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Fred ask WakeMed Health and Hospitals Leaders to Help Freddie
Thursday, August 07, 2014
Fred ask WakeMed Health and Hospitals Leaders to Help Freddie
August 7, 2014

From: Fred Lempe
Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2014 2:12 PM
Subject: Help Freddie Lempe

August 7, 2014

To: WakeMed Health and Hospitals Powers that Be,

Please ensure forward delivery to WakeMed President and CEO, Donald Gintzig; WakeMed Chairman, William McBride and Board Members as well all other pertinent WakeMed Powers that Be in this Very Important Life Saving Matter for Freddie Lempe.

RE: Freddie Lempe Getting the Needed Acute Medical Treatments in WakeMed that were Stopped while making documented Progress to Successfully achieving being completely weaned off the vent.

Dear Sirs and Madams,

We have made it clear to all that it is our wish and desire, as well as made the offer to work with WakeMed in a joint effort to help Freddie, with what was enabling Freddie to breathe off the vent.  The eventual all out effort to wean Freddie after the hole was found from an operation conducted at WakeMed was completely stopped when the hole healed in the first part of 2012  If WakeMed had continued the weaning process along with the supporting treatments, Freddie would have been out of WakeMed years  ago.  We want and have offered to forget the past and move forward positively, working with WakeMed concerning Freddie’s recovery health care.

Over the last few weeks there has been a fury of talks and maneuvering to supposedly put forth efforts to talk and help my son and your patient Freddie Lempe with his medical needs.  We are sincere in this effort as we made that absolutely clear to  WakeMed Chief Medical Officer, Dr. West Lawson, in our meeting with him on Wednesday, July 16th.  However, we are extremely disappointed to see that the only motives being shown by WakeMed, are only focused on discharging Freddie with no genuine effort  to help him with needed, proven effective acute medical treatments aiding him in his recovery.  Just as we have also witnessed the complete withdrawal and refusal over the past two and half years to aid Freddie’s progress.

We hope this clarification to all will help everyone have a crystal clear understanding what we stand for that, I, Freddie, and all Pray4Freddie supporters seek from WakeMed:

-Get Freddie off the vent.

-Provide the acute medical treatments that were working (bronch washes) at getting Freddie off the vent.

-Put everything on the table (bronch washes, chest tubes and, if needed, surgery) to get Freddie off the vent.

-Make it the mission of WakeMed to put forth an all out, honest effort to get Freddie off the vent

-Remove all discussions, debates and negativity and get Freddie off the vent.

-No more wasting time, get Freddie off the vent.

-Resume doing what WakeMed has promised, what was working and GET Freddie off the vent.

-Take the necessary steps to Align and Allow the doctors that will help Get Freddie Off the vent.

-Do what WakeMed is in business to do and provide the needed medical treatments to GET Freddie Off the Vent.

-Allow us to say that WakeMed has Changed, Get Freddie Off the Vent.

-No more Refusals, No more Excuses, No more Games; GET FREDDIE OFF THE VENT.

Although we would like to see WakeMed Health and Hospitals put forth all efforts and readily available resources to help Freddie with all his acute medical needs, we understand that you are still working at getting WakeMed turned around and that will take time.  So we still continue to prioritize what is urgently needed to help Freddie the most, what we have asked on many occasions, we again are asking that WakeMed get Freddie off the vent.  And we will continue to do all that we can on his other  needs. The ironic scenario here is that when WakeMed gets Freddie off the vent, it will open all kinds of doors for him and there will be no need for acute medical treatments anymore… and Freddie can leave WakeMed Safely.

We do hope that this has made our position understood and we will very soon, be able to announce that WakeMed is on board with helping Freddie with positivity in the community that advertising dollars could only dream of producing.  We look forward to  your response of getting on board with helping Freddie in the next week.

Thank you so very much for your consideration in helping Freddie,

Fred Lempe,
Team Pray4Freddie

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