Timeline  -  The Inconvenient Truth of Freddie's Healthcare at WakeMed
Freddie's Healthcare Events
January 2012
Thursday, January 5th 2012
Tuesday, January 10th 2012
*WakeMed Moves for Guardianship???
Wednesday, January 11th 2012
Thursday, January 12th 2012
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
Freddie Gets to Work - Breathing Like A Champ
Freddie Gets to Work - Breathing Like A Champ
Freddie Gets to Work - Breathing Like A Champ
Troubles Again for Freddie from WakeMed's Social Workers
Troubles Again for Freddie from WakeMed's Social Workers
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
Friday, January 13th 2012
Freddie Gets to Work - Breathing Like A Champ
Monday, January 16th 2012
*Freddie Breathes Off The Vent Again!
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
Vent Trials Freddie Breathing Off Vent Again
Vent Trials Freddie Breathing Off Vent Again
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
Vent Trial Pictures
Tuesday, January 17th 2012
Vent Trials Freddie Breathing Off Vent Again
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
Judy Creel, WakeMed's Financial Office Supervisor
WakeMed 5A StepDown   January 2012
"Mr. Lempe, you have to fill out a new Medicaid app.  I don't know why you haven't been notified by Medicaid.  I don't know how to explain why SSA doesn't pay or why you have to re-apply.  You just have to fill out a new app."
Allyson Edmundson, WakeMed Intensivist's NP
WakeMed 5A StepDown   January 12th 2012
"I am going to reduce the peep to 5 and the pressure support to 10 at lunch today.  If Freddie tolerates these settings over the weekend, I will start vent trials next week."
Skip Roy, WakeMed Physical Therapy Rehab Manager
WakeMed 5A StepDown   January 12th 2012
"There is nothing that we can do for Freddie with Physical Therapy at this time."
Kate Brookhouser, WakeMed's Social / Case Worker
WakeMed 5A StepDown   January 10th 2012
"Mr. Lempe, Freddie's Medicaid terminated at the end of December, you need to re-apply for Freddie.  No, the fed doesn’t handle Medicaid; the state handles Medicaid.  I have never heard of the SSA paying for medical bills.  I was told by WakeMed's Financial Office, you need to fill out a new state Medicaid app."
Ms. Johnson, Disability Case Worker - Social Security Administration
WakeMed 5A StepDown   January 10th 2012
Nothing has changed; yes, we are still paying for Freddie's medical.  Let me look it up in the computer just to check, but I would know if anything had changed… Let’s see… no, nothing has changed.  It is just as it’s supposed to be.  He is SSI and everything is in order.  We are paying all of Freddie’s medical bills.  I don't know why WakeMed is telling you that.
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
Freddie Gets to Work - Breathing Like A Champ
Freddie Did It! - Off Vent 1.5 Hours
Off Vent 1 Hour
*NO Physical Therapy for Freddie
Wednesday, January 18th 2012
Off Vent 4 Hours
Friday, January 20th 2012
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
Vent Trials Freddie Breathing Off Vent Again
Monday, January 23rd 2012
Vent Trials Freddie Breathing Off Vent Again
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
Vent Trials Freddie Breathing Off Vent Again
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
Vent Trials Freddie Breathing Off Vent Again
Friday, January 27th 2012
Off Vent  4.5 Hours
Off Vent 1.5 Hours
Off Vent 9 Hours +
Tuesday , January 31st 2012
Supporters, Please understand we are overwhelmed with trying to get Freddie Help on several
fronts.  At times we have no choice but prioritize and leave the record updates until we get time to
post them.  There are a lot of them!  So please continue to follow and check back occasionally. 
Also, stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter as we will post updates and notices there as well. 
Again, we cannot express what your support and prayers means for Freddie and us.  Thank You
all and we will continue to trust in Our Lord’s Will to prevail regardless of WakeMed’s desires.
Thursday, January 19th 2012
Off Vent 2 Hours
Allyson Edmundson, WakeMed Intensivist's NP
WakeMed 5A StepDown   January 20th 2012
"I think Freddie can and I am moving towards getting him to go all day but I'm not quite ready for him to try nights yet."
*Ally Moving Toward Freddie Going All Day Off Vent!
"Yes, if he gets to the point he needs a bronch wash, he will get it.  We expected he would have good days and bad days. But this is great, he is doing really good"
Saturday, January 21st 2012
Off Vent  4.5 Hours
Sunday, January 22nd 2012
Off Vent 0 Hours Because of Mucus Buildup
Tuesday, January 24th 2012
Off Vent 6 Hours
Thursday, January 26th 2012
Off Vent 10 Hours
WakeMed RNs and RTs
WakeMed 5A StepDown   January 2012
"We are so happy for Freddie, he is doing so good with breathing off the vent.  He is getting ready to start doing swallowing test and if he can do that he will be able to try to drink and eat"
*Freddie starting to have problems with mucus buildup.
*One Month Since Last Weekly Bronch Wash
WakeMed Refuses to Treat Freddie AGAIN!
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
WakeMed Refuses to Treat Freddie AGAIN!
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
WakeMed Refuses to Treat Freddie AGAIN!
Vent Trials Freddie Breathing Off Vent Again
Vent Trials Freddie Breathing Off Vent Again
Vent Trials Freddie Breathing Off Vent Again
WakeMed RNs and RTs
WakeMed 5A StepDown   January 2012
"Fred, when are the doctors going to do the next bronch wash?  He hasn't had one in a while.  Freddie was doing so good, its about time he gets a bronch wash, isn't it?"
WakeMed RNs and RTs
WakeMed 5A StepDown   January 2012
"Fred, are the doctors going to do another bronch wash?  Freddie was doing such a great job but the secreations are holding him back"
Pauline was right in the first meeting; the 5A nurses are awesome and they do love Freddie and they along with the RTs do want to help him to get better.  The problem is, they don't have the authority to give Freddie what he needs.  That's why they were asking me about it.  I keep telling them that I was trying and that Ally kept assuring me that Freddie would get the bronch washes when he needed them.  And Dr. Hart had said he would do them as needed when we stopped doing them weekly.  Most of them (RNs and RTs)were saying; he really needs it to help him.  And they kept pointing out the fact that he was getting them weekly and asking why are they waiting so long now?
Sunday , January 29th 2012
Monday , January 30th 2012
Allyson Edmundson, WakeMed Intensivist's NP
WakeMed 5A StepDown   January 26th 2012
“I’m going to call security.  Your tone is threatening me"
"All 12 Intensivist agree that there is no need to do a bronch-wash.  We have no plans to do anymore bronch-washes for Freddie"
*WakeMed's Intensivist Say NO to Treating Freddie AGAIN!
*RT tries Freddie Off Vent - Freddie Goes 19 HRS!  All the way through night with no problems!
Off Vent  Hours
Off Vent  Hours
*NC Medicaid appointment notice and re-enrollment form sent/wkr 018
Barbara Maldondo, JoCo DSS Supervisor, sends out appointment notice for Medicaid continued eligibility.
(APPOINTMENT NOTICE and APPLICATION FORM for RENEWAL by APRIL 2012 - in other words, Freddie has Medicaid and JoCo DSS is notifying Fred that the time to RENEW it is coming up.
Wednesday, February 1st 2012
Thursday, February 2nd 2012
Off Vent  Hours
Saturday, February 4th 2012
Fred fills out NC Medicaid App. on behalf of Freddie
Monday, February 6th 2012
Meet w/ Maria Eason and turned in NC-Medicaid App. for Freddie
Tuesday, February 7th 2012
Fred email to Pauline Request email add. From Pauline
Fred email to Kathy Thompson
Wednesday, February 8th 2012
Kathy Thompson email to Fred
Skip, Mark and Jonathan Evaluate Freddie for Physical Therapy Determination
Meeting with a Hostile Pauline who now says; she doesn't want to be in the middle of Freddie's care and I need to trust the doctors
PT Manager, Skip Roy says No to seeing what Freddie can do.
Downturn, Still No Bronch-Wash: Wednesday, 2-8-12, 10:55pm
Thursday, February 9th 2012
Eddie Prayer Update
Fred is going to be updating the Pray 4 Freddie site with the details of what has happened recently and how  Freddie is not getting what he needs.
It is time to send emails to any and all contacts to either change their hearts or get him out of there  safely without any negative attitudes being sent ahead of him.
Thanks and God Bless
Met with Dr Piehl
Met w/ dr. piehl to seek help and info about UNC's/Rex's pt and "sub-acute" rehab program.  He said that he  doesn’t know anything about the program but when I asked about a possible transfer to unc for the pt, he  replied that we wouldn’t get the medical care on the lung there.  He was to get Molly to check into the  UNC/Rex program and let me know.
Eddie Prayer Update
Fred just had a meeting with the 1 doctor that stood firm on behalf of Freddie some months ago and he said  that he would see what he could do.
Put the emails on hold for now.
We do need to continue to pray that God will guard and protect Freddie during this time of transition. That  God will get him off the machine and open the door to the next step in recovery and restoration. That God will continue to strengthen his lungs, muscles and  immune system. In Jesus Mighty Name.
Freddie still having trouble this morning, they haven’t been able to reduce his oxygen anymore but instead have had to raise it from 80% back to 100%.  Not  only that, the vent is on a higher support mode with higher pressure settings. This is not good,  Freddie has been doing about all of the breathing basically on his own with little to no  support. But just like we have seen every time throughout the past, when the mucus gets a hold we  start going backwards.
Lord I pray that you protect Freddie thru this unfortunate  setback and open the minds and hearts that need to see what needs to be seen to help  Freddie.
Respiratory therapy just got done working on Freddie, getting a lot of mucus out of his lung. They for now have been able to reduce his oxygen down to 85%. Freddie seems to be more comfortable. Lord, we continue to ask for your help as you see fit.
D-sating again, setting off the alarms and still getting up a lot of stuff. At lunch they were able to go down to 70%. The drs. are playing around with different vent settings and took cultures to check for infection because he spiked a fever about 2am.  Right now he is still at 70% oxygen but is bouncing around low to mid 80s blood  saturation. So much suctioning that we may be having some problems around his trech being irritated and for some reason he is blowing air out around it now.
Ok, the wonderful RT has just got done getting him cleaned out. I think we got the air leak fixed, still at 70% oxygen and Freddie seems to be a little better now.
Been off and on with low blood saturation and high heart rate. Seems to be getting better in the last hr, best I've seen today, mid to high 90s!. Vent still set at 15 ps, 15 bpm rate, and O2 still at 70%. Peep pressure is down now from 8 to 5 which is good.  Our awsome nurse just gave him tylenol for another fever tonight of 101+.
Lord thank you  for all you do and we trust you.
WakeMed Ignores problems from   not providing bronch-washes as needed
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
WakeMed Refuses to Treat Freddie AGAIN!
WakeMed Refuses to Treat Freddie AGAIN!
WakeMed Refuses to Treat Freddie AGAIN!
WakeMed Refuses to Treat Freddie AGAIN!
WakeMed Refuses to Treat Freddie AGAIN!
WakeMed Ignores problems from   not providing bronch-washes as needed
WakeMed Ignores problems from   not providing bronch-washes as needed
WakeMed Ignores problems from   not providing bronch-washes as needed
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
Friday, February 10th 2012
Still dealing with fever this morning. Still on vent, o2 down to 40% for little while but back up to 50% now. Blood sating good mid to high 90s and heart rate more normal today. Drs to wean vent back slowly and consider bronch-washes again.
I was in Freddie's room when Ally made her rounds.  I said he is defiantly having a hard  time.  I think you guys are wrong.  He needs a bronch-wash.  She said that she couldn’t make that decision.   I said, then, I need to talk to the doctor that can.  She said she would make the appointment.
fb post: Prayer Request:
Far better day today than yesterday. Freddie seems to be more stable overall with less d-sats and able to keep his blood oxygen better with less support and 45% oxygen now from the vent. No vent trial attempts today and continued fever.
Lord, thank you for helping all of us thru this time and we ask that you continue to protect Freddie.
Saturday, February 11th 2012
fb post: Prayer Request:
Still about the same thru the night and this morning. Just can't seem to get past the mucus issues to make any more advances back towards where we were on the vent.  Fever comes and goes around 99.9 now.
I ask that you all keep the prayers for Freddie to be able to overcome this setback and get back on track with his awesome forward progress in his complete recovery.
Lord, we do trust your wisdom and know you can do on earth as it is done in heaven, for you created it all and we pray that it be your will for Freddie to continue to full recovery as a testament for you, your love and grace for us all.
Sunday, February 12th 2012
fb post: Prayer Request:
Freddie is doing much better thru yesterday, last night and today. No fever since yesterday and we are slowly making progress on the vent settings. Peep back at 5, PS down  to 12, O2 down to 45% and his is on the mode of allowing him to takes breaths over the  machine. Holding blood oxygen very well in the high 90s. HR down and holding.  I want thank all the  wonderful nurses and RTs that have held nothing at their disposal back and gone all  out to keep Freddie in as good of shape as they can thru this scary setback, you guys  are the best and make all the difference! We pray that we won't see this again and we  will get back to the progress that we were making.
Monday, February 13th 2012
Pray4Freddie Youtube Channel Started.  Youtube / Pray4Freddie
Videos of Freddie exercising put up, because WakeMed PT doesn't want to see what Freddie can do.
Tuesday, February 14th 2012
Eddie Prayer Update
Fred called me and said that he has a meeting with several doctors. Normally Paige would be there with him  but she just started a new job and can't take off so Fred asked if I would go with him.
I ask that you lift us up in prayer for wisdom and words to speak in love for the good of Freddie.
Father I thank you for Your Peace that precedes us as we meet with the doctors.
I thank you for turning their heads and opening their eyes to what is needed for Freddie.
I thank you for Your Spirit that will be present.
In Jesus Mighty Name.
Skip Roy's follow up meeting:  Fred, Eddie, Skip, Ally and Pauline decides to get in on it too
*WakeMed's Skip Roy, PT Manager says NO to Freddie
Wednesday, February 15th 2012
Well, we had a meeting with physical therapy yesterday. I haven’t talked about this much because I have done everything I can to just talk about positives on here. Well back  August, 2011 Physical Therapy (PT) decided to stop seeing Freddie and not long before that  Speech Therapy did the same. Well, we have been noticing Freddie joints and muscles  aren’t in as good as shape they were before and that he has been able to do more  moving of his legs and arms than before. So I decided back last month to pursue getting them back involved with Freddie’s care. After several meetings, reaching out  to PT and Rehab, PT evaluated Freddie last week, scheduled a meeting yesterday to inform us that they don’t have anything to offer Freddie. Well, they might not but I do.  So today I come to you for any and all help. If you or anyone you know, has any information about coma stimulation/treatments/procedures, TBI treatments/procedures and/or SCI, physical therapy procedures; I would deeply appreciate your help.
Lord, may you show us the way to overcome all hurdles to help Freddie in his road to full recovery.
fb post: Prayer Request:
Fred writes Letter in response to PT refusal to treat sent via email to: Pauline, Kathy and Skip
Wednesday, February 15, 2012 2:19 PM
Sunday, February 19th 2012
Fred and Paige are feeling the effects of all the pressures from Freddie's situation with WakeMed.  Fred returns to Smithfield.
Monday, February 27th 2012
NC-Medicaid Notice of Termination Letter Sent out by JoCo DSS
*NC Medicaid termination notice sent/wkr 018
Barbara Maldondo, JoCo DSS Supervisor, sends out termination notice for Medicaid.
(in other words again, Freddie has Medicaid and JoCo DSS is notifying Fred that the time to RENEW it.)  However, WakeMed's social worker, Maria Eason nor the JoCo social worker Kim Dunn that are working on getting a new app say nothing about this....  That's right; WakeMed, Wake County DSS, Johnston County DSS and SSA say nothing as WakeMed and DSS are trying to get a new application through to be denied.
Tuesday, February 28th 2012
*Finally Fred gets to meet for the first time, Freddie's new doctor, Dr. Feinson, Director of Intensivists since taking Freddie in October 2011.
Meeting with Dr. Feinson and Ally about Bronch-Wash
February 2012
Wednesday, February 29th 2012
fb post: Prayer Request:
Freddie is having more problems with the mucus in his lung and is at 100% o2 currently. This latest event started last evening after a change in medications which seems to be most effective in helping to break up what’s been stuck down deep out of reach over the last few weeks and now seems to be coming up fast, in large amounts. He did rest good last night but started having problems early this morning again and now they have had to go up on o2 from 40% to 70% now to 100%.
We had a productive meeting with Freddie’s lead doctor yesterday afternoon and he agreed to ask Freddie’s pulmonary Dr, to come back in and do a bronch-wash when he can schedule it in. Hopefully we will be able to get this done this week to help Freddie overcome, what’s proven to be a continuing threat to him and hindrance to his progress. We have not been able to get off the vent and do the trials now for about three weeks, when he was doing so good then started falling back because of the mucus buildup.
Lord, thank you for all that you have done and do for us. We trust you know and will provide a way for what your will is for Freddie’s best interest and well being. We ask that you continue to protect Freddie in all that he has to overcome, not only for him and all involved but foremost, for glory to you.
Back down to 70% and doing good. Didn't get out of bed but has been sitting up in bed and we have been doing neck exercises. I am so proud of him and his relentless display of strength, I have to thank God for his continued blessings for Freddie.
fb post: Prayer Request:
Thursday, March 1st 2012
March 2012
Fred email to Eddie 10:55 PM
Here is what we need, not the "zip line" necessary but the therapy attitude for sure!
***Freddie’s SSI Status Mysteriously Changed in DSS computer system by Someone...
Sunday, March 4th 2012
fb post: Prayer Request:
Freddie had a good night and morning and was able to get out of bed today. O2
8:22:17 PM Little trouble last night with d-sats and 38 heart rate, but good today and nite
Paige ask about Freddie
Tuesday, March 6th 2012
*One Year Anniversary of Wreck
*Last Bronch-Wash - Dr. Hart - Even though he said he would be more than happy to do them anytime Freddie Needed Them!
Eddie ask about Freddie
Fred 3:03:45 PM  Bronch went well and the hole is better than before...dr hart said he does not think it  will be an issue in future!  Freddie did and is doing awesome!

Eddie 3:05:10 PM
Praise god

Fred 3:07:54 PM

Eddie 3:11:09 PM
Are the settings getting better to do vent trials

Fred 3:14:17 PM
They have been getting better and they look a lot better now after the bronch to me...low pressures, less  stress breathing, higher volumes and higher o2 sating!
WakeMed Ignores problems from   not providing bronch-washes as needed
WakeMed Ignores problems from   not providing bronch-washes as needed
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
WakeMed Refuses to Treat Freddie AGAIN!
WakeMed Refuses to Treat Freddie AGAIN!
WakeMed Refuses to Treat Freddie AGAIN!
fb post: Prayer Request:
Bronch-wash went well and Freddie did great! Dr. said the hole looks to be healed over better than last time he looked at it back at Christmas and doesn't think it will be a problem in the future! He said he would be glad to come and do the bronch's to help Freddie continue to progress when his dr's request. Freddie's stats look very good; vent pressures down in teens, o2 down to 40%, breathing... higher volumes with less stress and he is sating at or near 100%!
By the way, it’s been 1 year today since the wreck. We want to thank our wonderfull Lord for a full year of miracles and blessings! And thank you to all of you for your suppport.and prayers throughout this year, it means the world!
You know Freddie wasn't supposed to make it, not only that, the Lord continues to allow Freddie to progress with his injuries that are against all the odds. Thank you Lord!
I also would like to somehow express my appreciation to all the angels at WakeMed that have done so much for Freddie over the last year. I know Freddie requires a lot and you rn's and rt's, techs and assistants are the best and underrated. I just can't express how much you all mean to us and I know, you feel the emotions as we do, thank you.
Wednesday, March 7th 2012
Wednesday, March 14th 2012
Maria Eason w/ WakeMed called
Thursday, March 8th 2012
Call from WakeMed
Friday, March 9th 2012
Call Kim Dunn w/ JoCo DSS
*Freddie Able to Breathe Off Vent Again with Needed Bronch-Wash!
*Off Vent 1 Hour
April 2012
Freddie Exercise Video:  Eddie brought video camera and films Fred working with Freddie.
Saturday, February 18th 2012
Fred and Eddie Working on Rehab for Freddie - Link to stim info/procedures:  http://calder.med.miami.edu/pointis/tbifam/coma2.html
Eddie ask about Freddie
Fred 1:32:43 PM  Successful trial starting at 1:20.  They only  plan to go 1hr max today.

Eddie 1:35:21 PM  Praise god  still praying   thanks
fb post: Prayer Request:
We are back doing vent trials! Freddie did well after the  bronch-wash last Tues. Then started having a little problem with a  lot of mucus toward the end of last week but got better over the  weekend and was able to go down on vent settings to pressure  support this week. Today we started vent trials (off vent) for the  first time since Jan. Freddie did well with breathing on his own  till we moved him in the bed and he started coughing. So, he did  his 1hr today.
Lord, we thank you for your blessings. We pray for continued  protection and complete healing and resurrection in your name and  on your word, amen.
Monday, March 12th 2012
Tuesday, March 13th 2012
Freddie able to do Pressure Support
Freddie does Pressure Support
Friday, March 16th 2012
Monday, February 20th 2012
***WakeMed says Freddie had a "hidden" siezure.  Get's CT scan and Changes Freddie's Meds from Stimulative to Sedative
Eddie 9:46:54 AM Is freddie still getting allergy meds

Fred 9:48:18 AM He was last wk... Im going to do my best to try to  talk to dr today about his situation, please pray.

Eddie 9:50:13 AM Will do
Monday, March 19th 2012
Fred to Paige 11:58:02 AM Freddie had a good nite and is on  pressure support this morning :)
Tuesday, March 20th 2012
Fred to Paige 11:25:42 AM Still on pressure support and getting  ready to go on trial!

Fred to Eddie 11:27:15 AM Freddie did pressure support all nite  and is getting ready to do trial!

Eddie 11:26:54 AM Praying
Eddie Prayer Update
Fred spoke to the doctors about letting the Respiratory Therapist  deciding if Freddie could go on vent trial since they come in  every 4 hours. The doctor thought that it would be a good idea. Praise God.  Freddie has been on vent trial Sunday, Monday and is about to go  on it again today. Praise God.
Father I thank you for favor that You have given Freddie.  I thank  you for strength and protection that You  provide for Freddie. I thank you for strength for his lung and for clearing out all  mucus.  Thank you for every step that You are providing for  Freddie.  I thank you for total and complete restoration.  I thank you for  touching every heart that is watching what You are doing in  Freddie.  I thank you for drawing every lost soul unto You as You bring  complete restoration in Freddie.  In Jesus Mighty Name.
Maria Eason w/ wakemed called

Fred called Kim Dunn

Kim Dunn called

Fred called Maria Eason

Kim Dunn called from 5:15
Wednesday, March 21st 2012
Fred 11:59:50 AM Still on trial since 10:00am!

Eddie 1:14:46 PM Praise god

Fred 8:45:17 PM The drs did order to turn off the heater on the  vent…

Eddie 9:17:35 PM Praise god

RT says that drs ordered heater turned off
*Off Vent  Hour
*Off Vent  Hour
Thursday, March 22nd 2012
JoCo Dss called

JoCo Dss called

Fred called Kim Dunn

JoCo Dss called
Friday, March 23rd 2012
Maria Eason w/ wakemed called

Fred 5:32:49 PM Still on trial!

Eddie 5:34:00 PM Awesome
*Off Vent  Hour
Sunday, March 25th 2012
*Mucus giving more problems, more d-sating over weekend
Fred 8:28:39 PM  Mucus giving more problems over the weekend, more  d-sating.

Eddie 8:32:16 PM  I will send out prayer request and we will be  praying

Fred 8:32:55 PM  He feels warm..possible fever.

Eddie 8:34:39 PM  Will include that also
Just got a message from Fred. Freddie is having trouble with the  mucus again and has a mild fever.
Father I thank you for Your Word. Your Word cannot return void  unto You. You said that by the stripes of Jesus Freddie was  healed.
We speak healing to every cell in his body. We speak to the mucus  and say bow your knee to the Mighty Name of Jesus.
God from his body In Jesus Mighty Name.
We speak to whatever is causing the fever and command you to  desist and leave his body in Jesus Mighty Name.
We speak life, health and complete restoration to his lungs,  muscles and speech in Jesus Mighty Name.
Thank you Father for all that You have done and all that You are  doing now. Thank you for Your Peace
that you pour out in Fred, Freddie and the Family. We give You all  the praise and glory.
In Jesus Mighty Name.
Eddie Prayer Update
Monday, March 26th 2012
Got a call from Fred. The d-sating stopped shortly after he contacted me and the fever left as well.
Praise God.
Thank you Father for continuing to pour out restoration in and  through Freddie. Every area of his body is being made whole.
The lung must line up with the Word of God. The mucus must go by  the Living Word of God. The muscles must line up with
the Word of God. The ability to speak is being established by the  Word of God. The brain and spinal cord are lining up with the Word  of God. Jesus, the Living Word of God has already provided and God  is fulfilling His Promise.
In Jesus Mighty Name.
Eddie Prayer Update
Fred 7:54:00 PM Eddie, maybe you all could pray for me along with  your prayer for freddie tonite.  Im just losing my strength that i  have been blessed with this yr. over the last couple of weeks.  I  thought i would have shaked it by now.

Eddie 7:58:39 PM Will do  you need to rest also

Fred 7:59:40 PM Thanks, eddie
Fred ask for Prayer for Strength
Thursay, March 29th 2012
JoCo DSS NC CCNC/CA enrollment form sent out
Kim Dunn with JoCo DSS, sent a CCNC/CA enrollment form and a  request to provide more financial information and sign release forms.
Cathy Oduok w/ WC APS called
Cathy informed Fred that she was investigating a report that Fred was financially exploiting his son Freddie.  Fred asked who had  made that accusation and she said that it was an anonymous call  and that that info was confidential.  She proceeded to asking the exact same questions that Kim Dunn w/ JoCo DSS and Maria Eason w/  Wake Co DSS at WakeMed have been asking Fred to answer about the ins, settlement, so called trust account and other moneys that Freddie has or received.  Fred told her that he didn't feel comfortable about the fact that she had called up out of the blue asking him to give her all this financial info, that he had no idea who she was or who she was with and requested that the info  be sent by formal letter.  She acted as if she didn't like this request but agreed to send her request in a letter.
***Someone Decides Fred Needs to be Reported to Adult Protection Services.
Fred called Maria Eason

Fred contacted friend and attorney Marcia Stewart

Marcia called Fred

Maria Eason w/ wakemed called
Fred asked Maria if she had, or knew who had reported him to APS.  She replied that she had not and had no idea.  But proceeded to  ask Fred the very same questions and said she had received the paperwork from Kim Dunn w/ JoCo DSS had sent her for him to fill out.  Fred told her again that Freddie had no assets, trust accounts or money.  Fred then asked her to just leave the paperwork and he  would be by to pick up.  She said she would leave it with Judy  Creel.  Fred was unable to get to her office that day but did go by and pick it up the following Monday.
Saturday, March 31st 2012
Wake Co. Adult Protection Services Letter

Received letter from Cathy Oduok, APS via us mail
Monday, April 2nd 2012
4/2/2012 Fred Meets with NP, Ally about Freddie's new issues and their changes in care
Meeting Prep Notes w/ Ally 4-2-2012
Ritalin / Stimulants, Slow heart rates / Low body temps
Seems to be slowing down more.  Could this be from med changes?  Freddie just doesn’t seem to be as focused as he was.
Apnea / Slow breath rates - move to vent trials?
When on a rate and breathing slows down and blood sats are good but the low rate alarms, can we just try to let him breathe on his own as long as he is holding sats.
Vent filters / Fatigue
Can we change filters after every breathing treatment?  The treatments themselves add a high amount of moisture to the circuit along with the added moisture buildup from higher weather temps and humidity.  I’ve noticed two or three times that the filters became stopped up right after the breathing treatments were administered with no indications except Freddie struggling to breathe and vent not acknowledging or responding to his breathe initiations.  This situation causes Freddie to appear as a “fish out of water” and is very hard on him that takes a long time to recover from the fatigue caused.  I can’t help to fear that a situation where the treatment was administered, then a four hour period before rt is scheduled to return and rn may be busy with other patents, that Freddie may be experiencing this struggle without anyway of anyone knowing with there being no alarm system for this particular situation.  I’ve personally seen the extreme effects it has on Freddie after five, ten or twenty minutes and can’t help to be horrified that this may happen for a long period of time when no one knows.
Mucus, allergies and bronch-washes
Just to remind, Freddie is extremely allergic to all grass and tree pollens, especially oak.  So, this would be the most difficult season for Freddie’s respiratory condition.
Spasms, body stiffness / pt / range of motion
Can nurses perform “range of motion” before moving to chair as pt used to, to loosen muscles and promote flexibility?
Fred to Eddie  2:23:44 PM  Good meeting, call me when u get chance to go over

Picked up papers from Maria Eason office front desk

Received papers from Kim Dunn via us mail

Fred begins to collect and prepare all DSS history for Marcia
Wednesday, April 4th 2012
Eddie Prayer Update
Freddie had a drop in his temperature last night. There has not been and explanation as to why this has happened. There has also been an increase in the issues of the mucus due to the pollen.
Father I thank you for Your Love for Freddie. I thank you for Your Word and Your Promises in Your Word. I thank you for You know what is happening with Freddie. I thank you for giving wisdom to the doctors if there in anything that needs to be done by them. I thank you for Your Promise of healing by the stripes of Jesus. I thank you that You are our Healer. Thank you Father for regulating his temperature and ridding him of the cause. Thank you for healing that You have already provided for his lungs. I speak to the mucus and command you to line up with the Word of God. Go in the Name of Jesus.  Thank you for complete restoration in Freddie from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet. In Jesus Mighty Name.
Monday, April 9th 2012
4/9/2012 Fred Meets with NP, Ally about Freddie's new issues and changes in his care
Meeting Prep Notes w/ Ally 4-9-2012
Neuro Dr.
Periodic moments of trances?
Emotions/ depression?
Apnea / Slow Breath Rates / Trials / Pinpoint Issue
Swimmer/weight lifter/17 yr old.  Could he be slower than the  norm?  When we were on a rate of 12, he would not initiate breaths  until we lowered the rate down to 10.  Then the same till we  lowered to 8 and then 6.  Could it be that we are at 6 and he may  be at 4?  Could it be that he may need more than 45 seconds at  times, then get back to his flow rate after the slow down?   Because, he does fluctuate with the breath rates anyway.  Could it  be that his brain is not triggering breaths because his body  doesn’t need a breath at that particular time of slow down?
How does the breathing system/process work?
Don’t we have approximately three minutes of wait time to allow  the brain to get the signal and trigger the breath?
Can we do trials, to test to see if he will indeed breathe, if  forced to?
What are the limits?  Life/death/blood sat/blood gases/brain  o2/organ o2?
If apnea is neuro related
Is it possibly that the periodic trances are tied to or causing  apnea?
By allowing him to go down may spark the brain compensate or  promote “rewiring” and possibly fix the issue.
Is there a way to test or push the envelope, or promote “training”  the brain to get this right?
Wheelchair company to adjust chair
Can we get wheel chair company to adjust width, nurses are  complaining that Freddie is too big for it as is.
Fred 2:35:00 PM  Give me a call when you have time and i'll go  over the meeting with you

Eddie 2:36:37 PM  Will do

Cathy Oduok w/ WC APS called

Cathy left message with Fred following up to see if he received  paperwork in mail that she had sent.

Tuesday, April 10th 2012
Eddie Prayer Update
Doctors say that Freddie has been experiencing sleep apnea. As a  result of this the doctors have stopped his vent trials. This must  end in order to conduct vent trials.
Father we thank you for Your Word. You said that by the stripes of  Jesus Freddie was healed. You said that You are our Healer, You  are our restorer. Sleep apnea must obey the Name of Jesus, the  Name above every other name. In the Mighty Name of Jesus sleep  apnea must go. I speak to the brain and say be whole and function  normally. I speak to the lung and say breathe normally. I thank  you Father for giving Freddie favor to be able to breathe normally  on his own. I thank you for enabling him to speak on his own and  cough when he is breathing on his own. I thank you for  strengthening his immune system, his muscles and lungs. I thank  you for continuing to restore the communication from his brain to  his body. I thank you that Freddie is covered by the Blood of  Jesus. Thank you for Your Peace that You pour out upon Freddie,  Fred and the family. In Jesus Mighty Name.
JoCo DSS NC CCNC/CA enrollment form
Kim Dunn with JoCo DSS, sent a CCNC/CA enrollment form and a  request to provide different financial information and sign  release forms.
Wednesday, April 11th 2012
1:35:52 PM
Hey marcia, im checking in to see what your schedule looks like.   I am about 90% at getting everything pulled together, for you to  have a complete picture of the history, to be as efficiently as it  can, for you.  I can meet anytime/anywhere that is good for you  except this evening. Thanks, fred
Friday, April 13th 2012

11:12:37 AM Hey Marcia, I have got the stuff ready for you if you  have time today.

11:47:12 AM Father-in-law passed.  I'm in indiana until monday.  Call  anna and schedule appt..

11:50:17 AM Im so sorry Marcia, give your husband my sympanthy.  I'll call  Anna.

11:53:53 AM Tyvm
Saturday, April 14th 2012
fb post: Prayer Request:  Pressure Support / Change in Meds / Trusting God's Will: April 14 at 12:33pm
Freddie is has been better over the last few days and is  back doing pretty good with pressure support  settings on the vent after not being able to for a few days and  the mucus doesn’t seem to be as bad now. The doctors  have made some medicine adjustments for Freddie’s extreme pollen allergies and we have  seen some improvements. However, we  have been seeing some other issues pop up and become more evident over the last month with erratic body temps, low and  high, irregular heart rates, apnea and possible  “hidden” seizers as we keep getting closer to possible victory of getting off the vent. These type of issues have been  said to be associated to neuro from the TBI and  that often times a patient will go through what is called  “storming” as the brain tries to heal itself  and/or “rewire” the connections as to get the signals routed to and from the body and regulate the involuntary body  vital functions; i.e. heart rate, body temp,  breathing, etc. Freddie has been, for awhile, at a level of TBI  recovery that is right at the point of where the  storming would possibly show itself, if we were going to see it. See, not all patients have the symptoms of  storming while some will have mild, moderate  or even severe episodes that could be very dangerous. Not enough  is known about the brain to predict, only  to just know that these are the possibilities. We have the Nuero doctor coming back to examine Freddie, hopefully this  coming week. We pray that he will see or find some  things that are positive improvements in Freddie since he last saw him back in the summer last year that we can work  and run with to help Freddie in his recovery.

You know, a lot of people said in the beginning that this was  going to be a roller coaster ride. They would say things like;  "You will have good days and bad days", "You will take a step  forward and then you'll take two back, you just have to be  patient". We had a very fine Dr. that had seen this from both  sides, as a trauma doctor; of course he deals with in his  profession and had it happen to his family. He told us one day  that; "this will tear a family apart". I always kept those  statements in the back of my mind a have throughout the last year  made it a point to stay positive, encouraging and keep in mind  that God has a plan for Freddie and us. I have had a lot of people  praise me for doing such a good job handling this tragedy and I  always felt that it was how I just kept my faith. I’m not saying  that it has been easy for me in no way, but I have always been  able to pull my “bootstraps” up and keep going. There comes times  however, in situations like this that the pressures and waiting  catch up to you no matter your strength, methods or faith. The  Bible has plenty of examples of these types of testing our  endurance and faith. And, it is there that I know, no matter how  bad things get, how long it takes or what the enemy tries to throw  at me; my Lord Jesus is, and will always be victorious and my son  Freddie, I and all that believe and trust in Him will be better  for it tomorrow. Thank you, Lord, for all your patients, blessings  love you have for us.
Monday, April 16th 2012
Father I thank you for Your never ending love that You have for  Freddie, Fred, Doris and all that are seeing what Your are doing  in and through this family.
I thank you for continuing to strengthen Fred daily as he listens  to Your voice and follows what You lead him to do. I thank you for  strength that You pour out upon Freddie and for complete  restoration in him from the crown of his head to the soles of his  feet. You are turning that which the devil had intended for harm  into a glorious testimony for You. I thank you for speaking to the  hearts of those that are seeing Your Hand upon Freddie and that  You will draw them ALL unto You. I thank you for Your anointing  that is upon Fred as he walks with You. Thank you for carrying him  when he needs it and for running with him and dancing with him in times of rejoicing. I Praise you for the work that is being  completed by You and through You. In Jesus Mighty Name.
Eddie Prayer Update
Thursday, April 19th 2012
call from WakeMed 3:27pm
Monday, April 23rd 2012
Eddie Prayer Update
Fred called and said that Freddie is doing well with the pressure  support and is very alert. Tuesday Fred has a meeting with the  neurologist. I sense that this is God’s timing. This is the doctor  that gave Freddie hope almost a year ago. His report a year ago is  what the one doctor stood his ground on when all others wanted to  give up. Since that time we have seen many miracles from God. Our  request is that you will join us in agreement that God will open  this doctors’ eyes to what God is going to do in Freddie.
Father I thank you for the many works that You have done in  Freddie. I thank you for opening the eyes of this doctor. We see  what You have done and give You Praise and Glory for all that You  have done and all that You are going to do in Freddie. We you in  advance for the work that You are doing in this doctor. May he see  through Your eyes what You have done and are going to do in  Freddie. I thank you that he sees his part in Your Plan to restore  Freddie, Your plans to make him whole.
Thank you in Jesus Mighty Name.
Tuesday, April 24th 2012
Fred Meets w/ Attorney Marcia

Marcia immediately reconizes that WakeMed is behind all of this.  She wants to know what they are doing in Freddie's care. She is appalled when I start telling her what WakeMed has been doing and how it has been going for Freddie.

Fred to Kevin 4:27:15 PM Been in meetings all day...waiting on freddies  doc right now
Meeting with Dr Zinn, Freddie’s Neurologist

Dr. Zinn says Freddie didn't have any seizures and they should not  have changed his meds.  He then said WakeMed wants Freddie out.   He can't leave unless he is off Vent. 
Sunday, April 29th 2012
Fred 8:53:52 AM The thicker mucus is causing more d-sating.  Three  d-sats since yesterday evening.

Eddie 8:55:42 AM Praying

Fred 7:56:59 PM He has done good since we left, no d-sats and  resting good :)

Eddie 8:01:43 PM Praise god
Monday, April 30th 2012
Freddie D-Sating / Talk to NP Ally: April 30, 2012 8:49 PM

Asked Ally about what Dr. Zinn had recommeneded about the breathing pacemaker and she just blew that off as a possiblity.  And said she would check into the medication recomendations that he had made,

Fred 8:49:55 PM still having problems with mucus and d-sating.  Talked to ally today and there's no med options. Checking into  doing possible bronch-wash if don't get better over the next  couple of days.

Eddie 8:58:39 PM We pray that he will get better and if necessary  get a bronch wash
May 2012

Talked to Ally about lung condition before she leaves for her  wedding
I asked her about why the lung isn’t expanding out now since the  hole is healed, sealed.  She said that she didn’t know.  I said  that the surgeon said it was supposed to expand out and take up  the place that the lower lobe use to be.

Thursday, May 3rd 2012
Saturday, May 5th 2012
I realized chest tubes needed while going through records for  Marcia

Monday, May 7th 2012
With Ally gone on her wedding, I had to talk to doctors that were covering for her.  I talked to Dr. Kirk on phone and asked him about the chest tubes.

He said NO.  Although that is a good thought, that would not be something that they would consider doing for Freddie.  When I asked him why?  He said that Freddie would never need anymore lung capacity than he needs now, so we won't be providing those treatments for him.

I asked him, so even though that would help Freddie with his lung, you are telling me that you are not going to help him with that?  He said that's right.  Is there anything else I can help you with?  I said yes, what was your name agais?  My name is Dr. Kirk, he replied.
***WakeMed Intensivists Says Freddie Will NOT Be Getting Needed Medical Treatments.
Tuesday, May 8th 2012
Fred 1:05:09 PM Lets just pray that when he passes this info to the  other docs that one of them will think it is a good idea to help  Freddie.

Eddie 1:06:40 PM Maybe God can work in these docs hearts.

Fred 1:07:27 PM Amen

Eddie 1:08:52 PM That is the prayer

Notify Marcia

Fred 3:52:33 PM: WakeMed caseworker kate, just called and informed  me that, if i dont comply with aps & medicaid by fri. that they are  going to modify guardianship with wake co courts

Marcia 4:22:40 PM: I have called oduok 3 separate times and keep  getting message.

Fred 4:35:02 PM : What do u think we can do...?

Fred 4:36:22 PM: At this point im ready to move freddie to joco.

Fred 4:38:04 PM: I had a conversation with dr this morning and he  said his dr group wasn’t willing to a procedure to help freddie,  knowing that he will get worse without it.

Fred to Eddie 4:39:40 PM  Give me a call when get a chance

Marcia 8:39:37 PM: Will call you first thing tomorrow morning.

Fred 8:43:44 PM: Ok and thank you.

***WakeMed's Social Worker, Kate Brookhouser calls and leaves message that she is moving to file guardianship papers.
5/08/2012 Phone Conv. Marcia

5/08/2012 About a 5 Hour Meeting with Marcia

Eddie Prayer Update
Spoke to Fred today and he said that Freddie has been d-satting. He  also spoke to a doctor about doing whatever is needed to progress  in getting Freddie off the vent. The doctor said that they had done  all that they would do to treat Freddie. Our desire is to see  Freddie off the vent. Our desire is for Freddie to be free of the  mucus which will eliminate the d-satting. Father You said that by  the stripes of Jesus Freddie was healed. We thank you for the  manifestation of his healing. Father You answered Nehemiah as he  prayed for favor with the ruler. Father as Nehemiah prayed for  favor we seek Your face for favor with the doctors, even if it  means new doctors that Your bring forth. Doctors that will hear  Your voice. Father I thank you for covering Freddie with the Blood  of Jesus and protect him from the negative attitudes and choices of  the doctors.
In Jesus Mighty Name.

Wednesday, May 9th 2012
***Freddie's RNs are concerned with Freddie not getting the treatments he was and  needs, are telling me I need to push for Freddie's care

Thursday, May 10th 2012
Fred to Paige 10:22:10 AM Say a prayer for Freddie.  Having hard time last night and this morning.

***Johnston County Social Worker Kim Dunn Won't Talk to Attorney Marcia Stewart

Marcia 12:44:08 PM Need you to come by office to sign consent form  allowing me to talk to kim dunn.

Fred 12:46:01 PM  Its signed, go ahead...with freddie...hes not  doing good right now and waiting to talk to dr.

Fred 1:00:48 PM  Oh, is she requiring?  pull up my sig on the  guardian papers that i sent you yesterday and use it for her form.

Fred to Eddie 1:39:51 PM  lots of thick mucus. Better now.  I'm  babysitting, waiting to talk to dr., pray for this conversation to  go the way of the Lord.

Eddie 1:41:44 PM Amen and praise god

Fred to Eddie 2:03:06 PM Call me if you have time

Talked to Dr. DeJoya: 

Freddie had not been doing  good at all the last few days with a buildup of thick mucus and  frequent d-sat episodes.  So I was waiting for the dr to make rounds so to ask him about the changes in Freddie and to see about  scheduling Dr. Hart to do a bronch-wash to help Freddie.

It got to be after lunch and no dr had be round so I ask the RN, if she knew when they might be coming.  After a while she decided to call Dr. Kirk and he informed her that Dr. DeJoya had Freddie and for her to call him.  She did and DeJoya said to her  that Dr. Kirk had just talked to the Dad Monday... and then said he  was teaching a class and wouldn’t be around to a least 4pm.

She informed me of what he said.  I asked her if she didn’t mind,  that I was going to go get some lunch but I wouldn’t be far, if she would  call me to let me know if he showed up before I got back.  I told  her they have done that to me before, she said she would be sure to  do that for me.

Sure enough, she called me about 1:30pm to inform me that he had arrived, so I returned to Freddie’s room and waited.  A few  minutes later Dr. Dejoya stuck his head in the door and asked: “you  have question for me?”  I walked to him and said yes, but can we go  to the conference room so we can sit down and talk about Freddie's  situation?  He said; “no, you can ask me right here.”   So I asked  him since Freddie was having such a hard time with mucus in lungs  if we could get Dr. Hart back to do a bronch wash to help Freddie  with his weaning.  “NO”, he said.  I said but Dr. Hart said he  would come and do them anytime he needed them.   He interrupted and  said “the bronch washes don’t do any good and he won’t be getting  anymore.”  I said that’s not true, they do help and he interrupted  again and said; “NO, he will not be getting anymore.”  I asked; so  you are telling me that you all are saying you are not going to  help Freddie’s lungs with needed treatments?  He said; “that’s  right.  Do have any other questions for me?  I said yea, what was  your name again?  My name is Dr, Dejoya.

***Another WakeMed Intensivist Says No to Freddie Getting Needed Medical Treatments!

Fred to Marcia 2:16:38 PM  Will that work?  Looks like it will be this  evening before i can get away from WakeMed. Call me if u need to.

Marcia 3:07:14 PM  Don't worry.  We can do next week

Fred 3:08:33 PM  Ok, thanks

*Fred Decides it is Time to Call On The Director of Trauma, Dr. Udekwu who SAVED Freddie Before in PICU.

Ran into Kate SW w/ WakeMed:  .  Said she had been ordered by APS to file court action.  I told her that my attorney was working on it but the Social Workers weren't working with her.  But before she did anything to please let me know first.  She replied with a "ah, ok"
*WakeMed's Social Worker Kate Brookhouser Threatens Guardianship Again!  Thats Right, but NOT one thing has she done to HELP her patient, Freddie with getting what he NEEDS in WakeMed!
Fred decides it is time to call on Dr. Udekwu
Went to Dr.'s office and found out that Dr. Udekwu was out of the country untill May 22nd. 

So then I asked Freddie's RN to page Freddie's surgeon, Dr.  Sullivan, the one who did the lung surgery that the PICU nurses said Freddie held a special place in his heart......
Fred meets with Dr. Sullivan
*WakeMed Nurses are Very Concerned and Trying to Get Freddie Help
I sat down and told her everything that has happened with Freddie's care and what these same group of doctors are doing again to Freddie and how I was in fear of Freddie's Safety at this point again with his care at WakeMed.  And I told her what the experieces have been with the WakeMed Social Workers and how they are trying to take my Guardianship.  She took exstensive notes on all of what I told her.  She then asked if I would be ok if she notified Dr, Feinson of this and have him meet with me to try to help Freddie.  I said yes, that is all I want, is to help Freddie.  She said ok. she would type all of this up and send it to him and he should get in touch with me by next week.  I thanked her and when I asked for her card... I walked with her down to her "office" and she rumaged around and found one that she gave me.  She wished me and Freddie well and said she would do what she could.
DSS Helping WakeMed go for Freddie's Guardianship
Freddie's Condition Improves with Treatments
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
Vent Trials Freddie Breathing Off Vent Again
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
WakeMed Refuses to Treat Freddie Yet AGAIN!
WakeMed Refuses to Treat Freddie Yet AGAIN!
WakeMed Refuses to Treat Freddie Yet AGAIN!
WakeMed Refuses to Treat Freddie Yet AGAIN!
WakeMed Refuses to Treat Freddie Yet AGAIN!
WakeMed Refuses to Treat Freddie Yet AGAIN!
WakeMed & DSS Doubleing Down for Freddie's Guardianship
***DSS Social Workers Will Not Talk to Fred's Attorney Marcia Stewart.
WakeMed & DSS Digging In for Freddie's Guardianship!
WakeMed Refuses to Treat Freddie Yet AGAIN!
WakeMed & DSS Doubleing Down for Freddie's Guardianship
WakeMed & DSS Doubleing Down for Freddie's Guardianship
WakeMed & DSS Doubleing Down for Freddie's Guardianship
WakeMed & DSS Doubleing Down for Freddie's Guardianship
WakeMed & DSS Doubleing Down for Freddie's Guardianship
WakeMed & DSS Doubleing Down for Freddie's Guardianship
WakeMed & DSS Doubleing Down for Freddie's Guardianship
WakeMed & DSS Doubleing Down for Freddie's Guardianship
WakeMed & DSS Doubleing Down for Freddie's Guardianship
WakeMed & DSS Doubleing Down for Freddie's Guardianship
WakeMed & DSS Doubleing Down for Freddie's Guardianship
WakeMed & DSS Doubleing Down for Freddie's Guardianship
DSS Helping WakeMed go for Freddie's Guardianship
DSS Helping WakeMed go for Freddie's Guardianship
Vent Trials Freddie Breathing Off Vent Again
DSS Helping WakeMed go for Freddie's Guardianship
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
Vent Trials Freddie Breathing Off Vent Again
DSS Helping WakeMed go for Freddie's Guardianship
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
Vent Trials Freddie Breathing Off Vent Again
DSS Helping WakeMed go for Freddie's Guardianship
WakeMed Goes for Freddie's  Guardianship
DSS Helping WakeMed go for Freddie's Guardianship
***Fred Makes Formal Safety Complaint with LaRue Crowe, Never to hear anything back and woud be later Denied by WakeMed's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. West Lawson and Freddie's Doctor, Director of Intensivists, Dr. Ted Feinson.
A group of nurses and techs were all worried about Freddie with what was or should we say wasn’t going on with him.  I asked one of them what she would do if she was is this position.  She talked about a transfer to another hospital.  Then she said she would call the complaint number.   I asked would it do any good, because it is the hospital itself.   She said that it was  separate ... that it reports to the administration and gets things done.   I said ok, I guess I would try it.  As I was helping the RT work on Freddie one of the nurses came back in and said that they were on the way up to meet with me.
Friday, May 11th 2012
7:59:18 AM  New information as of late last night.  It seems God is hearing and moving in our prayers. Praise to our loving God!
Stop getting Freddie to chair:  RN is very concerned for Freddie’s safety, because Freddie has outgrown his wheelchair and many attempts to get PT to do something about had gone ignored.  So we decided for Freddie’s best interest that he not be put into it anymore.  His feet wouldn’t even fit on the pedals and were dangling on the floor.  That’s right; Dad and the nurse had to make a decision for WakeMed on what was best for Freddie to protect him.
5/11/2012 Eddie Prayer:
Once again Freddie is confronted with negative doctors. All of his doctors are saying that they will not do anything to help Freddie. No bronc washes even though we have seen how they help him. The doctors have decided that Freddie is not worth the effort, even though they taken and oath to save lives to the best of their abilities.
There is only one doctor left that stood up against all odds for Freddie about 9 months ago and he is out of town until May 22nd. His name is Dr Pascal Udekwu.
It is our prayer that God will heal Freddie completely now. It is also our prayer that God will place Freddie on Dr Udekwe's heart so that he will be prepared to take a stand for Freddie as he did 9 months ago, even though no other doctor will stand for Freddie.
It is also our prayer that Fred will be that man spoken of in Proverbs 3:5-6,  Trust in the Lord <with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths <straight.
Freddie has been having more and more d-sating each day as a result of the mucus. The negative attitude is even spreading to the respiratory therapists. They are essential in keeping Freddie's lung clean and clear. Needless to say, we need to see the hand of God on and in Freddie.
Father we come to You on behalf of Freddie. You know every detail about Freddie. We thank you that You hold Freddie in Your hand. We thank you that You have already provided healing for Freddie by the stripes of Jesus. We thank you that You are establishing Fred's steps and that You are directing Dr. Udekwe even now while he is on a journey. Thank you for Godly courage that You pour out on him to be willing to stand against all odds concerning the negative doctors.
We speak health and healing to every part of Freddie. Health to his lungs, his muscles and his immune system.
Thank you for preparing him even now to breathe on his own and to be able to speak normally again.
Thank you for strength for his muscles and his immune system. Thank you for restoring his brain cells and his spinal column.
Thank you for restoring the communication from his brain to every part of his body.
Thank you for Your Peace that You pour out upon Freddie, Fred and all family members.
We speak to the cloud of negative thinking that is over the Wake Med staff.
Father we give You all the praise and glory for Your hand in and upon every area of Freddie.
In the Mighty Name of Jesus.
Fred 4:36:46 PM  Hey, can i bring the form by your house?

Marcia 4:41:15 PM  Not there but up can put in door

Marcia 4:44:20 PM  I hope freddie is doing better today.

Fred 4:46:47 PM  Yea Marcia, and i need to update you on what is going on at hospital...probably asap. :(

Fred 5:05:59 PM  Its in the door.
Fred to Eddie 6:12:51 PM  No word from docs today...
Sunday, May 13th 2012
Pressure Support
Eddie 4:40:36 PM  How is freddie today

Fred 5:21:27 PM  Amazingly, he did pressure support from 9-5 yesterday and is still going today since 9 with no d-sating...praise our wonderful Lord!

Eddie 5:22:34 PM  Amen

Fred 11:30:48 PM  Praise the Lord again!  Nurse just told me that a chest x-ray taken shows improvements! Our wonderful Lord is hearing our prayers and working his grace in Freddie.  Thank you, Jesus!

Eddie 11:33:21 PM  Amen  thank you lord
Monday, May 14th 2012
5/14/2012 Eddie Prayer:
Fred sent me a text last night and said that the ex ray of Freddie's lung showed improvement.
Thank you Father for restoration of the lung. When all else fails, You never fail. Your Word will not return void unto You. Thank you that by the stripes of Jesus Freddie will breathe on his own, will mount up as eagles, will run and not grow weary, will walk and not faint.
Thank you for total and complete restoration.
I Jesus Mighty Name.
Eddie 10:33:55 AM  How is freddie

Fred 10:34:58 AM  Had a good night and doing good this morning.
5/14/2012 Kim Dunn leaves message @2:16pm:  She denies Freddie's NC Medicaid App

Fred 2:21:30 PM  Just received phone message from kim dunn that she denied freddies medicaid because she hadn’t received requested info.

Marcia 5:31:02 PM  Now should we just reapply?

Fred 5:32:11 PM  I dont know... I didnt talk to her and she didnt say in message.
Tuesday, May 15th 2012
Kate calls

Fred to Marcia 12:01:01 PM  Kate, w/ wakemed just called and  just left message about guardianship  The one who is threatening guardianship has been on my butt for the last week.  I told her that you were handling it. she said she had been ordered by APS to file papers.  I ask that she let me know before she did anything.

WakeMed’s Caseworker, Kate files for guardianship modification at Wake Co.

Marcia ask Fred to ask for meeting w/ Kate for the next wed or thur

Fred calls Kate 4:35 left message w/ Kate asking for meeting
Wednesday, May 16th 2012
Fred’s email to Kate @ 10:30am requesting meeting

Good morning Kate, I’m sorry I missed your calls yesterday and haven’t heard back from the message I left you yesterday afternoon.  I need to schedule an appointment with you next Wednesday or Thursday.  Please let me know what day and time will work for you.
Thank you,
Fred Lempe

Kate’s email reply @ 12:12pm RE meeting

I left you a message at noon; was tied up in meetings all morning and at court yesterday afternoon.  I am here for the rest of the day.

Fred’s email reply @ 12:18pm RE meeting

I need to schedule an appointment with you next Wednesday or Thursday.  Please let me know what day and time will work for you.
Thank you,
Fred Lempe

Kate’s email reply @ 2:18pm RE meeting

I went to court yesterday and a hearing for modification of guardianship is scheduled for May 22, at 11:30AM.  I left the papers in Freddy's room.  I can meet with you before the hearing or afterwards; you name it. 

Eddie Prayer Warrior Update Prayer:

Fred called today and said that he was notified that social services or whatever the department name is has filed for a petition to have Freddie turned over to be a ward of the state. In other words they are attempting to take control of Freddie’s welfare so that they can choose Freddie’s care and where he will get the care. To be quite honest and clear about it, they want to stop treating him altogether so that he will die.

God says that he will live. God says that he was healed by the stripes of Jesus. God has given Freddie many miracles over the past year and two months. God has given Freddie a loving father that has stood up for Freddie many times when the health care system at Wake Med has chosen to give up. Now the state wants to take Fred’s right to fight away from him.

Father I come before You on behalf of Freddie, Fred and his attorney and ask for Godly wisdom to combat this attempt to rob Fred of his right as a father and the defender of Freddie’s health and well being. Father I thank you for the heart of Fred to care for and defend Freddie’s right to live and be whole. I thank you for the many miracles that You have provided for Freddie. I thank you now for being their defender of justice. I thank you for opening the eyes of the judge to the truth and that Fred is the one who is working diligently to restore Freddie even when the doctors have given up and chosen not to try. Father I ask You to reveal the truth that has been covered up as to who is behind these actions by the state. Father You have a purpose and a plan for Fred and Freddie and I thank you for fulfilling it. You are Almighty God, Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. You said that You hold the heads of the kings and those that are in control. I thank you for turning their heads to justice that Fred and Freddie can continue to walk the road to victory for Your Name sake and for Your Glory.
In Jesus Mighty Name.

Blair, Freddie’s cousin is in California at school. She was just told that she has a brain tumor. God says that she was healed by the stripes of Jesus. She desires to come home for a second opinion and for treatment.

Father I thank you for knowing everything about Blair, even the numbers of hair on her head. I thank you that You had Blair in mind when Jesus bore the stripes on His back. Thank you Father that You said that Your Word would not return void unto You but it would fulfill what You sent it to fulfill. Thank you for Healing that flows from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. I speak to the tumor and say bow your knee to the Mighty Name of Jesus and leave her now. I thank you Father for Your Peace that You pour out upon Blair and her family. I thank you for Godly Wisdom that You provide for the doctors. I thank you in advance for the Glorious testimony that is coming forth as a result of Your Hand upon Blair. Thank you for safety as Blair travels home. Thank you for giving Your angels charge over her to keep her safe as she travels.

In the Mighty Name of Jesus.
Thursday, May 17th 2012
Email to Marcia about Guardianship Papers 11:43 AM

Hey, I found these papers on the counter beside Freddie in his room last night, laying there open face, for everyone to see.
I'm wondering; if all this stuff is so confidential that they can't even talk to you about it, then why is it that WakeMed workers know all the details about the medicaid app, and the APS investigation?  I feel that there is a lot of professional misconduct going on here.  Also, the complaint deceptively says that I did not provide info, but we, you were in touch and they refused to talk to you and moved forward to get to the point of filing papers.
I just can't help to wonder if all of this legal for them to do.

Also, I still have not heard back from the hospital advocate or dr. about Freddie's safety complaint.
Eddie 5:52:25 PM  How are things today
Fred  to Marcia 5/17/2012 11:53:58 AM  Ok
Email to Marcia 10:54 PM

Hey Marcia, I ran across this while going through my emails.  A friend had sent this to me after I told her that the medicaid stuff was going nuts back in Feb.  I never really looked at it till now, with everything that has been going on

Plus the fact that we hadn’t had all this kind of problems any of the times before and figuring that it was just all a misunderstanding with the fed and the state anyway.

You know, I just wonder how someone like me is expected to be able to follow the rules if nobody has informed them what they need to do or not to do in a situation like this.  Especially when you are spending all your time trying to advocate for your love one that is 100% dependent on a system that does not have his best interest at hand.
Friday, May 18th 2012
Fred to Marcia 

Fred  5/18/2012 1:10:14 PM  Hey, ive got some people who want know if you want them to mobilize the support group and show up at the hearing tues morning.

Fred  5/18/2012 1:15:54 PM  Or do you want to post pone it

Email from Marcia 03:46 PM


I just realized that the hearing on this motion is next Tuesday!  I am unavailable that morning b/c I have court here in Johnston County.  Do you think you will be able to obtain a continuance?  I can call the Guardian ad Litem Robby Brown, but I don’t think he can consent to the continuance since he is not the moving party.  I think you will have to show up at the hearing and ask for the continuance on Tuesday. 
I see that the Motion was filed at 4:00 p.m. on 5/15/12 and they put it on for hearing less than 7 days later!  Who is Kate Brookhouser anyway?   In addition, they are required to serve you via mail, rather than leaving a copy in Freddie’s room…Did you receive a copy via mail?  If so, what day? 

I would like to have the opportunity to file a written response to the Motion, but do not have time. 


Fred 4:01:45 PM  Hey marcia, just got you email.  I really have a lot to tell you and ask you. I know you are extremely busy and you have a lot you have to ask me.  Is there any way that i could come by for a short time and get caught up?

Fred  4:40:48 PM  Attorney Robby Brown, that was appointed for freddie when we filed for guardianship has called me and ask that i call him to get my side.  Im not sure i should talk to him if you are handling... let me know if and what you want me to do. Thanks marcia!

Marcia  5:38:02 PM  Hey, just got out of court.  Go ahead and call brown.  Can you meet me @ office tomorrow afternoon?

Fred  5:42:29 PM  Marcia, i can meet you anywhere, anytime.  I already called brown and left message asking for continuance, but have not heard back and probable be mon before i do.  if need to, call me to get a few quick things answered.

Marcia 6:12:34 PM  Will call u at 10 tomorrow morn.

Fred  6:13:27 PM  Ok, and again, i can’t say thank you enough....

Fred  6:17:40 PM  Food for thought till i talk to you; we want to start a "legal fund" fund raising effort for you.  But we want to do it the way that WakeMed and NC keep their greedy hands off of it and it doesn’t hurt freddie.

Marcia 6:24:06 PM  No way.

Fred  6:45:26 PM  Talk to you tomorrow.
***WakeMed Files Court Papers to Remove Fred's Guardianship of Freddie!
***WakeMed's Kate Brookhouser Serves Freddie! Leaves Guardianship Court Papers Beside Freddie.
***Johnston County's DSS Social Worker, Kim Dunn Denies Freddie's Medicaid Without Talking to Marcia!
***Very Concerned RN Ask Fred if it OK to Not Get Freddie Out of Bed Because PT Has Refused to Address Freddie's Wheelchair Issues After Several Request.
5/18/2012 Eddie Prayer:
Fred and his attorney need Godly wisdom as they prepare for Tuesday. They are going to ask for a continuation 
Fred is also asking for God to protect Freddie during this hectic week.

Father You said that if anyone lacks wisdom that he should ask and that You would provide it. I thank you for Your Peace that You pour out upon Fred and his attorney and they prepare themselves. Thank you for helping them prepare their records and thoughts. Thank you for preparing the hearts of the judge even now to have a heart of compassion.

Thank you for exposing the evil that has been taking place as well as the cover up.

Thank you for guarding and protecting Freddie, for healing that You are pouring out upon him. In Jesus Mighty Name
Fred to Eddie  5/18/2012 9:48:32 PM
Just ran into another supporter who has a unique something to offer to effort if needed.  Keep praying eddie, i feel God moving.

Eddie 5/18/2012 9:57:21 PM  Praise god
Saturday, May 19th 2012
Marcia 11:17:37 AM  Fred I am so sorry.  Change of plans.  I have to run out to where m my son is with scouts

Marcia 11:18:22 AM  Can we move out appt till tomorrow?

Me  5/19/2012 11:19:30 AM  Yes. What time?

Marcia 11:20:29 AM  11?

Me 11:20:49 AM  Ok.

Marcia 11:21:36 AM  Thanks

Me 11:22:07 AM  Thank you.
5/19/2012 Eddie Prayer:
Father, thank you for giving Fred favor, divine favor with the Attorney, Judge, Doctors, and everyone that will make a decision on this your Child. We know that you are able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think; therefore, we know you have given Fred the wisdom he needs. Thank you for putting the right people in the right place to allow Your Will to do done in Jesus Name.
We thank you for Freddie responding in every way to Your Word, Your Healing manifest in Jesus Name and we Praise you in advance for the GOOD REPORTS!
Fred  5/19/2012 3:12:40 PM  Just got done talking to my ems connection and already gave some important info and is going to gather more to give me maybe wed.

Eddie 3:13:58 PM  Awesome
Sunday, May 20th 2012
Me  5/20/2012 8:41:51 AM 
Good morning eddie, i ask that you pray that God will work in marcia and me today and give us clarity, wisdom and direction of this situation for freddies best interest today so that we will be guided in the right direction on all fronts with confidence, for his will to be done, here on earth, as it is done in heaven.

Eddie 9:19:19 AM 
Fred to Eddie 10:29:03 AM
RN is going to try to talk to the good dr that was the first to come help in picu, to help freddie.  More d-sating because of thickening mucus. This doc will be on till 11pm and good chance i may be able to meet him this evening.
***Another Concerned RN Trying to Get Freddie HELP in WakeMed Again!
Fred  10:35:09 AM  Still on?  11:30 better for me, how about u?

Marcia 11:10:36 AM  Im here whenever you get here is fine

Fred  11:11:17 AM  On my way

Marcia 11:13:10 AM  No rush
***Fred and Marcia Meet to Try to Get a Handle on the Situation.
Fred  2:26:53 PM Just got done with meeting. Call me when u can

Eddie 2:34:44 PM Will do
Monday, May 21st 2012

Fred  5/21/2012 11:31:46 AM  Hey, just got your message...and no, i was getting ready to call now.
Fred  5/21/2012 11:32:34 AM  Do you still want me to?

Marcia 11:40:44 AM  Yes.  Need to know about the order

Fred  5/21/2012 11:40:59 AM  Calling now

Fred  5/21/2012 11:44:33 AM  No answer, left message again on answer machine.  His no. Is:

Marcia 12:09:44 PM  I called and left him a msg as well

Fred  5/21/2012 1:46:22 PM  Reminder, eddie is on stand by to come to smithfield today if needed.

Marcia 1:54:51 PM  Ok
Fred  5/21/2012 1:59:15 PM  And freddie is doing good this morning.

Eddie 2:01:22 PM  Praise god
Email from Marcia
Just had a great conversation with him.  He is very much in your corner.  He is going to the courthouse now to request continuance.  Told me to hold off on preparing any motion to dismiss or to continue at this point.  Will let you know if I hear anything additional.
Marcia 4:10:08 PM  Did you get my email

Fred  4:10:20 PM  K. When do u want me to come back for papers?

Marcia 4:55:57 PM  No need at present.   Read my email

Fred   4:57:50 PM  I did; do you think you will hear from him today?

Fred   5:37:24 PM  Rob brown is calling you.

Marcia  6:02:31 PM  Case continued

Fred   6:04:10 PM  You are awesome Marcia.  He wouldn’t commit for me and had me scared to death.

Fred   6:07:11 PM  Should eddie and i still plan to be there?

Marcia 6:08:44 PM  No

Fred   6:09:01 PM  Thank you.
***Marcia is able to Get Guardianship Hearing Continued!!!
Tuesday, May 22nd 2012
***Director of Trauma, Dr. Udekwu Back from Overseas!!!
5/22/2012 Marcia

Fred to Marcia  5/22/2012 12:37:32 PM  Just got off phone with dr udekwu, the dir of trauma dept. that saved freddie last yr.  He is just back from vacation. He is going to look into and schedule a time this week to sit down and meet with me.
5/22/2012 Email to Marcia 2:51 PM

Hey Marcia, As I texted you earlier, Dr, Udekwu's scheduler just called to set the meeting at next Tuesday morning, the 29th at 10:00am at WakeMed with of course Dr. Udekwu, Freddie's current doctors and I,  I will be asking Eddie to join and would like you to sit in as well if you can for the reason of where we are currently with hospital, Freddie's current care and I feel this will be a deciding moment for his future care.  Please let me know if this time is not good for you and I can request a change. Thanks

Fred2 3:49:07 PM  Rob brown is calling you now again
*Fred Tells Freddie that Dr. Udekwu is coming to help, it won’t be long now Buddy………….
Thursday, May 24th 2012
5/24/2012 Marcia
Fred  5/24/2012 8:31:33 AM  Just checking in to see what you are thinking.  I know you are busy.

5/24/2012 Email from Marcia

I have called and left message for Robbie Brown to call me.  I do not think it is advisable for me to attend next week’s meeting b/c I do not need to be a witness in the case which would conflict me out of continuing to represent you in future. Just make sure to keep good notes and we will discuss.

I am going to be speaking with Robbie about how to prepare for the next hearing - not sure when that has been scheduled.  You need to go ahead and re-apply for Medicaid for Freddie.  If you have a copy of the settlement statement from the PI suit with Hoyt, please forward that to me as well.  If you don’t, I’ll get one from Robbie Brown b/c I told Hoyt to give it to him.

5/24/2012 Marcia
Marcia 11:03:01 AM  Spoke with hoyt and left msg for robbie.  check your email as well.

Fred 11:03:19 AM  Ok

Fred 11:08:22 AM  No email as of yet.

5/24/2012 Email to Marcia 11:26 AM
I agree with the doctor meeting, eddie is going with me to be witness.  I sent the ins settlement attached in email on 5-21-12 named insurance settlement. 

5/24/2012 Email to Marcia 11:53 AM
Robby also said that Medicaid has already extended the current app. He said they are giving us till the first of the month to get them what they are asking for and get this issue resolved.  He was saying that, Wakemed is saying to him at this time, their desires are to just get Medicaid through.

5/24/2012 Email from Marcia 11:54 AM
So you don’t have to reapply?  That is great.  I will get the stuff together and hand delivered to Kim at DSS tomorrow.

5/24/2012 Email to Marcia 11:56
Thats what he was saying...hopefully you can talk with him.

5/24/2012 Eddie
Fred  5/24/2012 1:05:41 PM  New info, call when u can

5/24/2012 Marcia
Fred  5/24/2012 3:17:12 PM  Robby to call you and fill you in. 

Fred  5/24/2012 5:39:56 PM  Just got your email, can i call you by phone when i get out of hospital in about 30 min?
Friday, May 25th 2012
5/25/2012 Marcia
Fred   5/25/2012 8:38:06 AM  Call me when you can.
Fred   5/25/2012 4:04:48 PM  Hey, it wasn’t eddie that set up the accnt, it was john

Marcia  4:29:39 PM  Whoops  .  Sorry.  Not s big deal

Fred    4:32:08 PM  I know, good letter tho thanks.


26 May 2012

Kim Dunn
Johnston County DSS
Post Office Box 911
Smithfield, NC 27577

RE: Lempe Medicaid Application

Dear Ms. Dunn,

I called your office today and was advised that you will not return until Wednesday, May 30th. I am enclosing the following documents requested in order to process the above referenced application:

· Bank statements from Four Oaks Bank for the months of December 31, 2011 and January 31, 2012 for Fred Lempe, II as well as the non-profit account set up by Edison Sturges. EIN No. XX-XXXXXXX. (Please note my comments regarding this account later in this correspondence.)

· Copy of Application for Adult Medicaid originally filled out on 3 February

· 2012 Authorization to Disclose Information signed by Fred Lempe

· Letter from Martin & Jones and canceled check showing payment to Medicaid in the amount of $10,000.00 on 7 November 2011

· Accounting of how the $10,000.00 received in the Personal Injury suit was spent

· Copy of Guardianship pleadings

Page Two
25 May 25, 2012
Letter to Kim Dunn

I have returned herewith the following documents which I have advised my client NOT to sign and give reason for failure to do so next to each document:

1. N.C. Division of Social Services Consent for Release of Information. This document was left completely blank as to whom the authorization was being given, what information as well as the nature and extent of the information to be released. Furthermore, the document you asked Mr. Lempe states: I understand the contents to be released, the need for the information, and that there are statutes and regulations protecting the confidentiality of authorized information. I hereby acknowledge that this consent is truly voluntary.

2. Customer Consent and Authorization for Access to Financial Records. Again, this document was left blank as to whom the authorization was being given. It fails to note what “applicable records as described herein” are. It also mentions information requested on the reverse side of the consent which is not present.

3. There is also a CCNC/CA Enrollment Form which states: By signing, I certify that I have received an explanation of CCNC/CA and have been given the opportunity to choose a participating medical home.) This has not occurred, however upon receiving the explanation; I see no problem with Mr. Lempe executing this document.

I trust that the application will not be denied due to Mr. Lempe’s failure to sign these documents and request that you contact me immediately should this be the case. I also understand that despite receiving a notice that the application had been denied on 14 May 2012, you have graciously agreed to extend this deadline until the end of the month. I trust we have complied with your requirement to provide information. I would very much appreciate a copy of Section 2304 of the MAABD manual mentioned in your letter of denial in the event the application is denied again, however. This is very important due to the fact that Wake Medical Center has filed a Motion to remove Mr. Lempe as his son’s guardian as a result of this denial.

Page Three
25 May 25, 2012
Letter to Kim Dunn

Despite the title which was given to the Four Oaks bank account, it was not established to fund Freddie’s medical expenses, but was meant to enable Mr. Lempe to be at Freddie bedside. This account was set up by Edison Sturges, a friend of the family, to assist Mr. Lempe financially while he was caring for and visiting Freddie at Wake Med every day. Mr. Sturges, as well as the personnel at Four Oaks Bank can provide further explanation and verification of this. In addition, any member of the Wake Med staff that has had any contact with Freddie’s care I am certain will attest to the amount of time Mr. Lempe has spent at his son’s side over the past fourteen months. If you have further questions regarding this account, let me know and hopefully we can get you the answers you require.

Mr. Lempe is committed to cooperating in every way in order to obtain Medicaid for his son. Please advise if I can be of any further assistance in this endeavor.

Yours Truly,
Marcia Kaye Stewart

Cc: client
Robert Brown, GAL

That's right folks; this was WakeMed and a couple of very willing Social Service Departments trying to find anything they could to use.  The fact that friends and supporters in the community were trying to do what they could to help us in this very difficult situation.  Although I will never be able to thank all of you that helped us... The fact is, in the big scheme of things it was pennies on the dollar of what it takes to live while going back and forth to the hospital everyday trying to get WakeMed to do their job for Freddie.  Every time I tried to tell WakeMed and DSS Social Workers or ask them questions about what they were doing, they would not answer my questions and repeatedly got hostile with me in just giving them info the they continued to asked for, that never had been asked for before.  I knew there was something wrong and even before I could get to Marcia to ask her about these things... WakeMed and DSS had me under investigation with APS for financial exploitation of Freddie.

Not only that, never did Fred receive any notification from either the fed (SSA) or the state that there was any problems or anything that needed to be done, ever.  Only from WakeMed when they started all of this in December of 2011.  When I called the SSA, they checked and said that his SSI was taking care of all his medical.  Also, the NC Medicaid that he had was still in effect until April 2012 as stated by their renewal notices in February 2012.  When I tried to ask about these inconsistencies, they would get mad and not answer and just say you need to give us all this info that we want; that had never been asked for before.

When I reapplied in June following this denial in May 2012, the new, unaware JC DSS worker said she didn't need any of this!  That he should be SSI and when she looked it up.... Freddie's SSI status had been changed on or about March 1st 2012.

It's funny to me, that the only ones who took this approach were the original group that had been in communication with WakeMed's people.  And you will see that spread to new workers that were to unfortunately get involve in his case after making contact with WakeMed.

Another amusing fact about all of this is that they had the audacity to accuse me of financial exploitation of Freddie, when WakeMed had been paid nearly 2 million but refuse to treat him with needed medical treatments to help him in his recovery.

Tuesday, May 29th 2012

5/29/2012 Dr Udekwu Meeting

Meeting with Dr. Udekwu, May 29th, 2012. Today’s meeting consisted  of:
Dr, Udekwu, Fred Lempe, Eddie Sturges, NP Ally, SW Kate, CM Stacie,  Nurse assistant Rhonda, Pauline Stillman, 5A Floor Manager

Arrived to meeting with Doctor Udekwu a little early and we went and  visited Freddie before.  At the time of meeting, Eddie and I started  to the conference room and as we came around the front desk… guess who had Dr. Udekwu bent all backed up on the counter…  That’s right,  that woman who didn’t want to be in the middle of Freddie’s care anymore.  Yep, she was all up in Dr. Udekwu’s face giving him an ear full before the meeting.  Then she saw us walking around and she backed off some.  I guess she thought we would be coming from the elevators.   I then realized that Pauline was going to attend the meeting along with both WakeMed’s 5A social workers and Ally also showed up.  Wow, I  didn’t know that having a meeting with Dr. Udekwu was going to get  such attention from the people who really weren’t interested at all in helping Freddie… Sometime later I learned that Dr. Udekwu’s assistant, Rhonda is actually quite good friends with Pauline the 5A manager.   I think  that would explain the circus that had been arranged around such a simple meeting that was just supposed to be with one doctor that I wanted to talk to.

Dr. Udekwu started off by talking about how he had been invited in to Freddie’s case last year and that he was looking into it now  again and stated that he hadn’t really got up to speed on everything.  He proceeded to ask about where we are with Freddie by  asking specific questions and going around the table for answers from the current people involved.

Asked about the current medical condition and Ally stated the  current condition and treatments and procedures at hand.  She  brought up about the apnea issue where, I intervened and made it  clear that the apnea issues had started to be evident only after  medicines changes had been made with dealing with spasms, seizures  and Ritalin. And I stated that Freddie had indeed been able to go  14, 16 and 19 hrs off the vent and the fact was that he was able to  go through the night while sleeping off the vent with no problems.   She agreed.  Then she talked about the chair.  She and possible  others said that they had stopped getting Freddie out of bed due to  Ally stated Freddie had been growing and she mentioned that he would  spasm. So they said for Freddie’s safety, that they had temporary  stopped putting him in chair but were instead setting him up the bed  and that they were actually in process to getting him a chair made to fit him.  CM, Stacie spoke up and said that they didn’t know how  they were going to pay for it.  SW, Kate, then spoke up and said  that that was the problem that there was no Medicaid, that I wasn’t  able to obtain it and that the Medicaid had been denied.  I asked  that I be able address the Medicaid issue.  I said that we had  applied and been approved Medicaid 3 other previous times with no  issues and that Freddie is 18 now and that there is no reason at all  that he doesn’t qualify for it and we are working with Medicaid to  get that worked out and that should have not been an issue and I was  sure that it will be taken care of.  That was the last said about  that during the rest of this meeting.

Then Dr. Udekwu asked me directly about my concerns, which I had  reached out to him and for me to explain to him what my concerns  were.  I stood up and still upset from the Medicaid issue and said I  have to apologize that I am very emotional about this situation and  proceeded to pick up the notes of concerns that I had before the meeting and said these words; Let me just have you read these notes if you would just take a couple of minutes to read these you will understand where I’m coming from.  And I would like to say that we  are here on what God’s will is for Freddie and what’s His will for all of us involved here with his care.  I then handed my notes  (below) to Dr. Udekwu as he then began read them and I took back my  seat.  Everyone in the meeting waited patiently for Dr. Udekwu to  read through the notes I had handed him.

When he was done he gestured, ok then.  I understand you have lost confidence in the care for your son. (That would be an understatement)   And proceeded to give his explanation on how in these types of situations that he had seen and said that this sometimes happens where the families due to a failure in communications sometimes perceives that the doctors don’t have the patients’ best interest at hand and that sometimes there is feeling of the doctors lack of caring for the patients best interest.

He then started talking about how he had remembered from when he came into Freddie’s care last year that he had said then that it may be that he would recommend that we go ahead remove Freddie’s left lung all together as to be the only way to get Freddie off the vent.  I said I remembered him talking about that might be the place that we may wind up but, that at the time we had talked about looking for all possibilities at saving the lung and if we had exhausted all possibilities then that might be the only option left.   I reminded him that it was he that explained to me that there was a possibility that the hole may very well indeed heal itself.  That he in fact explained to me that when the body has an opening such as the hole we were dealing with in the stump that there was a possibility that the body may indeed grow tissue over it and attempt to close the hole off itself.   And since there were no good options to go back in, then that was the measures that we took, to keep Freddie on comfortable vent settings and wait and give the lung a chance to heal and low and behold that’s exactly what Dr. Hart said happen on Dec. 23rd 2011.  I then explained how well Freddie was doing, how Dr, Hart said we needed to do the bronch washes as needed and he would be more than happy to come and do the bronch washes any time.  How Freddie had done so well and was almost off the vent and now they will not treat him.

He said that is true but that there is probably, since it has been so long that there is a high probability that the lung has been scarred and with infection sitting in so long that the lung may, he fears, may not be able to be saved.  I resorted back to what I have stood on all year long is that the fact is we don’t know until we try.  And that was my issue that these same doctors say they are not going to do anything to help Freddie’s lung or to help him off the vent.  I also reminded him that he had recommended that they stop making decisions whether to treat or not treat one injury with regards of another.  That he said we need treat all his injuries individually and that the doctors ignored his recommendations and refused to treat Freddie.  That was why Dr. Piehl was forced to go outside WakeMed and find Dr. Hart to come in and treat Freddie.  Not to mention PT pulled out and we had done nothing to treat the TBI.  And that Dr. Leinenweber moved to bring in WakeMed’s Ethics Committee instead of treating as he had recommended to them. 

I told him how I had asked Dr. Kirk about putting Chest tubes in because Dr. Sullivan said that Freddie’s lung would expand out after the surgery to fill up the space of the lower lobe.  That since there was a hole in his lung after the surgery and the lung collapsed; that all had to put on hold until the lung healed before we could try to get it functioning properly.  That now since the hole has indeed healed and Freddie was doing so good breathing off the vent, I had asked Ally why the lung wasn’t expanding.  She said she didn’t know.  It was a couple of days later we I was going through my records that I realized that the chest tubes never had a chance to work because of the hole.  I said that I was also aware that the body will fill a void with fluid over time… i.e.: the reason for chest tubes.  That Freddie had indeed been waiting a very long time for the hole to heal, so his chest most definitely would have filled with fluid by now.   I told that with Ally gone on her wedding that I had to talk to Dr. Kirk.  I explained how Dr. Kirk’s negative attitude towards Freddie’s possibilities of recovery was the reason he said that they wouldn’t consider doing chest tubes for Freddie.  That he said Freddie had all the lung capacity he will ever need and followed that up with they (Intensivist) will not do anything at all to help Freddie with his lung.

Dr Udekwu said that there may be some issues now with chest tubes because it has been so long that the lung has been down from the complications of the surgery.  However, that there is test that can be done to see what condition that the lung is in to see.

He said it might be a good idea if we brought in an outside opinion from a specialized pulmonologist that has more experience with this to give us more incite and possible procedures that can be done to help the lung recover.  He asked me if that would be satisfactory to me if we brought someone in to see what they say we should do.  I took immediate issue with that because I have seen for as many doctors there are, there is as many opinions.  I have stuck to what the evidence had been, the opinions had been and what I had asked for all along.  Because I wanted to make sure that it was understood that just because we would get his opinion didn’t mean that that was the final word.  This caused an uneasiness in the meeting as it was obvious that some of the attendees of this meeting didn’t seem to agree that I should be hesitant to accept an opinion that hadn’t even been given yet by a unknown doctor that I haven’t even talked to.  This went back and forth for a few minutes and finally Dr. Udekwu seemed to understand what I was saying and said; OK, we will bring in a doctor to give his opinion, but you won’t have to accept it, just see what it is.  I said exactly, that will be fine.  He said Ok, he will see about getting someone and he would also be taking a couple of weeks to think it over and by that time all of this should be done and we would schedule to meet again in a couple of weeks.  I thanked him for taking the time to look into this and helping Freddie.
Meeting with Dr. Udekwu May, 29th 2012.

Urgent Issues at hand:

WakeMed’s social workers have not acted in Freddie’s or our best  interest from beginning.

Doctors’ negative attitude towards Freddie’s overall condition and diagnosis is repeatedly leading to refusal to treat.  These are the same doctors that refused to treat last yr in PICU.

Doctors are disregarding the lung all together which will lead to inevitably loosing the lung and I feel accelerated death of my son  Freddie robbing him of any chance at recovery.

We have been promised that WakeMed will not give up on Freddie nor  refuse treatment no matter how much time or what it takes. Whether  there be insurance or means to pay, or not.  This has not been the  case.  Several times there has been a reluctance and/or refusal to  treat Freddie with readily available resources and procedures.

Complete disregard to the recommendations made last yr by Dr. Udekwu  to treat each injury separately and not confuse the different  injuries and their associated issues with one another and treat  Freddie with the idea of moving forward to help Freddie on all  fronts, recover and not withhold as to reduce his chances of  recovery or give up altogether on any issue and let him die, Freddie  has in fact has had treatments withdrawn, ignored and refused even  though I and other healthcare professionals efforts to request  treatment.  One such case when a doctor refused standard treatment,  he said in his reasoning, “you know he has brain damage”.

Doctors refuse to ask Dr. Hart to come in and perform bronch-washes  even though he has stated that they needed to be done on an as  needed basis and the fact that he said he was more than willing to  do so when asked by intensivist.  NP has repeatedly gone to doctors  on my behave to ask for bronch-washes to be performed by Dr. Hart  with the same response; there is no need, they don’t do any good,  it’s not worth the risk and the lung just isn’t ever going to get  any better.

Doctors refuse to consider the ideal that Freddie’s chest cavity  needs to be drained by placing chest tubes in.  Saying that the risk  is too great and that the lung is too far gone.  Going on to say  that they indeed will not do anything to try to help Freddie’s lung  improve from current condition, knowing that the lung left in  current state is most certainly likely to be doomed to be lost.

Two doctors have stated to me that they have no intentions to do  anything to help Freddie’s left lung.  They refuse to do common,  standard procedures that have proven to help Freddie in past with  his lung condition.  When I reached out to the surgeon he said he  wouldn’t feel comfortable coming into Freddie’s care with the  intensivist.  And he said he was fearful that we had gone too long.

Neuro Doctor stated that WakeMed wants Freddie out.  He stated that  Freddie can’t leave hospital as long as he is on the vent.  He  recommended a procedure for doctors and me to pursue to resolve the  issue of getting Freddie off the vent and allow us to move forward  with Freddie’s recovery.  He said this would be the resolution to  move forward for all involved, WakeMed, Freddie and us.  Doctors and  social workers have demonstrated no serious interest in this as a  possibility for Freddie.  Instead, WakeMed’s social worker is  feverishly trying to modify guardianship over Freddie.  (take  control of decision making away from family). 

Suggested Solutions Plead:

Complete turnaround on WakeMed’s attitude of Freddie’s overall  medical care in general.

Dr. Udekwu to take over all of Freddie’s medical care at once.

Dr. Hart to be reinstated as Freddie’s pulmonologist doctor.

Move back to PICU/Pediatric Floor or the most favorable location for  Freddie’s care under doctors that will treat Freddie with the upmost  concern for his recovery and wellbeing.

Continue to provide Freddie with bronch-washes as needed, when needed.

Seriously consider and provide all measures to save Freddie’s left  lung and help recover.

Seriously exhaust all honest attempts to make available the  “diaphragm pacemaker” to Freddie if at all possible if still needed  at time of figuring a way to obtain.

WakeMed to back off in their maneuvers and efforts and end all  attempts to gain control over Freddie’s life, guardianship and all  other means, immediately.

Immediately stop all consideration and strategizing efforts of  getting Freddie out of WakeMed prematurely, whether alive or dead.   That WHEN Freddie has recovered to the realistic point of being able  to SAFELY leave, at that time we look at his needs and what is  available and THEN decide what’s best for his discharge plans.
5/29/2012 Marcia

Fred  5/29/2012 8:24:44 AM  Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.
Big meeting w/ doc this morning at 10am.  We are praying this is the turnaround for Freddie.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Marcia 5/29/2012 9:14:21 PM  How did it go today?

Fred  5/29/2012 9:25:16 PM  A little rough on the edges, but not all is lost.  Dr Udekwu is going to take a couple of weeks to think over and find an unbiased outside dr to look at situation.  Kate tried to attack using the medicaid issue as the problem they cant treat freddie, but i addressed that.  I would love to describe to you the whole meeting when you have time.  Especially the attitudes and attempted approaches.
5/30/2012 Eddie

Fred 10:51:34 AM  Hand finger vid up at youtube

Eddie 10:53:38 AM  Awesome

fb post: Hands in Motion Video: 5/29/2012 3:22PM
Wednesday, May 30th 2012
Thursday, May 31st 2012
Fred to Marcia  9:37:13 AM 
Vids on fb.  Wondering if you have heard from kim dunn yet.

From: Parallegal to Marcia 11:00 AM
Kim Dunn called about the documents you dropped off.  She said his application is denied on 5/14/12 so he would need to submit a new  application.  I told her you would want to talk to her directly about this.  

From: Marcia to Fred 12:32 PM
Looks like you will need to fill out a new application.  Please give Ms.  Dunn a call to arrange to get this done.  You already have it on the  computer, so all you will need to do is print off, sign and submit I assume.   Apparently Robby Brown had misinformation regarding their extension?

From: Fred to Marcia 1:38 PM
If ok, im going to call Robby Brown to clarify what he was saying and to notify him of Kim's position because he said this had to be done  immediately, like before this last tues.  I think he may find it interesting their lack of interest in getting this through as he has asked.  Let me know if you want me to call him or if you want to.
***DSS Extends time for WakeMed to get paid but refuses us time to get Freddie's Application Approved while Refusing to talk to, or accept paperwork and documents from Fred's attorney Marcia.
June 2012
Fred to Marcia  6/1/2012 8:59:05 AM  Hey, checking to see you got my email reply.
Friday, June 1st 2012
Sunday, June 3rd 2012
*WakeMed's Cheif Executive Officer, Bill Atkinson and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Wes Lawson ask Dr. Allen Hayes to report on Freddie's pulmonary treatments.
"I was contacted by the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Wes Lawson, to provide an expert, independent consultation to the father and family as well as to the medical staff regarding my thoughts about additional pulmonary care that this unfortunate young man might receive. Temporary privileges have been granted by the WakeMed Raleigh Campus and have been signed by Dr. William K. Atkinson."
Monday, June 4th 2012
From: Marcia 12:22 PM

Have you had any communication with Robby?  I was out of office on Friday and in court all morning.

From: fred 12:59 PM

I know you were busy. I used my best judgment and called his cell phone about 10am this morning and left message, I haven't heard back yet.
So, no, I haven't said or talked to him as of yet.

From: Marcia 03:05 PM

Have you arranged to re-file your Medicaid application?

Fred - No, I was waiting on Robby to advise, because he said that he had talked to them and had it where we were to work with them and that they were to work with us.  At the very least, I figured that he should know that this is twice that they are refusing to work with you.   Also, I don’t feel good at all with speaking with Kim Dunn or any of them myself.  And, it will take some time to get a new app filled out, which goes back to Robby, because he said he wanted us to get this finalized asap.  Not knowing if there is a hearing date set and what WakeMed, DSS and APS is trying to do.  They may try to go ahead without us knowing of hearing and say we haven’t complied in effort to get the ruling.  I really feel in my heart that Robby felt like it was us who weren’t cooperating in the beginning, but if he realizes that we are and that it is them in fact that are not, that he will dismiss.

6/4/2012 Marcia
Fred to Marcia  5:34:56 PM  Can i bring the app to you?

Marcia 5:35:38 PM  No, drop out at dss

Marcia 5:36:40 PM  Just give it to receptionist for kim dunn

Fred  5:38:55 PM  Can i choose that kathy that did it the first time? She was a lot nicer. Since we are starting all over and i think she is a supervisor anyway.

Marcia 6:14:23 PM  I have no clue

Fred  6:16:38 PM  Ok thanks, I’ll go over there in morn.  Be ready in case i  get locked up.... :)
Tuesday, June 5th 2012

12-06-05 New NC Medicaid App Visit-JC DSS-Jamie Sexton

Went to JoCo DSS to Apply Freddie for Medicaid again.  Met with Social  Worker Jamie Sexton.  Said That Freddie should automatically qualify since he was SSI which she saw on pc.  She said if he has SSi then he is already covered.  I said that is what I have been trying to tell them since December 2011.  She went to talk to her supervisor and came back and said his status had been changed from SSI to SSA.  I asked who and  why and she said she didn’t know but it looked like it was done on Mar. 1,  2012.  She said I should check with SSA and see what was going on with it.

She said that I had filled out the wrong app. but she was going to fill out  the correct one.  She said that that she was with the family Medicaid but because Freddie was not nineteen she could still approve him.

She asked about bank accounts and i said I had a checking at FOB.  And that there was 150 to 200 in it.  She wrote 150.
I told her the following without her asking; that Freddie had been a senior at  SSS and his friends had done fundraisers for us and that Freddie's friend's dad had opened a bank account there for that.  She said she didn't need  that.
So, then I said that the girl his was riding with had the minimum ins. allowed by law and that there was a settlement and that Medicaid got their one third.  She said she didn't need that either.

She said the system allows for 45 days for process but she was going to get  the current active Medicaid through by this week. And ask me to sign a form  to let her contact wakemed to get retro paid, hopefully by next week.  I told her it was probably going to be close to being at a million not paid since dec. from what I was told a couple of months ago it being right at 700,000.

I went on to tell her that it had been a mess that SSA had it then Wakemed said we didn’t and that i thought with ssi he should have it and she agreed.  I said that wakemed gave me the app to fill out and sent down here and it turned into a mess, then I said, I don’t know if it was wakemed or someone down here but APS was called on me for financial exploitation. Then i told  her that I had to get my lawyer involved and was trying to comply with the worker but she went ahead and denied the app anyway and wakemed was trying  to modify guardianship, take it away from me because of the Medicaid denial.   She had look on her face like what?

She said she was going ahead get this thing through as that I had, had  enough my plate with Freddie being in the hospital all this time. She said  the only problem she could see that would hold her up would be the fact she was off thurs.  But she should have the Medicaid active this week and should  have retro paid next week.


*"Don't need any of this that you were asked for."

*"Someone Changed Freddie's SSI Status in the SSA Computer system."

*"Freddie's Medicaid app will be approved,  just have to contact WakeMed to pay the rears."

Wednesday, June 6th 2012

Fred  to Marcia 6/5/2012 4:35:13 PM  Call me when you can

Fred to Eddie  6/5/2012 6:56:26 PM  Pressure support 10-6:30

Eddie 6/5/2012 6:58:35 PM  Awesome   praise god

Fred to Marcia  6/6/2012 9:16:52 AM  New info.  Let me know a good time to come by to fill you in and catch you up.
Saturday, June 9th 2012

Fred 6/9/2012 7:03:38 PM
Freddie is having a little trouble...i be there in a few.

Paige  6/9/2012 7:12:49 PM
What's wrong?

Fred  6/9/2012 7:16:40 PM
Bad today...now he is d-sating like crazy and heart rate 112-130

Fred  6/9/2012 7:17:55 PM
Full of junk...

Fred  6/9/2012 7:18:16 PM
Im not happy right now...

Paige  6/9/2012 7:23:40 PM
Oh no.  i hope he gets better.  just stay with him. Also, i got a card for  laurie & david and signed your name to it unless you got them a card  already.

Paige  6/9/2012 7:29:48 PM
I am going over. Am not taking my phone.

Fred  6/9/2012 7:31:08 PM
Rt here now, i think we are going to get him better in few

Paige  6/9/2012 7:31:36 PM
ACtually i am taking my phone. Keep me updated on freddie.

Monday, June 11th 2012
Fever is Gone: 6/11/2012 10:56:29 AM
Freddie hadn't been doing well and had been experiencing some fevers over the last few days.  Blood test show the white blood count normal and the fever is gone now.  Thank you Lord.

Fred  10:56:29 AM  Fever gone and white blood count normal.

Eddie 11:02:15 AM  Praise god

Thursday, June 14th 2012
6/14/2012 Eddie
Fred  6/14/2012 11:23:16 PM
I just had someone tell me that the docs are not going to do anything and  that i should go ahead with all the plans to go public.

6/14/2012 Marcia
Fred  6/14/2012 11:23:16 PM
I just had someone tell me that the docs are not going to do anything and  that i should go ahead with all the plans to go public.

Friday, June 15th 2012
Marcia 7:42:23 AM  Did you re-file for medicaid?

Fred  12:50:13 PM  Yes, you will be very interested what i found out about medicaid.  Should be approved and active today or mon.

Fred  12:52:05 PM  Let me know if you get a little time to chat.

Marcia 1:29:07 PM  I am available this afternoon

Fred  1:29:35 PM  Ok, what time is good for you

Marcia 1:56:57 PM  3

Me  1:58:08 PM  K
Monday, June 18th 2012
6/15/2012 Eddie Prayer Warrior Prayer Email

We have been praying for Freddie and hearing about the wonderful things God is doing to and through him and his family.  Now is time to share the link  Pray4Freddie (on Facebook) https://www.facebook.com/Pray4Freddie with friends to build followers. They can go to the youtube link  http://www.youtube.com/user/Pray4Freddie to view the videos. That way the numbers will start adding up. The greater the views on youtube the greater  the impact and better results with the doctors changing their minds and  wanting to treat Freddie to stimulate him, not just stabilize him.
6/18/2012 Eddie 12:35 PM Prayer Warrior Prayer Email

Please also pray for Freddie Lempe. The state is trying to get guardianship  over him so they can determine his course of treatment. The second greatest  need after prayer is for people to join his Facebook page and Youtube page.  This will help his case.
Lord, we thank You for Your Healing Hand upon Chuck, Mrs. Bertha, Mr.  Danny, and Freddie. Thank You for surrounding them with love and peace and  strengthening their bodies to function the way You made them to.  Thank You  for opening doors that need to be opened and closing ones that need to be  closed. Thank You for Your Favor upon each of them and their families. We  give You all praise and glory and honor in the Mighty Name of Jesus we pray  - AMEN!
Tuesday, June 19th 2012
6/19/2012 6:55:02 PM

Fred  6/19/2012 6:55:02 PM
Freddie started d-sating again today after lunch for about an hour.  They  had to cough assist twice, turn peep up to 8, and o2 up to 60.  Since then  they were able to get him back down to 6 peep, 40 o2.

Eddie 6/19/2012 6:58:44 PM
Praise god they were able to get him stable

Fred  6/19/2012 7:00:03 PM
Praise God we are going to find a way to stimulate him!

Eddie 6/19/2012 7:01:19 PM

Another D-Sat: 6/19/2012 9:53:27 PM

Fred  6/19/2012 9:53:27 PM
Another d-sat at shift change but good now

Eddie 6/19/2012 10:00:01 PM
Praise god

Wednesday, June 20th 2012
Another Day of D-Sats: 6/20/2012 6:53:16 PM

Fred  6/20/2012 6:53:16 PM
Nurse just told me that Freddie d-sated this morning and again just a little  while ago. O2 at 60

Eddie 6/20/2012 6:55:41 PM
Will be praying

Freddie Has Another D-Sat: 6/20/2012 9:36:42 PM

Fred  6/20/2012 9:36:42 PM
One more d-sat after shift change but better now.  Seems to be positional  which tells me that the mucus is building up down deep.

Eddie 6/20/2012 9:44:18 PM
I am glad he is better  will keep praying

Fred  6/20/2012 9:45:56 PM  So you will know, not only am i notifying you how  he is doing, but its good for my record keeping right now.

Eddie 6/20/2012 9:47:59 PM  I understand

Thursday, June 21st 2012

Fred goes to JC DSS to see Freddie's SW Jamie Sexton

6/21/2012 Marcia
Fred  6/21/2012 4:01:16 PM  Call me when you can.  This dss worker has been corrupted.

Marcia 6/21/2012 4:12:46 PM   Crap - No way

Fred  6/21/2012 4:49:59 PM  She won’t see me.

Marcia 6/21/2012 4:50:50 PM  Wow

Fred  6/21/2012 4:53:34 PM  Today or tomorrow. So i said, you’re telling me that i can’t see jamie at all. she said she could answer any questions, i  said how about getting me an answer to why i can’t see jamie.  Said that jamie just took app.  And now going to get supervisor.

Fred to Marcia 6/21/2012 1:16:12 PM  Printer messed up. Be there in about 10
*Marcia tells Fred to go to JC DSS to check on Freddie's App. status as SW Jamie Sexton is not returning Fred's calls.
6/21/2012 Eddie

Fred  6/21/2012 5:29:30 PM
Rhonda with wakemed just called and meeting with dr. Udekwu set for mon at  10:30am

6/21/2012 Marcia
Me  6/21/2012 5:30:24 PM  Rhonda with wakemed just called and meeting with  dr. Udekwu set for mon at 10:30am.

Eddie 6/21/2012 5:34:11 PM
Mama j has a doctors appoitment

Friday, June 22nd 2012
Fred takes all paper work to JCDSS but JC DSS will not allow Fred to see her.  They put him off on someone that has never been involved in Freddie's case before and Fred goes through and hands over each piece of record he has and makes sure that she documents each and everyone.  Now folks; we are talking everything that had been done in Freddie's case with DSS, SSA, WakeMed financial and Fred's finacials for the years prior to Freddie's wreck.  Yep, everything and laid it out as it happened including what happened just the week before with an innocent SW Jamie Sexton before WakeMed and DSS supervisors got to her, clearly showing that this was absurd and intentional.  This new worker's expression on her face told the story all by itself.  Then Fred told her; "I don't know what is going on in this office.  But my son is fighting for his life and WakeMed won't treat him.  Jamie said she didn't need any of this, the app was going to be approved and now she won't see or talk to me requesting this info that she now is saying that her supervisor is requesting before she can do anything.  I just gave you everything that there ever was and more.  WakeMed is trying to take guardianship in the hearing set for the 26th.  If you all don't approve this app.  I will tell the whole world what has been happening in this office.  Have Jamie to call me when you give this to her."
*With Marcia out of town, she tells Fred to take everything he has as records to Johnston County DSS and make sure to hand it to SW Jamie Sexton.
6/22/2012 Eddie 10:09 PM Prayer Warrior Prayer Email

It appears that Wake-Med and the social workers have corrupted the new  social worker to the point that she is not able to help push the paper work  through for Freddie. We are now scheduled to be in court Tuesday for custody  of Freddie.
It is time for this attack to end. It is time for the enemy to be exposed  and rebuked. We also need to keep Freddie lifted in prayer for protection  from any and every effort of the enemy to try to keep him for what God has  already provided for him.

Father I thank You for Wisdom that You pour out upon Fred, myself and  Freddie's attorney. I thank You for exposing the attempt to discredit Fred  from his devotion to Freddie. I thank You for the truth that sets them free.  I thank You for pulling down every strong hold that has come against Fred  and Freddie. I thank You Father for Your Promise of healing and protection  that You pour out upon Freddie.

I thank You for wisdom that You pour out upon the judge and Godly  discernment that he may see through this attack.
Thank You Father for complete restoration that You pour out upon Freddie. In  Jesus Mighty Name.
***Fred and Eddie Start Working on Petition to Stop WakeMed from Taking Guardianship from Freddie's Father
Timeline Continues In 2012
***SSA SW Ms. Johnson Changes Her Position on Medicaid after Talking to WakeMed SW Maria Eason
*Johnston County DSS SW Jamie Sexton refuses to see Fred after talking to WakeMed.
*WakeMed Makes Availible Dr. Hayes' Consult Report to Fred.
Fred didn't even know Dr. Hayes had come to evaluate Freddie.
***Meeting with Director of Trauma, Dr. Udekwu
***3 Months Since Last Bronch Wash - "to be done as needed"
***2 Months Since Last Bronch Wash - "to be done as needed"
Sunday, May 6th 2012
Friday, April 6th 2012
***1 Month Since Last Bronch Wash - "to be done as needed"
*Freddie Having Bad Day Without WakeMed Doctors Helping Him
*Team Pray4Freddie Starts Going Public to Make People Aware to Try to Get Freddie Help in WakeMed
*Another Day of D-Sats
*Freddie Started D-Sating Again Today
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Sunday, April 8th 2012
Day 400 in WakeMed
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