freddie. The Valley caregivers were very generous with their time and gracious in their extending deadlines but we cannot necessarily expect that another facility will be as accommodating. Therefore it is imperative that we plan for the next opportunity whenever that may be so that Freddie can receive the long-term care he deserves. In the meantime of course Dr.  Feinson's team will be directing Freddie's care. As you know they have already made some changes in his medication and I will defer to them any other decisions about aspects of Freddie's care such as any possible attempt to begin vent weaning. I suggest that you meet with their team to discuss Freddie's care. Please let me know if I can facilitate that.

The case managers will be sending queries to the other North Carolina facilities as well as similar facilities in the Eastern United States. I have copied Becky Andrews WakeMed's vice president over case management for her information thus. As I read to you Wednesday from the "An Important Message From Medicare About Your Rights" document, you do have the right to request a review from the "Quality Improvement Organization" (QIO) if you believe that a plan to discharge to a long-term care facility equipped to manage ventilators is not appropriate for your son. We will gladly give you the contact information for that organization, which is "an outside reviewer hired by Medicare", quoting form that same document.

So I believe that we need two meetings at least- the first, with Dr. Feinson's team would be to discuss the care plans for Freddie as long as he is cared for at WakeMed, and the second would be to discuss the plans for whichever long-term care option you choose to pursue. In both cases I am pleased that we have had better dialogue recently about your son's care and so I look forward to that positive communication to continue.

Please let me know when you are available to begin both of these conversations.


West Lawson

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