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Sunday, June 24th 2012
Saturday, June 23rd 2012

6/23/2012 Eddie post Doc’s Oath 11:30 AM

This is the wiki site on the dr.'s oath:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hippocratic_Oath

And below is the "modern" one and I highlighted some things that jumped out at me in red.

Modern version

A widely used modern version of the traditional oath was penned in 1964 by Dr. Louis Lasagna, former Principal of the Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences and Academic Dean of the School of Medicine at Tufts University:[8]

I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant:

I will respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps I walk, and gladly share such knowledge as is mine with those who are to follow.

I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures [that] are required, avoiding those twin traps of overtreatment and therapeutic nihilism.

I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon's knife or the chemist's drug.

I will not be ashamed to say "I know not", nor will I fail to call in my colleagues when the skills of another are needed for a patient's recovery.

I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know. Most especially must I tread with care in matters of life and death. If it is given to me to save a life, all thanks. But it may also be within my power to take a life; this awesome responsibility must be faced with great humbleness and awareness of my own frailty.
Above all, I must not play at God.

I will remember that I do not treat a fever chart, a cancerous growth, but a sick human being, whose illness may affect the person's family and economic stability. My responsibility includes these related problems, if I am to care adequately for the sick.

I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.

I will remember that I remain a member of society with special obligations to all my fellow human beings, those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm.

If I do not violate this oath, may I enjoy life and art, be respected while I live and remembered with affection thereafter.
May I always act so as to preserve the finest traditions of my calling and may I long experience the joy of healing those who seek my help.

Fred to Marcia  6/23/2012 1:49:15 PM 
Please check email i just sent you. Thanks.
6/23/2012 Eddie
Eddie 6/23/2012 10:59:34 PM  I just sent you the email

Fred  6/23/2012 10:59:54 PM K

Eddie 6/23/2012 11:02:32 PM  Sorry it took so long but i fell asleep

Fred  6/24/2012 1:35:13 AM  Thats ok, thanks

Fb post: URGENT! Freddie Needs Your HELP! He has fought his butt off for a Year and a Haft against all odds and WakeMed doesn't think he's worth their Services to help him in his Fight.

Fb post: WakeMed Nurses Love Freddie: 6-24-12, 6:09 PM

STOP WakeMed fb Event: Sunday, 6-24-12, 3:50pm
Monday, June 25th 2012

Fb post: Will Johnston County DSS Do the Right Thing?: 6-25-12, 10:22am
Today, the Johnston County DSS has the power to do the right thing and help put a stop to this nonsense. Let's pray to our wonderful Lord, that he will move in the hearts of the JC social workers today and help them understand that Freddie is a person, a US citizen, that deserves the help of his great county. There is no one more needy than Freddie right now and he should have the full support of his goverment in his time of need. WakeMed's financial interest shouldn't trump the wellbeing of the patients. They are there to serve and should not be allow to manipulate the system, no matter how big the WakeMed Machine is.

Waiting for Return Call from DSS: 6-25-12, 10:54am
In an effort to keep everyone informed, Fred is waiting for a return call  from the JC DSS worker that is suppose to be working on Freddie's case.  Let's pray that this gets resolved today and there will be no need to go to court tomorrow.

Lunch and Still No Call from DSS: 6-25-12, 12:07pm
Well, Johnston County DSS office must not think this is as urgent as we do.  Lunch time and still no word or return call. Looks like they are going to  continue to play games with Freddie's future for WakeMed. Its time that we all send a firestorm of prayers to our Lord about this for Freddie.

Fred Calls DSS Again: 6-25-12, 2:59pm
Fred has made another call to all caring Johnston County DSS office and left another message with the caseworker, still without any response.

Fred’s Tells of WakeMed’s Influence over DSS: 6-25-12, 3:36pm
Oh, did I tell you all that this worker was helping until she contacted  WakeMed and said she would have Freddie's application approved 2 weeks ago  with no problems. And now won't see me, take or return my calls. Did I tell  you that she said that someone had changed Freddie's US Social Security  Administration disability status in their system March 1st, 2012.

DSS Calls says App will Not be Approved: 6-25-12, 4:09pm
Just got call from the JC DSS worker. She told me Thursday that if I took  her the info she was requesting that she would see me and we would get the  Freddie's app approved Friday. She wouldn't see me Friday and I left it with  another worker. Today she tells me that her supervisor had made a new  request for info and when I asked what would it take to get this done today,  she said it won't. More games. They have been doing this since December. My  attorney has made several attempts to work with them and so have I. It is  obvious that they have an alturnative motive besides helping Freddie Lempe.  Did I tell you that Freddie's last coverage didn't expire untill after  WakeMed social workers continued to tell me I had to reapply for Freddie,  that it was terminated, althought I recieved no official notification of  such, and it was good throughl April, 2012.

*WakeMed Warns their Staff that they are Monitoring Pray4Freddie facebook Page.
Looks like a hospital would have better things to do than monitor the personal activities of patients and staff.
Tuesday, June 26th 2012
*WakeMed Follows Through with Their Effort with a Fierce Fight in Court Over Freddie
Wednesday, June 27th 2012
*WakeMed Makes Public Statement: 6-26-12
WakeMed Says Freddie Will Continue to Get Excellent Care,

"We are committed to providing exceptional care to all of our patients and feel confident that Freddie is receiving and has received excellent care as a patient at WakeMed. The petition for guardianship and the court proceeding truly has nothing to do with the care Freddie has received and will continue to receive regardless of the judge's decision. We are simply taking steps to secure financial resources for Freddie through Medicaid which should be available to him for his care,"

   -Heather Monackey, spokesperson for WakeMed Health & Hospitals
WTVD 11 ABC News
WTVD 11 ABC News
ABC News  20/20
Thursday, June 28th 2012
Grandmom’s Statement: 6-28-12, 8:51am

ABC News Tells Fred They Will Correct Story: 6-28-12, 11:04am

Fred  6/28/2012 1:04:25 PM
What time is good to come see you?

Marcia 6/28/2012 1:15:09 PM
Between now and 4

Fred  6/28/2012 1:18:49 PM
On my way

Friday, June 29th 2012
Pray4Freddie Supporter Reads it All: "the injustice placed upon this family!" 6-29-12, 1:13am

WakeMed Calls to Schedule Meeting: 6-29-12, 12:53pm
6/26/2012 Fred Ask Dr. Piehl to talk to Dr. Udekwu

Fred to Dr. Piehl 7:31:39 AM

Dr Udekwu can stop all of this if wakemed will let him.  I would appreciate it if you would talk to him about doing the right thing.  He has been sitting on this for about a month.  Thanks, Dr. Piehl.

*Fred Makes One Last Effort Trying to Get WakeMed to Do the Right Thing.
*WTVD ABC News Hunts Fred Down and Wants Story
***Johnston County DSS Drives Home The Final Nail Needed for WakeMed
Eddie Sturges' Post / Ephesians 6: 6-25-12, 8:52 AM

10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.
Fred  to Marcia  6/28/2012 11:34:55 AM
This is bigger than we thought.  I just found out there is a fbi  investigation going on about corrupt hospitals, dss workers, lawyers and  judges working for the system for guardianships around the country

Marcia tells Fred that their firm's office phones are ringing off the hook from people around the country begging for her to help them.

*After Freddie's Story Went National, We and Marcia's Law Office were Bombarded with Calls for Help from All Over the Country with Hospitals and DSS's Taking Guardianship from Families.
Fred  to Marcia

Fred 6/28/2012 3:40:35 PM
Jc Dss supervisor just called and wants to talk to me for a minute.  I want  you to do it.

Fred  6/28/2012 3:47:12 PM
Adult medicaid supervisor, mrs betty bunn?  Concerning the application.
***Johnston County DSS Supervisor, Betty Bunn Calls Fred and Wants to Talk
**WakeMed Calls and Wants to Schedule Meeting
JC DSS Calls to Schedule Meeting: 6-29-12, 1:09pm

The Johnston County Department of Social Services has called Fred and has started a second application for adult Medicaid along with current family Medicaid application, which will be two active applications. The ideal was stated; that they are now trying to get Freddie approved without delay. They have made their Adult Medicaid Supervisor 100% available to Fred Lempe and  his attorney, Marcia Stewart, who first appreciate the new approach and are actively doing whatever is asked in efforts to get Freddie Medicaid coverage reinstated. We thank the Johnston County DSS for this added help with Freddie’s situation. We agree with what the supervisor said; “it’s about doing what’s best for Freddie"
**Johnston County DSS Supervisor, Betty Bunn Called Fred and Says They Are Now Trying to Get Freddie's Medicaid Approved Without Delay... For Doing What's Best for Freddie....
Eddie's Hearing Update: 6-26-12

Thanks for the many prayer warriors that prayed today. Thank you to those  that showed up at the hearing. It was a closed session so no one was allowed  to stay except those of us that were on the list to speak. Originally we  were under the impression that it was to be postponed. Minutes before the  start the decision was made to go forward with the proceedings. It appeared  that the cards were stacked against Freddie from the outset. After all was  said and done, God turned the head and the heart of the judge and we were  given until July 25th to have the DSS application completed. Yesterday  afternoon DSS asked for more information which meant that the application  would not be processed by today. As a result Fred is left with the task of  compiling more information to hand over to DSS. Another delay in getting the application completed. First and foremost we pray for the DSS workers to come in line with what God wants. Fred has filed several timely applications  as requested and directed by the DSS workers. After completing and handing  over the next batch of papers it will be up to the Johnston county DSS  workers to finish what should have been completed weeks ago. Continue to  pray for Fred, Doris, family members to have the Peace of God during this  trying time. Pray that God will continue to protect Freddie as he has to  wait for the system to finalize the application. God has poured out strength  in Freddie many times. God has brought him from the state of being as week  as a dish rag when he was in PICU to where he could breathe on his own for 19 hours straight. He went from only slightly moving his arms and legs to  the point of moving like you have seen on the youtube videos.

Let us continue to share the story of Freddie's road to restoration with  our friends and family and Pray for God to turn the heads of those that are  not cooperating.

Remember that God is in control.
WakeMed Fought Hard in Court: 6-26-12, 2:41pm

WakeMed fought hard today, but God somehow turned the tide to buy some more time. Thank you Lord, we trust in You and Your Good Will for ALL mankind, here on earth as done in Heaven.
WTVD 11 ABC News
WTVD 11 ABC News
WTVD 11 ABC News
*Freddie's Story Goes International
*Freddie's Story Goes National
July 2012
Sunday, July 1st 2012
JC DSS Goes After Freddie’s Grandmom: 7-1-12, 9:24am

Fred Replies to a Message Sent to Pray4Freddie: 7-1-12, 10:29am

Pray4Freddie Supporter: "What is the world coming to when hospitals": 7-1- 12, 1:20pm
Monday, July 2nd 2012
*Follow Up Meeting With Director of Trauma, Dr. Udekwu - He is Trying to Save Freddie Once Again and Dr. David Allen Hayes' Report is Discarded
Dr. Udekwu’s assistant Rhonda Vincent had called to schedule and I had asked her if this meeting be only with Dr. Udekwu.  She then tried to say that the others needed to be there so as to answer any questions that may arise.  I said I didn’t think there would be any questions that needed answers from the social workers.  I said to her that I didn’t want this meeting to turn into another circus, that when I had met with Dr. Udekwu in PICU, we didn’t have all those people and we were actually able to have a productive conversation.  I just want to be able to talk to him without all the distractions.  She said that Ally needed to be there to inform of what is going on with Freddie’s medical condition.  I said, Ally is ok, I understand if he feels she needs to be there.  Then she said that Pauline would also be attending.  I asked why would she be there, she had once told me that she didn’t want to be in the middle of Freddie’s care anymore?  She said she needs to be there in case there are any issues that concern nursing.  I said I don’t have any issues with nursing.  The nurses are doing a great job with Freddie and there won’t be any issues with them.  They love Freddie and take very good care of him.  She said she would tell Dr. Udekwu that I wished not to have the others attending and see what he says.  I said Thank you.

So Eddie and I go to meet with Dr. Udekwu and there was the same group of attendees as last time standing outside the conference room.  Eddie and I just go in, sit down and wait.  We wait quit awhile, about 20 minutes.  Then Dr. Udekwu, Rhonda and Pauline come in, close the door and sit down.  I assume that they got it worked out who would be in the meeting and who wouldn’t as the social workers did not.

Dr. Udekwu sits beside me and we were actually about to have a decent conversation.  He started off by saying that Dr. Allen Hayes had come, evaluated and consulted.  I said yes, I was made aware of that when Rhonda told me and made his consult available to me on the 19th.  Here is what I did, it is his report that I have addressed with my comments in red type if you what to just read it then it may save a little time. He took it and read it while we waited.
When he was done reading, he pushed it to the side and said ok, we won’t be using that.

Then we actually engaged in a real conversation about Freddie’s needs and what we need to be doing for him.  We talked about what I wanted; I told him that all I wanted was to do what was working.  I said, I’m not asking for miracles from the doctors.  All I have ever asked is that we do what we can and leave the rest up to God.  Freddie was almost there, they were getting ready to do swallow test.  The nurses were so happy and then they could not believe that we just stopped.  They kept asking when are they going to do another bronch wash.  They said before the last bronch wash on Mar. 6th, that they had just gone way to fast.  That it takes time and you have to go slow over a long period of time.  I told him what PA Ally said; she was going to go very, she stressed she was going to go very slow at this.  Freddie just was doing so good breathing off the vent he was just going and going.  The only thing that has stopped him ever has been the mucus build up in that left lung.  When we do the bronch washes, he doesn’t have that problem and is able to keep going.  Keep going is what he needs to build the strength to get completely off.  That is exactly what Dr. Piehl and I agreed on when we went to PICU.  But we didn’t do that. No Dr. Leineweber wanted to take out haft his lung to get rid of pneumonia.  Well, as great of an ideal that was when Freddie was making progress with the bronchs; We then wound up with huge complications with a hole in his lung which we had to wait months for it to heal on its own.  Which God has blessed us with.  Now these same intensivist doctors that refused to treat him then won’t let him get the bronchs now and Freddie has once again fallen back.  When we came to 5A they promised repeatedly that would not happen again.  They (Pauline and Ally) continued to say that would not be a problem again. That everything was going to be done to get Freddie off the vent.  He was there and they just quit on him.  Now these doctors say they aren’t going to do anything to help Freddie’s lungs at all, ever.  That’s why I came to you and asked you to take over Freddie’s care.  I told him; Freddie has got to get off that vent. Look, I know the fact is; if he doesn’t get off that vent, the vent will kill him.  I had an RT in Neuro one night tell me; the vent is a great tool to save lives but you want to get off of it as soon as you can.  He said, it’s not if the vent will kill you, its when.  Since then I have read nothing but the same.  The statistics show that the vent is a huge risk for developing infections.  That’s what happened to Christopher Reeves, an infection from the ventilator is what did him in with all the money he had for all the best care available still couldn’t stop the vent from giving him an infection.  Freddie has the chance of getting off the vent if we help him.  From what I have read over and over with these types of injuries; one that has SCI and TBI like Freddie that can’t get off the vent; life expectancy is reduced to 3 to 5 years.  We are now 1½ into it and we were almost off 6 months ago and haven’t done anything to help him.  Freddie has proven he has the ability to breathe and the will too.  He needs help.  I said if we don’t help Freddie get off the vent we won’t ever be able to know how far he could go with his recovery.

Dr. Udekwu agreed with this and this time with the truth being discussed about Freddie, his needs and what is and isn’t happening with his healthcare the mood in this meeting got very emotional by (I think) all attendees.

Dr. Udekwu said he was going to try to get Freddie’s doctor, Dr. Ted Feinson to agree to treat Freddie with what he needs.  He said he was going to suggest to him that they be willing to do whatever they could to help Freddie’s lung improve and do all they could to wean Freddie off the vent with an all out effort.  He said that the lack of communication needs to be corrected.  As we were getting up, he said to Rhonda that he is making himself 100% available so as to help If I needed it with anything in the future with Freddie’s healthcare.
This was the third meeting I had with Dr. Udekwu and I will tell you; he seemed to be in a position of wanting to help but not having the power to do what needed to be done.  This wasn’t the man he had been previously.  He reminded me a lot of how Dr. Piehl acted when he couldn’t get Freddie the help he needed.

This is a sad thing to witness when you know you son’s fate is on the line.  Doctors, Directors of hospital departments at that, squirming when they can’t provide their patients what they know they need, not being able to do the right thing.  What makes a Director of a Childrens Hospital or a Director (for the last 27 yrs) of the best Trauma center in the region have this problem?

Monday 7/2/2012 Marcia

Fred  7/2/2012 7:56:29 AM
We have to go over and sit down with dss, asap.  When can we go? So i can tell them, they are waiting.

Marcia 7/2/2012 12:48:33 PM
This afternoon

Fred  7/2/2012 12:57:27 PM
Yes; do u want to meet first?

Marcia 7/2/2012 1:09:36 PM
Come to my office @ 2

Fred  7/2/2012 1:15:24 PM

Fred  7/2/2012 3:49:28 PM
Dss meeting confirmed at 2:00 pm tuesday.
Tuesday, July 3rd 2012
7/3/2012 Eddie

Freddie D-Sating Again: 7/3/2012 7:23:42 PM

Fred  7/3/2012 7:23:42 PM  D-sating again, more mucus build up and thick.

Eddie 7/3/2012 7:25:00 PM  Praying

Fred  7/3/2012 7:40:56 PM  Thanks, me too.

Pray4Freddie Supporter: "Prayin for Healing" Psalm 107:19-21: 7-3-12,  12:29pm
Eddie FB Post 7/3/2012

Went in to see Freddie yesterday and was standing in front of him. When I  did he turned his head an looked the other way. I wasn't sure why until I  turned and looked behind me. I was standing in front of the TV. I then  walked over to the other side of the bed and told him I was sorry for being  in his way. He changed the expression on hes face and turned back to watch  the TV, which was on his favorite station, CMT. Freddie loves country music,  especially the video's of Carrie Underwood. I have to say I can see why.LOL  When his dad and I left he turned his head again to watch the CMT video's  again. Praise God for the small steps that are leading to the fulfillment of  His Word. Freddie will mount up as with wings of eagles, he will run and not  grow weary, he will walk and not faint. Praise God.
Measured Freddie for a New Wheel Chair: 7/5/2012 1:43:52 PM

Freddie Hasn't Been Out of Bed Since May 10th 2012
May 11th: Very Concerned RN Ask Fred if it OK to Not Get Freddie Out of Bed Because PT Has Refused to Address Freddie's Wheelchair Issues After Several Request.
*WakeMed Decides its Time for Physical Therapy to Do Something About Freddie's Wheelchair
7/5/2012 Fred to Eddie

Fred  7/5/2012 1:43:52 PM  Pt, i guess, came this morning to fit freddie for new wheel chair...

Eddie 7/5/2012 1:46:40 PM  Well it is about time

Fred  7/5/2012 1:47:26 PM  Agreed.

Thursday, July 5th 2012
Wednesday, July 4th 2012
7/4/2012 Fred to Eddie  7/4/2012 6:54:29 PM 

D-sated again this afternoon twice. They turned up the o2 but back down now. Nurse saying it is positional....same thing that rt said last night.  He is better as of right now.
7/3/2012 Attorney Marcia and Fred Meet with JC DSS Supervisors

Fred and Marcia go to meet with JC DSS Adult Medicaid Supervisor, Betty Bunn and she had the family Medicaid supervisor sit in as well.  You talk about awkward… Anyway, they did seem to be trying to be nice and welcoming.  Betty Bunn said that they were doing everything that they could to get Freddie’s app. through.  That they had the current adult app. that Jamie Sexton had started on June 5th that was supposed to be approved the following week.  And they had started a new app. with the family Medicaid division as well.   She said that they were doing everything they could to get both approved as fast as they could and whichever one got done first was the one that they would use.  This would be only way that they could assure that they were doing everything they could to get Freddie coverage in the least amount of time as possible. The family supervisor said that all she needed was one piece of paper from the Raleigh office to be returned to her and hers was done.

So Marcia handed over Freddie’s Grandmothers answered DSS request for financials.  Betty acted as if she didn’t need that but Marcia made sure she took it.  Then Marcia and Betty go through some questions that Marcia had.  They got to the bank account that Freddie’s friend’s dad had set up at the bank to handle fund raisers that Freddie's friends were doing to help us.  Betty said that they wanted that account closed.  Marcia said OK, and asked me and I said I will get that done, that there wasn't anything in it anyway.  She said they wanted a letter stating the account being closed out.  I said I will do my best to get that done today and bring her the letter.  I and Marcia asked about the account as it had been explained to us that it didn't apply to Freddie that it had been set up legally for us to use as we needed specifically not to affect Freddie's assets or Medicaid.  Betty said well, it would be better to just close it.

I then asked, if Medicaid doesn’t pay for all of Freddie’s needs, why is it that when Freddie’s friends and supporters try to help with what he needs that won’t be covered, that Medicaid wants to deny what they cover for what others are trying to help with.  She said she didn’t know that she doesn’t write the rules.  So I asked; so, I’ve been told that something like Freddie’s wheelchair will cost anywhere from 2500.00 to upwards of 20,000.00 depending on his needs.  Not to mention a vehicle equipped for it.  I’ve been told that Medicaid won’t pay for these things.  What is Freddie to do when he needs these type of things that are not covered?  She said that you can raise money for Freddie's care and that won’t go against his Medicaid.  I said I have been told if he has more than 2000.00 he will be denied Medicaid.  She said that is right he can’t have more 2000.00.  So I asked; so if it takes several months to raise the moneys we are talking about, how do you do that?  She said she didn’t know; that it doesn’t seem to make sense sometimes.  I asked and what about people trying to help me as you all have seen, I haven’t been able to make any money during this time?  She said people can give you money to help you, that won’t be considered.  But they can’t give you money if it is for Freddie or in his name or for his cause.  That can be considered as assets to count against his eligiblity for Medicaid.  I said; well I don’t think anybody will be helping me by giving me money if Freddie hadn’t had this tragedy.  She agreed and said she didn’t make the rules.  I said well, I don’t know with Freddie having never made any money, me having just about no money and the very little money we received; why this has even been such an issue.  Marcia stepped up by saying ok, so that’s it. You guys have all that you need and you see that there will be no problem with Freddie getting approved.  (as she knew how upset with all of what they have done has made me)  Betty said that is right, he will be approved; we just have to see which one will be first.  That one of the two applications will be approved by Friday.

As we finished this meeting and were leaving Betty said they really wanted to get their application to be the one so that Freddie will be established with the adult Medicaid as eliminate a change over in the future and hopefully make it as smooth as they can for him to continue to get the help he needs with the wishes of; “until he doesn’t need it anymore”. Then she said to me as we were leaving that they were going to do everything they could to get this thing through as fast as they can and “you go take care of our boy”.

Betty then took us down the hall to introduce us to Freddie's new Social Worker, Tammy Hunt assigned to his case.
*Meeting with Johnston County DSS
*Freddie D-Sating Again
7/5/2012 Fred to Eddie

Fred  7/5/2012 1:48:26 PM  D-Sating Again, had to be bagged and lavaged on 7-5-12 at 1:00pm for amount thick pale yellow secretions.
*Freddie D-Sating Again Twice- Almost 3 Months Since Last Bronch-Wash
Friday, July 6th 2012
FB Post 11:35am: Big Day for Freddie, Waiting for Medicaid

Today is a big day for Freddie. We are waiting for the news that Freddie’s  Medicaid is approved. Last week the Johnston County Department of Social  Services called Fred and informed us that they have started a second  application for adult Medicaid along with current family Medicaid  application, which will be two active applications. The ideal of this new  approach was stated to be; that they are now trying to get Freddie approved  without delay. They made their Adult Medicaid Supervisor 100% available to  Fred Lempe and his attorney, Marcia Stewart. This last Tuesday, Fred and  Marcia meet with the JC DSS Adult Medicaid supervisor and the Family  Medicaid supervisor. We had a very positive meeting and they assured us that  they have everything and wouldn’t need anything else to finish processing  Freddie’s applications. That one of the two applications will be approved by  today (Friday). The family supervisor said that all she needed was one piece  of paper from the Raleigh office to be returned to her and hers was done.  And the adult supervisor said they really wanted to get their application to  be the one so that Freddie will be established with the adult Medicaid as  eliminate a change over in the future and hopefully make it as smooth as  they can for him to continue to get the help he needs with the wishes of;  “until he doesn’t need it anymore”. The adult supervisor told Fred as he was  leaving that they were going to do everything they could to get this thing  through as fast as they can and “you go take care of our boy”.

Fred’s attorney, Marcia informed Freddie’s attorney of this promised  conclusion and he is waiting for this approval to get the legal motions to  modify guardianship dismissed from the courts.

We have been extremely disappointed that the circumstances surrounding Freddie have come to the point they have, but we are optimistic and very pleased that we are moving in the right direction now to help Freddie.  We want to thank all of the Freddie Lempe supporters as we wait for the Medicaid approval today, for all your prayers and support.
***Big Day for Freddie, Waiting for JC DSS to Approve Freddie's Medicaid
FB Post: JULY 6th UPDATE- Follow-Up Meeting with WakeMed's Director of Trauma

Dr. Udekwu Follow Up Meeting 10:30 Mon. July 2nd.

Fred and Eddie meet with Dr. Udekwu Monday, July 2nd and we are pleased that  he is going to speak on behave of Fred, to Freddie’s current lead doctor to suggest that they be willing to do whatever they can to give Freddie what  he needs for treatment for his lung to improve and to enable an all out  effort of weaning Freddie off the vent.  As we discussed in this meeting; this is the best possible scenario for Freddie’s future at recovery because  without the ability to get off the vent, Freddie won’t be able to have any  chance at the possible treatment options to aid in his recovery and his life expectancy will surely be reduced significantly if keep on ventilator  support. It is a known statistic and has been said that; “it’s not if the  vent will kill you, it’s when.” He also is making himself 100% available to Fred so as if there were to be any concerns or questions that may arise; he  would intervene and get resolution as to help Freddie at anytime.

He said  and we agreed that the lack of communication should be corrected. Yesterday, they took Freddie’s measurements for a new wheelchair for he has outgrown  the current one and hasn’t been able to get out of bed since the middle of  May when the wonderful nurses talked to Fred about not putting him in it  anymore till they could it resolved because the chair was endangering  Freddie as it was causing way too many pressure points to his body and his  feet where on the floor.

We have been extremely disappointed that the circumstances surrounding  Freddie have come to the point they have, but we are optimistic and very pleased that we are moving in the right direction now to help Freddie. We want to thank all of the Freddie Lempe supporters for all your prayers and support.
FB Post 1:15am: Betty Bunn, JoCo DSS Supervisor, Freddie's  Medicaid Approved!

We just received word from the adult Medicaid supervisor with Johnston County DSS that she sent approval letter out on Tuesday afternoon and that we should receive our copies today. Freddie's adult Medicaid is approved, dating back to March 1st, 2012!
***JC DSS Supervisor Tells Attorney Marcia; Freddie's Medicaid has Been APPROVED!
7/5/2012 Fox News Doing Story on Freddie

Fred  to Marcia  7/5/2012 6:23:39 PM
Urgent, can you call me?
*Freddie D-Sating Again - 3 Months Since Last Bronch-Wash
*Fox News Doing Story on Freddie
7/6/2012                Fox News Doing Story on Freddie

Marcia 7/6/2012 6:38:53 AM
Sorry.  Just got this.  Whats up?

Fred  7/6/2012 6:43:06 AM
I could tell you better than text, but i've been told wakemed is going to have their lawyer on fox news this weekend to argue the terri shiavo's attoney about freddie’s case.  And he wants to talk to you and me. I want  you to talk to him first

Marcia 7/6/2012 6:49:49 AM
Geez.  Probably need to do it together bc you are much more knowledgeable about the differences btwn freddie and terri.

Fred  7/6/2012 6:52:50 AM
I agree.  His name is david gibbs and he fought like hell for terri and  family.  His assistant called and left message at moms yesterday saying he  wants to help us with freddie.

Fred  7/6/2012 6:53:42 AM
Us being you and me

Fred  7/6/2012 6:54:06 AM
And of course freddie

Marcia 7/6/2012 6:55:36 AM
Sure.  just let me know when.

Fred  7/6/2012 6:56:17 AM
I just want to make sure its legit before i talk to anybody

Fred  7/6/2012 6:57:13 AM
I'll get the number from mom to you as soon as i can

Marcia 7/6/2012 6:58:24 AM

Fred  7/6/2012 7:08:40 AM
The lady that called said she works for David Gibbs.  Her number is: XXX XXX XXXX

Marcia 7/6/2012 7:15:14 AM
Just spoke to her.  I asked her to arrange a telephone conference sometime  today.  Will let you know when it is set.

Fred  7/6/2012 7:16:26 AM
K, thanks marcia.  Any thoughts on dss or guardianship?

Marcia 7/6/2012 7:18:18 AM
Fingers crossed that it will be approved today
Fred to Marcia  7/6/2012 2:32:15 PM
I'll be at your office in about 10 min

Conference with Attorney David Gibbs

Talked to Attorney David Gibbs for quite a while about Freddie's situation.  He explained that Fox News had learned of Freddie's story and had contacted him to represent Freddie's side.  He said Fox News had planned to do Freddie's story on their Sunday show.  Marcia told him we just got the Medicaid approval and were preparing to get a dismissal of the guardianship modification from the court that we had to take the approval in writing to Raleigh to show the judge.  As we told David all of what was actually happening with Freddie he was very concerned about what he was hearing about Freddie's healthcare.  He complimented the job Marcia had done with the guardianship and offered his assistance to us for what Freddie may need anytime we need it.  We told him that we would forward him all the records about Freddie's case for him to review.   We thanked him and exchanged our contact info and we told him to call us if he had any question that he needed answered.  Marcia and I found him to be a super nice man that was truly concerned with Freddie's wellbeing.
Attorney Marcia and Fred Talk with Attorney David Gibbs
Eddie Notifies Media of Freddie's Medicaid Approval

Eddie 7/6/2012 3:32:04 PM
As a courtesy to the news media see if marcia  thinks they should be contacted

Fred  7/6/2012 4:46:09 PM 
Marcia says yes, contact amanda lamb with wral  at: XXX XXX XXXX and email at:

Eddie 7/6/2012 5:07:32 PM
Called amanda  how about the other station

Fred  7/6/2012 5:13:13 PM 
I dont have it with me at this time. You may can  find it at wtvd abc11 website.  The reporter name was kelly Ohara

Eddie 7/6/2012 5:14:33 PM 
Will do

WRAL5 Runs Medicaid Approved for Freddie Story: 7-6-12, 10:00pm News

Me to Marcia  7/6/2012 10:22:36 PM
Wral just reported that wakemed spokesperson said they are withdrawing their  guardianship motion!

Marcia 7/6/2012 10:53:41 AM

Fred to Eddie 7/6/2012 10:23:16 PM 
Wral just reported that wakemed spokesperson said they are withdrawing their guardianship motion!

Eddie 7/6/2012 10:37:16 PM 
Praise god

Fred  7/6/2012 10:37:33 PM 
7/06/2012 Eddie 2:28 PM Prayer Warrior Prayer Email

We praise You, Lord!!!!!

From: Edison Sturges
Sent: Friday, July 06, 2012 2:28 PM
Subject: Praise God!!!

Just posted by Fred on Facebook.

We just received word from the adult Medicaid supervisor with Johnston County DSS that she sent
approval letter out on Tuesday afternoon and that we should receive our copies today.
Freddie's adult Medicaid is approved, dating back to March 1st, 2012!

Fred's attorney has the documents in her hands so Praise God. That part of the battle is over.
Thank you Father for bringing this issue to rest. Thank you now for continuing to pour out healing in
Freddie to complete restoration.
In Jesus Mighty Name.

11:40 PM  WhoooHooo!!!  Praise the Lord! 
Fred  7/7/2012 1:05:15 PM 
D-sated this morning while changing him.  But they got him better now.

Eddie 7/7/2012 1:07:15 PM 
Glad to hear he is better
Saturday, July 7th 2012
Eddie ask about comfirmation of WakeMed withdrawing guardianship motion

Eddie 7/7/2012 1:11:21 PM 
Has it been confirmed that wakemed has withdrawn the court case

Fred  7/7/2012 1:13:52 PM 
No official that ive seen or heard.  Just the mention in wral broadcast at 10 & 11 lastnight.  But not written report online.

Eddie 7/7/2012 1:23:54 PM 
I want to see it

Fred  7/7/2012 1:31:03 PM 
Me too.
Fred  7/7/2012 6:58:55 PM 
Another d-sat at 3:30pm. O2 turned up to 50 and back down to 40 at 6:00pm.   Pressures at 22

Fred  7/7/2012 7:02:43 PM 
He had to be bagged and lavaged on 7-5-12 at 1:00pm for amount thick pale yellow secretions.

Eddie 7/7/2012 9:08:23 PM 

Eddie 7/7/2012 9:11:55 PM 
Sunday, July 8th 2012
7/8/2012 10:11:51 AM

Fred to Eddie 7/8/2012 10:11:51 AM 
Bad d-sat this morning. A lot of mucus buildup. Good now.

Eddie 7/8/2012 12:50:31 PM 
Praise god it is good now

Fred  7/8/2012 12:50:53 PM 

Attorney David Gibbs Telling it Like It Is of what WakeMed and DSS has Done to Freddie and His Father.

On the other hand, Sharon Liko defending WakeMed’s actions and trying to comfort the public that Freddie's healthcare is fine on Fox News saying,

“We’re not talking about pulling the plug or the hospital not wanting to give him services."

Since WakeMed Stopped Treating Freddie
Fred to Eddie and Marcia  7/8/2012 12:17:07 PM 
We are on foxnews

Fred to Marcia  7/8/2012 12:37:18 PM

National Hero; Marcia Stewart!

Eddie 7/8/2012 12:52:08 PM 

Fred  7/8/2012 12:52:36 PM 
Just aired
*Bad D-Sat this Morning
Fred  to Eddie 7/8/2012 5:26:08 PM 
D-sating again

Fred  7/8/2012 5:35:40 PM 
Better now

Eddie 7/8/2012 5:42:53 PM 
Praise god
* Freddie D-Sating Again
***Urgent Prayer Request! Hospital Called
Fred  to Eddie 7/8/2012 6:58:43 PM 
Urgent prayer request! Hospital called freddie d-sating bad

Eddie 7/8/2012 6:59:56 PM 

Fred  7/8/2012 7:00:58 PM 
If you can get prayer warriors and fb praying

Eddie 7/8/2012 7:01:53 PM 

Fred  7/8/2012 7:04:36 PM 
it is time these docs get to work!

Eddie 7/8/2012 7:06:24 PM 
Fred  7/8/2012 7:30:29 PM 
O2 turned up to 100% from 50.  Peep turned up to 12 from 8. Sating at 98 now.  Praise God again. And thank you prayer warriors

Fred  7/8/2012 7:30:51 PM 
Nurses were worried.

Eddie 7/8/2012 7:33:18 PM 
Praise god

Fred  7/8/2012 7:37:24 PM 
Better for now... Praise God!  Thank you praying. nurses were worried.  Its time this docs get to work and do their job.  Vent settings turn way up,  freddie is tired, im trying to get him to rest.

Fred  7/8/2012 7:52:19 PM 
Getting x-ray now.

Eddie 7/8/2012 7:53:20 PM 

Fred  7/8/2012 7:57:35 PM 
Chest x-ray really doesn't look that bad.

Eddie 7/8/2012 7:58:53 PM 
Praise god

Fred  7/8/2012 7:59:30 PM 
Another breathing treatment and o2 turned down to 95%.  Sating at 99.

*Fred Gets to Hospital
7/08/2012 Eddie 7:58 PM Urgent Prayer Warrior Prayer Email

Urgent Prayer Request for Freddie

Mr. Eddie received a text message from Fred. Freddie is having a hard time.  We stand in agreement that Freddie’s lungs will function the way God created  them to. We speak to the mucus and tell it to leave Freddie’s body and not  return. Lord, we praise You for all You have done and continue to do for  Freddie. As much as his family and friends love him - You love him MORE! We  thank You for Your favor upon Freddie and Fred. We thank You for the  purposes and plans You have for him.

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

We stand firm on Your Word! In the Mighty Name of Jesus we pray, AMEN!

9:57 PM  Standing in agreement for Freddie!  Amen
*Urgent Prayer Warrior Prayer Email
Monday, July 9th 2012
7/9/2012 Eddie
Fred to Eddie  7/9/2012 9:11:54 AM  O2 down to 55, peep still at 12. Stable through night.  No word from docs.
*No Word from WakeMed - 1 Week Since Dr. Udekwu was Going to Ask Dr. Ted Feinson to Treat Freddie
Fred to Marcia 7/9/2012 1:37:33 PM
Have u heard anything from robby?

Marcia 7/9/2012 1:40:26 PM

Fred  7/9/2012 1:41:37 PM
Im headed to wc court house to be there at 2, like he was saying may be what works.

Marcia 7/9/2012 1:50:55 PM
Good luck.  I'm in wayne county court this afternoon.

Fred  7/9/2012 1:52:18 PM
Thanks, ill let u know what happens

Fred  7/9/2012 2:37:54 PM
Making document now... not sure about dismissal though.  They say we are done...and they are going to contact wakemed.

Marcia 7/9/2012 3:01:47 PM

Marcia 7/9/2012 3:01:49 PM

Fred  7/9/2012 3:02:33 PM
Im briging copy to your office and jc-dss

Fred  7/9/2012 3:54:07 PM
Call me when u can
*Fred Takes Freddie's Medicaid Approval to Wake County Court House
***Freddie Not Doing Good At ALL - Still Haven't Heard Anything from WakeMed Doctors
Fred to Marcia 7/9/2012 6:30:31 PM
Im worried about freddie.  These docs need to get to work and do their job.

Fred to Eddie 7/9/2012 6:41:37 PM 
Freddie is not doing good at all.

Eddie 7/9/2012 6:43:29 PM 
What do we need to pray  about

Fred  7/9/2012 7:59:40 PM 
Freddie just d-sated down into the low 70's.  Tons of mucus got out of him.  Had to be bagged.  O2 back 100%.  pressures got to 40 and setting off alarms.  Rt still saying its positional.  Getting breathing treatment now. And d-sating at 87. Now more bagging.

Fred  7/9/2012 8:21:35 PM 
More cough assist and me quad coughing and more suctioning and more junk coming up. O2 still at 100% and now sating at 99
Fred to Marcia 7/10/2012 7:15:11 AM
Im getting ready to start hammering the docs on fb.  I dont know how they have been able to keep them not treating freddie out of the news.

Fred to Eddie 7/10/2012 7:19:42 AM  Give me a call when it is good for you.  I never know if im calling at a good time.
*Fred is Fed Up with WakeMed and Intensivist Doctors Not Treating Freddie
FB POST 7/10/2012  9:56am

I am happy to announce that there was an order entered yesterday by the Wake County courts that ruled over WakeMed’s quest to remove me as guardian of my son Freddie. This ruling allows me to remain Freddie’s guardian and keep my power to make the decisions for Freddie wellbeing. Thank you Lord for your continued blessings for Freddie.

WakeMed had the power all along to withdraw their suit from the Wake County courts against me to strip my guardianship of my son Freddie Lempe, but chose not to. The Truth is; even after we exposed their tactics to take decision making authority away from me in the effort to treat or not treat Freddie how they want to. I know they wanted to make a “third party” the guardian. But let me tell you, from what I’ve seen, if WakeMed were successful at making Freddie a “ward of the state”, I know in my heart that WakeMed would have most defiantly had the same influence over Freddie’s care that they proved to have with DSS and been allowed to get away with not treating my son with the treatments that have proving to help him in the past.

I bring this up because yesterday made one week that the director of trauma told us that he was going to try to get the doctor in charge of Freddie’s care to agree to treat Freddie with the treatments that have proven time and time again to help Freddie. He said that the lack of communication had to be corrected. We still have not heard back from any WakeMed doctor as to their commitment to Freddie’s care. This is the doctor that is in charge of 5A, and is the same doctor that was suppose to get in touch with me to address the formal complaint I made with WakeMed’s Patient Care Hotline on May 10th, 2012, but still has not. These are the same doctors that refused to treat Freddie last year when we were in PICU and the WakeMed director of pediatrics was requesting them to treat Freddie with the recommendations of the WakeMed director of trauma and was forced to go outside of WakeMed to get a doctor to treat Freddie.

I am extremely disappointed to report that the doctors lack of treatment for Freddie has put Freddie right back in the same condition, unnecessarily suffering as he was last year when these doctors refuse to treat him, in effect, losing all gains that we have made over the last year. I will tell you it breaks my heart to witness the lack of humanity that these doctors display towards Freddie and robbing him of any chance at recovery and their obvious contentment for Freddie just to suffer and possibly die in their hospital as oppose to help him with their resources.

Like I said above, Freddie is currently at his worst since he had a hole in his lung from a botched surgery last June in 2011. Where WakeMed doctors wanted to remove his left lower lung lobe as to get rid of the pneumonia that he picked up in WakeMed that was hindering them from getting Freddie out of WakeMed. The current doctors have decided without talking to me to stop trying to wean Freddie of the vent as to get him stable so as to get him out of their hospital. They were forced to turn up the vent settings to compensate for the doctor’s decline in treatments to reduce his mucus build up in his lung. And over the last few days has had devastating consequences to Freddie’s condition. When the mucus in Freddie’s lung builds up it causes his blood oxygen to drop. These d-sating episodes have been steadily increasing over the last week to the point where Sunday evening the nurse called me back to the hospital right after I left. Respiratory was forced to turn his oxygen to 100% and took all of till yesterday afternoon to get it back down to 50%, and they had turn up hie peep pressure from 5 to the very high of 12. Only to have it happen again last evening and it took about a hour and half to get him stable with turning his oxygen back up 100% and it taking all night to get him down to 60%. He remains on peep of 12. They now are having a difficult time even allowing his bed to rotate because the mucus will shift causing the lung to be blocked. This is a “catch 22” because if he can’t rotate the mucus just sits down in the bottom of the lung and becomes impossible to be removed. And he will surely be at elevated risk to developing bed sores do to being in one position for longer periods.

I haven’t seen the nurses this worried about Freddie in a long time. What’s sad about this, we have seen this time and time again be the result when the WakeMed doctors refuse to give Freddie the treatments that have helped him time and time again. And the fact that Freddie is very close to getting off the vent, but their continued refusal to help him keeps stopping us from making the progress that he was and THEREFORE, in effect STOPS us from getting OUT of WakeMed. Let’s use some common sense here WakeMed. It’s time that WakeMed change their attitudes towards Freddie and put their energy in helping him recover instead of trying to get rid of him.
*End of Guardianship - WakeMed Now Needs to Treat Freddie
Fred to Marcia 7/10/2012 11:20:04 AM
I did it.

Marcia 7/10/2012 11:49:20 AM
David gibbs sent me flowers today.  They are beautiful.

Fred  7/10/2012 11:51:15 AM
He is awesome.  He sent me an email committing himself to freddies cause and saying he considers me to be his friend.

Fred  7/10/2012 12:35:47 PM
R u around so i can bring u something before i go to hospital?

Marcia 7/10/2012 1:07:04 PM
Not at office today.

Fred  7/10/2012 1:09:42 PM
Ok, im gone anyway. Got call from rn, Freddie not doing good again this morning.  I want to give you and send david a small gift if u have his  address.
Fred to Eddie 7/10/2012 12:01:16 PM 
Rn just called and said freddie d- sating again and o2 back to 100%. They got a lot more junk out and he is  stable right now.

***Hospital RN Calls - Freddie D-Sating Again
Tuesday, July 10th 2012
Wednesday, July 11th 2012
FB POST: Fred Responds to WakeMed’s Pawns and Defends His Faith in GOD’s Will: 7-11- 12, 9:46am

As Freddie’s situation has received more attention, I have noticed that  there have been a few obvious WakeMed supporters attacking the Pray4Freddie supporters diligently. It seems that the more they express their commitment  to WakeMed’s position, the more that this all seems to be about our faith.  The comments continue to lead to the real problem has been our faith in God.  If we were only stop having “faith” in God’s will, become atheist, and  worship the doctors then this would not have been a problem in the first  place. WakeMed could then just move on with their mission and get Freddie out, so as to get that next one in and out as quickly as they possibly can.  You know, Freddie is not making them as much money as a new patient does and  Freddie is really putting WakeMed in an unnecessary financial strain.

What was I thinking? God doesn’t know more than the doctors. Shoot, there weren’t even any real doctors around when God was here on earth in man form.  The only so called doctors that were those crazy, bible toting priest  anyway. The real doctors of today know more than Jesus ever did, right?  Think about it, Jesus was just an uneducated carpenter that became an evangelist.

You know, if I were to only “get the message” I could probably do my son a great justice. I should just forget God, and take everything these all mighty doctors and healthcare workers tell me that they “know” what truly will be the future and give up on God’s will for Freddie. Shoot, if God was really real anyway, Freddie would just be healed without any human intervention and get up and walk out on his own; right? I mean, we should  have just left him on the side of the hwy and if he made it, good but if he didn’t well, then we would have known to send the hurst.  This is such a revelation to me now. If you think about it; if God was real, we wouldn’t even need WakeMed after all. Heck, we don’t even need the all mighty doctors. Just think of all the money humans will be able to save not paying these doctors extravagant fees anyway. We won’t need any of the pharmaceuticals, health equipment companies, heck we won’t even need Obamacare.

Its all clear to me now; God is the problem and we need to obeyed by the  “all knowing medical community” as they charge us into oblivion. Do you  Pray4Freddie supporters get it? We need to put all of our faith in the Doctors and the Medical community that is on its way to be controlled completely by our Government. I have to learn to change the way I use caps.

I DON’T THINK SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Fred has had Enough of the Internet Pawns
*Another D-Sat
*Freddie D-Sating Again This Morning
Fred  to Eddie 7/11/2012 6:52:54 AM 
On the fox news story link, in the comments section there is a "neuro nurse"  that commenting like Margaret did on fb.  She seems to know a lot of freddie's details.
Marcia to Fred 7/11/2012 7:21:42 AM
Hows freddie doing?

Fred  7/11/2012 8:48:05 AM
He is doing better than he was but still on high vent settings
Fred  7/11/2012 12:49:03 PM 
We have dougle today, and freddie is getting better.  Peep down to 10.

Eddie 7/11/2012 12:51:09 PM 
Praise god

Fred  7/11/2012 4:55:03 PM 
Freddie doing great. Dougle got peep down to 8 at 1:00pm!

Eddie 7/11/2012 4:56:45 PM 
Awesome   go dougle

Fred  7/11/2012 8:32:02 PM 
Freddie was doing fine sitting up and then started coughing about 7:30pm,  then d-sating into the low 80's.  Bagged a couple of times. Peep back up to  12, O2 to 100 now at 60%.  Lots of mucus. They ran out of directional  catheters earlier today from all excess use lately.  Better for now.
*RT Dougle Goes to Work on Freddie
Thursday, July 12th 2012

FB Post: 7/12/2012 7:53 PM Eddie Prayer Warrior Prayer Email

I’m happy to report that Freddie made some temporary progress yesterday from his distress over the last few days.  Freddie got his best RT back treating him yesterday, and made a turn for the better and was able to get down on the vent settings.  We have nicknamed this RT; “the walking bronch-machine”.  He is the most aggressive RT that we have now and never fails to get Freddie cleaned out and to the point of him being able to do pressure support when others haven’t.  This has been the pattern since we’ve been at 5A.  I tell him that the he needs to have the other RT’s learn from him and I suggested that we make video of his performance to show the others.  He just modestly laughs as he gets that stuff out of Freddie’s lung.  Dougle, you are the man.  I never will be able to thank you enough for what you have done for Freddie.

Although we are extremely disappointed in the WakeMed doctors that are in charge of Freddie’s care currently; we are very pleased and feel blessed by having some of the best nurses, aids and respiratory therapist one could have.  I can never express enough thanks to you for what you guys do for Freddie.  And I have to apologize to you all for the inexcusable situation surrounding Freddie and thank you for your excellent care that you give him day in and day out.  All that is going on has nothing to do with you. You do not deserve this and I am sorry that the events that are out of your control have come to the unnecessary point they have.  Thank you for all that you do for Freddie.
The same goes for the NP (nurse practitioner) that is trapped in between me and doctors.  See, Freddie’s current doctors practice from a distance by sending their NP to the floor to do their rounds with the patients of 5A and have her report back to them.  I assume that they read her reports and call the shots from where ever their office is.  Now she can make normal everyday decisions as to the basic care but is at the complete mercy of these doctor’s orders if they decide to change them.  And some decisions she can’t make at all.  She has repeatedly gone to the doctors on my behalf to request treatments (bronch-washes) for Freddie with only the same response; no.  See these bronch-washes have helped Freddie every time they have been utilized in Freddie’s care to enable him to breathe stronger over the vent and even be able to get off the vent.  That’s right, Freddie can breathe on his own off the vent when his lung is clean from mucus. You see, Freddie’s left lung had a hole in it from surgery that didn’t go as planned last June in 2011, when we were in PICU.  The director of pediatrics had to depend on the 5A doctors, as they just happen to be the “Intensivist” or WakeMed pulmonologists to treat Freddie.  Last year, when Freddie needed them the most, they decided that they would stop treating him.  That left  the director of pediatrics no alternative but to go outside of WakeMed to find a doctor to come in and do for Freddie what the 5A intensivist doctors that have Freddie now, wouldn’t do last year.  This fine pulmonologist from outside of WakeMed started doing weekly bronch-washes for Freddie and he was able to make great strides of improvement.  Last fall we were forced to move to 5A in order to protect Freddie from seasonal childhood respiratory diseases (rsv’s) that fill up PICU every fall.  The problem was; the only place in WakeMed’s hospital for Freddie to go to avoid the “rsv’s” was 5A, the home of the intensivists.  Of course, I questioned this from what these doctors had already done last year and was ASSURED that what had happened in PICU would NOT happen in 5A.  We could keep our outside doctor doing the weekly bronch-washes.  Along with assuring us that Freddie would get all treatments to help him with whatever he needed.  And that their focus was the same as ours and they would exhaust all efforts to get Freddie off the vent.

On December 23rd 2011, after completing a bronch-wash, this outside doctor said that the hole had healed and he didn’t feel that Freddie needed the weekly bronch-washes on a weekly basis,  but to have them done as needed and would be happy to come back in anytime they needed him to do them.  Freddie was able to move forward and breathe completely off the vent (vent trials) until the mucus in the lung started gaining ground to the point where he was unable to continue the vent trails.  For some reason, when this was happening the WakeMed 5A doctors told the NP to tell me that Freddie wouldn’t be getting the bronch-washes anymore.  I’m not going to discuss how this conversation went here, but it caused a breakdown in communication for a few of weeks till one day she and I were in Freddie’s room as his suffering had been escalating a great deal from the mucus buildup (basically drowning in his own mucus).  I as kindly as I could; expressed to her how I felt with Freddie having to suffer like this unnecessarily and she told me that “she” couldn’t make that decision.  I asked that I talk to the doctor that could, she said that she would attempt to set up an appointment with me and the doctor in charge.  Almost three weeks later I meet with the doctor in charge of the intensivist.  Again, as kindly as I could pleaded my case with him and he said that “he didn’t think that the bronch-washes were doing any good, but it wouldn’t hurt anything to do it” and told the NP to get with outside doctor and see when he could schedule one.  One week later on the anniversary of the wreck, March 6th 2012, Freddie got his ONE and ONLY bronch-wash since December 23rd 2011, and Freddie showed great improvement and was able to resume vent-trails again.  As time went on the mucus again slowed the progress gained down to where Freddie hasn’t even been able to do pressure support trials for about three months except a couple of times that RT Dougle, “the walking bronch-machine” has had him.

I need to point out, that during all this time I was also dealing with trying to get the physical therapy team to perform treatments that WakeMed’s PT department had refused to give Freddie earlier. I was also dealing with the social workers and DSS that were trying everything they could to keep me from getting Freddie’s Medicaid re-instated. If this had been successful it would have opened the door for WakeMed to remove my guardianship and make Freddie a ward of the state.

As things were heating up over the guardianship attempt, the doctors, without discussing with me, decided to stop the effort of trying to get Freddie off the vent and were trying to get him stable on it, in an effort to say he is stable and should go home. This had been tried before in PICU and failed at Freddie’s expense and this latest attempt has proved to be unnecessarily devastating for Freddie as well.  As I reported in the update the day before yesterday on Tuesday; Freddie has been having d-sating episodes increasing over last week that have become severe, LIFE THREATENING episodes over the weekend and have continued into this week. We haven’t seen these episodes since last year in PICU when the intensivists stopped giving Freddie the treatments that he needed.

BTW; it’s not only “me” (described by some making post on different sites as the “emotional, unrealistic, un-accepting, doctor hating, religious freak dad”) that has been saying this.  I had several medical professionals asking me; when are they going to do another bronch-wash?  Only for me to have to tell them; “I don’t know”, “I’m asking for them”, “I’m trying”.  Now, I know that by me saying this that there is a manager that is going to come down on the 5A staff like a ton of bricks, to stop all conversations from the 5A staff and me.  But you know what? I don’t think it could get any worse for Freddie than it is now and the TRUTH needs to be TOLD.

Does anybody else reading this see a pattern besides me?  When we do what has proven to help Freddie’s lung, damaged by pneumonia and surgery; he does better and progresses and is able to breathe without ventilator support.  When the doctors, for whatever reason say no to the bronch-washes, Freddie falls back and suffers unnecessarily.  This has been the pattern since we got to WakeMed on March 6th, 2011.  The debate has always been the same, whether to treat the lung or not because of what some feel they “know” what Freddie’s future from his other injuries, will be.  I don’t “know” and they don’t “know”.  But what I do “KNOW” is:

1. Freddie is here unexplained, by the grace of God and the heroic efforts of the first responders of Thanksgiving and Bethany FD’s, Selma EMS that chanced the rainy wet roads to get Freddie to the one place that might be able to save him, the WakeMed Trauma Center. This great effort continued right into and thru with the Neuro ICU Unit doctors, surgeons and all of the WakeMed nurses, aids and respiratory therapist in all the units including NICU, CICU, PICU and 5A that have worked their butts off for Freddie.

2. Freddie has been able to do what some said he would Never be able to.

3. Freddie does improve when WakeMed doctors does their job.

4. Freddie unnecessarily falls back when the WakeMed doctors don’t do their job and play God instead.

5. WakeMed is supposed to offer medical assistance to those in need of it.

6. The lung issue has nothing to do with the other injuries and should be treated as such; as recommended by the director of trauma last year.

7. We won’t ever “know” what Freddie will be able to do if we don’t give him the chance.  I wrote WakeMed PT, Rehab and 5A a letter in February after they said that they weren’t going to offer their PT services to him.  In it I quoted the statement on their signs they have flying outside the hospital. “BEST MINDS and BIGGEST HEARTS”.   And then I said, you can have the Best Minds and the Biggest Hearts in the world, but if you choose to close them, they don’t mean anything.  You guessed it, they never responded.

*Fred Trys to Help the Pray4Freddie Supportors Understand What is Really Going on with WakeMed and Freddie
Friday, July 13th 2012
Fred to Marcia  7/13/2012 12:47:50 PM
Hey, i hope you have been able to get back to some normalcy over the last week.  Im still not getting anything from the docs.  I was wondering if you had any thoughts and if you thought writing that letter to wakemed was still something needed to do.

Me  7/13/2012 12:56:57 PM
Perhaps you can make an attempt to reach out to david for suggestions and/or help with wakemed doctors not treating freddie and not addressing me.
Freddie's Grandmom Looses Her Best Friend from Childhood which is also Marcia's friend's Mom

Fred to Marcia 7/13/2012 3:29:35 PM Lauren's mom, betty jo just passed with a heart attack

Marcia 7/13/2012 3:36:57 PM
Fred to Eddie  7/13/2012 11:14:55 AM 
Rn says Freddie still stable.  Peep down to 8.  O2 at 50%.

Eddie 7/13/2012 11:17:10 AM 
Praise god
7/13/2012 Eddie 3:44 PM Prayer Warrior Prayer Email

Lord, we know that You are in control of all things. I feel there is a surge of healing about to take place at Wake Med. We have been praying for Freddie who has been a patient there for 16 months. Now Hugh, Kenneth, and Clint are patients. We pray for Your Healing Spirit to invade that hospital like never before. Supernatural healing for Freddie, for Hugh, for Kenneth, and for Clint. Supernatural healing to manifest spontaneously throughout the hallways of Wake Med. May the doctors, nurses, and staff sense Your Presence and be touched and demonstrate the compassion of Jesus. You are the Great Physician - You have Your ministering angels there and we thank You for all You are doing in the Mighty Name of Jesus we pray, AMEN!
Saturday, July 14th 2012
D-Sat: 7/14/2012 4:49:19 AM

Fred to Eddie 7/14/2012 4:49:19 AM

Rn said freddie d-sated after the rt got done with cough assist tonight with  residual mucus. Had to be 100% o2 for awhile. Back to 50% now. She thinks  peep is still at 8.
Monday, July 16th 2012
Fred to Eddie  7/16/2012 6:34:40 AM 

I had freddie sitting up for about 45 mins after doing stretches, Then laid him back and he started coughing and d-sating for about an hour after shift chance.  RT came and started the 8pm regiment and we got a lot of thick, sticky mucus up and freddies sats corrected and he got very comfortable and was able to sleep well.  Rn said he had a very good night.
When WakeMed attempted to take Fred’s guardianship of Freddie in June 2012; the matter became a world news story.  Several TV networks were calling us like ABC, CBS and CNN.  We weren’t taking the calls though.  Then ABC out of New York ran an incorrect, one sided story on ABCNews.com and YahooNews.com.  As soon as it hit the internet, the Pray4Freddie facebook page came under a vicious negative attack from readers that weren’t getting the whole story for a couple of days till ABC reporter corrected the news story.  Well, one could say; we learned our lesson.  So when we got a call that Fox News was to do a story about Freddie on their Sunday show; America’s News Headquarters and they had one of their legal contributors; Attorney David Gibbs lined up to talk on Freddie’s behaved; needless to say, we returned the call.

That’s when we met the fine man and Attorney David Gibbs and his outstanding colleagues.  Mr. Gibbs is the attorney who represented Terri Schiavo in the national “right to life” case that captured the world’s attention in the early to mid 2000’s.  I was telling him that I had learned right much about Terri’s case from reading a book named “Fighting for David”.  He asked; you read that book?  He said he knew the author very well and had endorsed the book.  We began talking about Freddie’s situation at WakeMed and all that had happened.  Mr. Gibbs commended our attorney Marcia Stewart on her efforts to fight off WakeMed’s legal attempts and offered his assistance for Freddie if we were to need it.

Well to my surprise; we were indeed going to need help for Freddie.  Just because the guardianship issue was over didn’t mean that WakeMed was going to treat Freddie.  They would just ignore my request and then just boldly tell me no.  So we reached out to Mr. Gibbs for help.

Hello David, this is Fred Lempe.  I need your help for Freddie.  The doctors are refusing to treat Freddie and he is getting worse as a result.  The news media has left message this morning wanting to do a follow up story.  I really feel that this is an opportunity to expose; that WakeMed won’t treat Freddie.  Marcia is tied up in her practice.  I don’t feel comfortable talking to any media without an attorney as; it’s obvious to me that WakeMed is hardening their hearts toward Freddie’s care and towards me. Please give me a call at your convenience.
*Fred Ask Attorney David Gibbs for His Help
Tuesday, July 17th 2012
Attorney, David Gibbs and Attorney, Teresa Nelson call and Fred explains how the WakeMed doctors are refusing to treat Freddie.  As we talked; Mr. Gibbs noticed that I had talked highly of Dr. Udekwu and his help with Freddie’s case.  He asked if I thought Dr. Udekwu would help the situation.  I reiterated that he had been the one that came in and saved Freddie in PICU back in August of 2011 but things were different now with hospital and we had different doctors.  But I went on with that; I thought he would help if he could but I didn’t know as he hadn’t done anything yet since my meeting with him.  David asks if I wanted to try to make more attempts at getting him to help first.  I agreed with giving this approach one more try.  David then said if I’m unable to get him to make the changes we needed, that he would be honored to represent Freddie and do all he could to help in matter.  I thanked him, Teresa and the whole Gibbs Law Firm for their willingness to help with Freddie and for all that they do for humanity.
*Attorney David Gibbs Calls and Agrees to Help Freddie
Wednesday, July 18th 2012
*Day 500 in WakeMed
7/18/2012 8:38:44 PM

Rn said that Freddie d-sated again down in the low 80s after shift change.  After rt came and cleaned out the mucus he recoverd.
*Freddie D-Sating Again
*No Word From Freddie's Doctors
7/18/2012 8:41:05 PM

Paged NP, Ally yesterday at 4pm and again this morning at 10am. Still no  return call or any word from Rhonda or Dr. Udekwu.
*Freddie D-Sating Again Twice
Thursday, July 19th 2012
7/19/2012 9:21:10 PM

Rn just called and said Freddie had bad d-sat in the low 80s.  They called  rt and had to bag and lavage and turn o2 up to 100% and will try to wean  thru the night. He's sating at 95 right now.

Freddie d-sated again when I was there. The RN and I were able to get mucus  out and she turned his o2 back up to 60% from 50%.
Friday, July 20th 2012
7/20/2012 11:31:17 AM

Rn just told me Freddie d-sated again this morning about 7:15am into the low  80s. Rt had to come and got alot of mucus out before he got stable.  O2 at  50% and sating at 95 now.  She said Freddie's NP, Ally made rounds and was  made aware of all d-sats and she made no comments or changes in orders.
*Another D-Sat, Doctors and Ally Do Nothing for Freddie
*Freddie's NP, Ally Finally Returns Calls
11:32:18 AM
I just paged NP, Ally again.
12:30:44 PM
Ally just called. Said her weekly updates to me will resume on Thursdays.  Said she would check with Rhonda and Dr. Feinson on: bronch-wash, stopping seizure meds, his conversation, commitment with Dr. Udekwu and monthly meetings with physicians, inform them that I want to have discussion about chest tubes and the fact that Dr. Matheis had helped in Freddie's care so graceously in PICU and possibly bringing him into Freddie's care now. Said  Dr. Fienson has been on and off vacation over the last couple of weeks but is on today and will be on next week.  Said she will call me with answers on bronch-wash and Feinson's commitment and plan.
Monday, July 23rd 2012
7/23/2012 12:18:41 PM

Just talked to RN.  More trouble with d-sating this morning. O2 at 65 now.
*More Trouble with D-Sating
*Freddie D-Sating All Morning / Still No Word from Docs
7/23/2012 3:51:46 PM

RN said Freddie has been d-sating all morning till 12:30pm. Good thing we  have Dougal to get him cleaned out as best as can.  Still no word from any doctor.  Just left message with Rhonda to see what Udekwu knows. Still no word from Ally.
Tuesday, July 24th 2012
*Freddie D-Sated Again this Morning
Fred 7/24/2012 9:49:27 AM
RN just told me that Freddie d-sated again this morning.  She said when she suctioned, she got a ton out. Dougal came and got even more out.  O2 up from  40 to 60.  She said he sounds wheezy.

Eddie 7/24/2012 10:02:51 AM
*Fred Called Dr. Udekwu's Assistant Rhonda Vincent
7/24/2012 10:08:20 AM

Just called and talked to Rhonda.  She said that Dr. Udekwu sent Dr. Feinson an email after July 2nd meeting.  Doesn't know if Feinson replied.  She hasn't been able to talk to Udekwu.  She talked to Ally yesterday at 4. and said Ally is trying to set a meeting with drs and us.  Maybe will know something on meeting this week. Rhonda to continue to try to talk to Udekwu.   Said if I havent heard anything from Feinson by next week, then try to talk to Udekwe.  Said she knew I wanted to find out about a meeting with Feinson.  I said; I really want to know what they are going to do to help Freddie.
Friday, July 27th 2012
*More D-Sating Today
7/25/2012 1:54:39 PM

Freddie d-sating at 1:54 pm, RT called to help him recover.
*Another D-Sat this Afternoon
7/25/2012 6:50:32 PM

Freddie had another d-sat episode at 6:50pm and RT now has him better.
Wednesday, July 25th 2012
*WakeMed Doctors Say NO to Freddie Getting Needed Treatment; "He's Doing Fine"
7/27/12 11:52:15 AM

I’m sad to report that Freddie's Nurse Practitioner, Ally informed me that  Dr. Feinson’s answer to Freddie getting a much needed bronch-wash was and  will be; NO. She went on to say that Freddie is stable and doing just fine  and there is no NEED for them. She said the doctors are considering  Freddie’s condition to be “chronic” and not requiring “acute” treatment.  When I asked her about the fact that Freddie has been unstable and d-sating  nearly every day July; she said that was ok and Freddie was not unstable,  that they see this all the time in 5A and this is the normal way they treat  the patients. She went on to say the bronch-washes weren’t doing any good  and that Freddie would always d-sat. I pointed out that when he has had them  he was able to improve and get off the vent. She said that it was a “treat  and crash” scenario. I corrected her by saying; “it is a treat and get  better, then decide NOT to treat and crash scenario”. That he has only had  only ONE bronch-wash since Christmas, which just happens to be the only time  since Christmas he was able to get off the vent. I asked her what their plan  for Freddie is; she reply; “stay the course…and if he develops an infection  they would then treat him for that”.
Saturday, July 28th 2012
*D-Sat at Shift Change
7/28/2012 7:04:29 PM

Freddie d-sated at 7:00pm, Rt got him doing better now.
*WakeMed Has NO Intentions of Helping Freddie with Needed Treatments
FB POST: 7-28-12, 9:22pm

As some of you that are following closely may remember from the second half  of my July 6th update; we had a meeting on July 2nd with the director of  trauma, Dr. Udekwu. Where he said that he would try to get Freddie’s current  doctor, Dr. Feinson, director of the intensivist; to treat Freddie with what  he needs to help him recover. You may also be very aware that Freddie has  not been doing well over the recent weeks by the other updates. In fact,  since July 2nd when this last effort was to made to get Freddie’s doctors to  offer their services to him; Freddie has d-sated nearly every day of the  last 26 days since Dr. Udekwu made this request to Freddie’s current Dr. Feinson.

After being giving the “run-a-round” and exhausting my efforts over the  last four weeks to get an answer from these doctors about their commitment  to treat Freddie. I’m sad to report that yesterday the Nurse Practitioner  informed me that Dr. Feinson’s answer to Freddie getting a much needed  bronch-wash was and will be; NO. She went on to say that Freddie is stable  and doing just fine and there is no NEED for them. She said the doctors are  considering Freddie’s condition to be “chronic” and not requiring “acute”  treatment. When I asked her about the fact that Freddie has been unstable  and d-sating nearly every day July; she said that was ok and Freddie was not  unstable, that they see this all the time in 5A and this is the normal way  they treat the patients. She went on to say the bronch-washes weren’t doing  any good and that Freddie would always d-sat. I pointed out that when he has  had them he was able to improve and get off the vent. She said that it was a  “treat and crash” scenario. I corrected her by saying; “it is a treat and  get better, then decide NOT to treat and crash scenario”. That he has only  had only ONE bronch-wash since Christmas, which just happens to be the only  time since Christmas he was able to get off the vent. I asked her what their  plan for Freddie is; she reply; “stay the course…and if he develops an  infection they would then treat him for that”. There is one of many problems  with “this plan” that she didn’t say; some infections CAN’T be stopped by  treatments!

I may need to remind or inform some of what d-sating is. D-sating is the  drop of oxygen in one’s blood. It is an observed vital; which means it has  to be within certain parameters in order for one to be classified as stable.  In other words; if his blood oxygen falls below the lower parameter of 90%,  one is considered to be in an unstable, life threatening situation. This  leads to one’s other vitals to compensate or react to the condition and puts  one at a very great risk of cardiac arrest, shock among other risk not to  mention organ and tissue damage.

Something that needs to made clear; Freddie’s left lung is the one issue  that is holding him back from getting off the vent and moving forward with  recovery. Freddie’s other issues and injuries are not even being treated. In  fact WakeMed hasn’t treated any of them now for about a year. This started  being the case along side of WakeMed’s PT department pulling out of  Freddie’s care and the current intensivist doctors refusing to treat Freddie  last year in PICU.

I need to point this out as well. After all the crude and ruthless  statements made by people reading only part of a misleading press report of  WakeMed’s attempt to take away my guardianship and the attacks of the  WakeMed supporters or pawns; Freddie is NOT brain dead, his is NOT a  vegetable and his is NOT non-responsive. If anything his is being held back  by the deliberate inaction of the WakeMed organization. And if anyone thinks  we should just “pull the plug” or “let him go”; let me just inform you that  if that were done; Freddie wouldn’t just go like you may think, it wouldn’t  just be over like that and we just go on with “our precious lives”. He is  not that bad off as what some may think. He would most definitely continue  to breathe on his own till his mucus drowned him if he didn’t go into  cardiac arrest first. BTW, this wouldn’t be the same as holding someone’s  head under the water either. It would be a lot slower and I mean, a slow,  long and hard struggle; because FREDDIE CAN BREATHE. It would probably go  more like this, they would take the vent off and he would be just fine as if  there were no problem. I know because we do it all the time with his  treatments. Then you would think; well he isn’t going to just die after all.  Then after a while you would see this look of “help me” come upon his face  as we see every time the mucus builds up in his lung. It would get worst and  worst and Freddie will start fighting to breathe harder and harder. His  heart rate will start going up and he would be trying to cough that junk up  and out of his lung in vain because there is a trach in his throat that  blocks him from being able to cough the mucus out. This would continue for  quite some time and as his blood oxygen continued to drop and his heart rate  continue to rise. You would see him fighting with everything he has, trying  to use his STOMACH muscles to get whatever air that he can. I’m not sure  what would actually get him first, the lack of oxygen to his brain, heart  attack or shock. I would hope that the lack of oxygen would make him pass  out first because he has a very strong heart.

Dear Lord, father in heaven. I first ask that You forgive these people, Im  afraid they know not what they are doing in your eyes. We put all of our  faith in You, regardless how desperate things look, no matter how hard the  hearts are hardened. We know you are in control and we pray for complete  protection and healing for Freddie. We pray that You will move in the hearts  of these doctors for Your will to be done here on earth as it is done in  Heaven.
Sunday, July 29th 2012
7/29/2012 12:44:39 PM

It's sounds ridiculous but yea, at this point; why not?  Freddie made it to lunch before having trouble today breathing over the mucus in his lung.  RT called to get him over it.

God Bless the RT"s and RN"s!

7-29-12,  3:18pm
Fred Asks the Question; Why Doesn’t WakeMed Just Treat Freddie?
*Freddie Had a D-Sat for Lunch Today
Monday, July 30th 2012
7/30/2012 2:22:11  PM

RN said Freddie was wide awake and alert this morning. They brought in his wheelchair this morning.  He was in it for about 45mins before he started d-sating and they had to put him back in bed and get his lungs clean.  He has been sleeping since.
Nurses had been complaining about Freddie's wheelcahair since January.   Nurses decided May 11th not to put Freddie in it anymore as it was a danger to him and that they nor I could get Physical Therapy to do anything about it.  So we are happy that today is the first day Freddie has been out of bed  since May.

May 11th 2012: Very Concerned RN Ask Fred if it OK to Not Get Freddie Out of Bed Because PT Has Refused to Address Freddie's Wheelchair Issues After Several Request.
*WakeMed Finally Gets Freddie a Wheelchair / More D-Sating
Pray4Freddie is on Twitter !
***No Word from Doctors - 2 Weeks since Dr. Udekwu to Ask Dr. Feinson to Treat Freddie
*Another Day of D-Sating for Freddie
Is it Freddie’s wheelchair or is it WakeMed’s?

You may read this and ask; what are you talking about?  Well, during the  months when WakeMed’s Social Workers were going after Freddie’s guardianship  with DSS’s help blocking Freddie’s application, Freddie’s nurses and I were  trying to get WakeMed’s PT to help with Freddie’s wheelchair because he had outgrown it.  With PT’s repeated refusal to address the issue from January  2012, on May 11th we, the nurses and I decided it would be safer for Freddie not  to get out bed until we could get the wheelchair issue resolved.

Twice, WakeMed’s Social Workers argued that they couldn’t get Freddie a  wheelchair because they didn’t have Medicaid to pay for it.  The first time  I heard this argued was to Dr. Udekwu on May 29th and the second time was when they were argueing in court to the judge for Freddie’s guardianship on June 26th.

So after the guardianship fight was over, Wakemed’s PT comes to measure  Freddie for a new wheelchair.  On theis day, July 30 2012, “Freddie’s” new  wheelchair arrives and Freddie is finally able to get out of bed for the  first time since May 2012.

So with such an issue to get this resolved, I asked Freddie’s NP, Ally; is  this Freddie’s chair?  She said yes.  I said yea, but is it Freddie’s, since you guys said you couldn’t get him one without him having Medicaid.  So, did his Medicaid buy this chair, is it Freddie’s?  She said, I don’t know, I will have to check on that and let you know.  She later came back with the answer that NO, that is not Freddie’s chair, that WakeMed bought that chair.

Quite some time later I found out that No, that the wheelchair company that had loaned him the other chair actually also loaned this chair.  So I ask;  what was the purpose of the aguements made and why did Freddie have to go 7 months without  proper equipment if it didn’t require Medicaid nor Wakemed’s purchase to get him what he needed?
*Is it Freddie’s Wheelchair or is it WakeMed’s?
Wednesday, August 1st 2012
August 2012
***WakeMed Demotes Dr. Pascal Udekwu, Director of Trauma for the last 27 Years
***WakeMed Buys the 30 Year Practice Out and Places Dr. Timothy Hart on Their Payroll
*WakeMed Stops All Doctors from Even Thinking About Helping Freddie.
WakeMed officially demotes Dr. Udekwu, Director of Trauma for 20 plus years  and buys out Dr. Hart's 30 yr. private practice and hires him on to WakeMed Physicians.
Supporters, Please understand we are overwhelmed with trying to get Freddie Help on several
fronts.  At times we have no choice but prioritize and leave the record updates until we get time to
post them.  There are a lot of them!  So please continue to follow and check back occasionally. 
Also, stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter as we will post updates and notices there as well. 
Again, we cannot express what your support and prayers means for Freddie and us.  Thank You
all and we will continue to trust in Our Lord’s Will to prevail regardless of WakeMed’s desires.
Thursday, August 2nd 2012
D-sated at 16:35 into the 70s

Large amounts very thick yellow mucus all day and at 23:00 treatment.
*More D-Sating and Lots of Mucus
Saturday, August 4th 2012
*Freddie is Still Having Excess Mucus / Turn Vent Rate Down
Still large amounts of thick yellow mucus.  RT turn breath rate down to 9  from 10 at 05:20.
Tuesday, August 7th 2012
*Freddie D-Sating Again
Freddie d-sated at 05:15. Rt came and turned o2 up from 45% to 60%. Turned down at 20:25 to 50%
*The Questions Fred and Eddie prepared for Dr. Feinson about the lack of communication and the Intensivist’s attitude towards Freddie that we asked and discussed during meeting:

WakeMed Director of Intensivists, Dr. Ted Feinson, NP, Ally Edmundson Mausey, CM, Stacie, Fred and Eddie

Dr. Feinson started out by talking to NP, Ally about how good Freddie is doing.  Then said Freddie is and has been doing fine.  Freddie doesn’t need a bronch-wash.  Said bronch-washes don’t do any good and are too risky.   Said the infection might spread. (He had said back in February that the  bronch-washes don’t hurt anything; when he allowed Dr. Hart to do the one in March) Then he said; “That bronch-washes really don’t have any benefit;  that his opinion is that they are just a way for doctors to get wealthy.”   (Well, this opinion sheds some light on why it’s been impossible for Freddie to get them while under his care.)

He said he didn’t know I wanted to talk to him.  But then didn’t have anything to say when I pointed out that the lady that took the complaint  notified him that I wanted to have a meeting with him May 10th or from Dr. UdeKwu reaching out to him on July 2nd; except that he may have not checked  his email right away….

He said the Intensivist never treated Freddie in PICU last year.  Said that  the Intensivist don’t treat patients in PICU; that Dr. Hart actually was the pulmonary doctor for PICU and that they just filled in when Dr. Hart wasn’t able.  I pointed out to him that I was there and I know what Dr. Piehl was doing to try to get Freddie help from the Intensivist and they refused.  It was then when Dr. Piehl reached out to Dr. Udekwu and with his recommendations that he went out, found and asked Dr. Hart to come treat  Freddie, which enable him to make progress during this time, instead of being left to die in PICU without treatment.

He said that Dr. Hart is now working for WakeMed Physicians as of the first of August.  He said he would talk to Dr. Hart to see “if he felt doing the bronch-washes were still warranted.”  I pointed out that Dr. Hart said in March; that he didn’t have a problem doing them; that he would be more than happy to come and do them anytime when the Intensivist ask him.

He said there is no need for chest tubes.  Said the chest tubes would do no good and that putting chest tubes in will cause infection.  Said the body fluid in Freddie’s chest has jelled.  Then said that body fluid jells in two weeks.

Said Freddie’s upper lung lobe isn’t going to get better, it’s been too long.  (Which has been my point all along; why are we waiting?)  He said  that the lung has always been a problem since Freddie was brought to WakeMed.  I told him what was said about how the upper lobe was good when they wanted to take out the lower lobe to rid the pneumonia.  They said that taken the lower lobe out will allow the upper healthy lobe to expand out and Freddie would be on his way down recovery road.  That it was the hole in his lung from the surgery that caused the problems but has healed over and nothing has been done to help Freddie with it since Christmas.  So I then  asked; at what point do we take the lung out, then?  He said that no doctor will remove the upper lobe. I asked; even if needed to save his life?  I  pointed out that Dr. Udekwu has said that the lung may very well at some point, need to be taken out if it doesn’t get better.  He said at this  point; no WakeMed doctor would put a knife on Freddie, whether putting in chest tubes or removing the lung.

I told him that it was crucial to make every attempt to get Freddie off the vent.  Because with his injuries and being on the vent, the statistics show that his life expectancy would be reduced to 3-5 years and we are going on a year and a half in WakeMed, not doing anything to help his lung since Christmas.  That if we did everything we could and Freddie could get off the vent that he may have a chance at recovery. But we would never know if we didn’t try.  I went on and said; that all this talk about “risk of  infection", being the reason for them not to treat Freddie with what has helped him; is ridiculous.   I said that; “I would rather go down trying as opposed to not doing anything.”  At least we would give him a chance at recovery.

He and Ally said that they are going to continue to try to ween Freddie off  the vent.  He seemed to get interested in the ideal of the fact; if Freddie was able to get off the vent; it would open some doors for Freddie to possibly being able to go to another facility that may be able to offer him help.  I told him that; from I have seen, that it would take a physician to make an honest and “optimistic” attempt for a facility that could offer Freddie the help he needs, to consider taking him.  He acted like he had no influence as a physician, which just happens to be the Director of the doctors that care for Freddie.
Wednesday, August 8th 2012
Freddie d-sated down to 80 at 20:10. RN bagged him and turned o2 to 100%,  called RT and got a lot of mucus out.  Turned o2 down to 80% at 20:50.
*Freddie D-Sating Again
Thursday, August 9th 2012
*Freddie Had to Go Back to Bed Early for D-Sating
Freddie had to be put back to bed early because of d-sating and o2 is still  turned up to 100%.
*Freddie D-Sated After Exercise
Freddie started d-sating about 19:00 after exercices and rotation turned back on. O2 at 60%.
Friday, August 10th 2012
*Freddie D-Sated Last Night
Rn reported that Freddie d-sated last nght. But rt came and got him better.
Saturday August 11th 2012
*D-Sating Again
Freddie d-sating at 07:10. O2 up to 100%.  Large amount thick yellow mucus.
*RN Gets Freddie a New Bed
Needless to say Freddie has worn out a few beds and has been in this one probably longer than any other.  His RN today, noticed that this one didn't  seem to be working properly and took action to get him a new one.
Thank You *, :)
Sunday August 12th 2012
*Lots of Mucus and D-Sating
Lots of thick mucus today.  D-sated at 19:00.  RT came and we got out a lot of thick mucus.  Night shift RT then took over and we repeated and got lots out again.
*Freddie Appears to be Tired and HR Elevated
Freddie appears to be tired and his heart rate is running up in 65-80 range  with frequent spikes in the 80-100.  His daytime norm has been 50 to 60s.

Lord, we trust You and Your will.  Thank You for Your continued blessings  and protection for Freddie.
Monday August 13th 2012
*Attorney David Gibbs Writes Letter to WakeMed
David asks WakeMed to please respond in 10 days for his request for a meeting.

WakeMed's CMO, West Lawson ignores David's request and writes letter to Fred on September 4th.
*Lots of Mucus and D-Sating
Still the same with excess mucus. D-sated again about 17:00.  RT, had to  come and bag and suction Freddie.
*Still D-Sating / Still Tired / HR Better / WheelChair Problems
Freddie coughing alot, d-sated again at 19:00. Night RT came started routine.  HR better today. Freddie still
looks tired. He ran low temp again during the night.  RN, said she was going to ask PT for the chair to
be adjusted and ask for arm rest cushions. Tech complains that Freddie is still too big and this chair doesn't fit him.  Freddie
has a pressure point on left elbow from uncushioned arm rest tray bolt.  RN place a bandage on elbow.
Tuesday August 14th 2012
*RT Called- Freddie D-Sating
RT called at 04:20 for Freddie d-sating and did full routine to get his sats  back up 96%.
*Flaw with Ventilators
RN, and Tech was getting Freddie back to bed.  Freddie started having a lot  of destress breathing.  Then afterwards, pressures in mid 20s up to 40s.   Breath Rate around 20.  Fish out of water breathing. Heart Rate at 100 to  120.  I notified RN and she called RT. RT came and started routine and we  then got tons of thick mucus out..  Then I noticed the vent had stopped  picking up on Freddie's initiated breathes.  When this happens, the vent  only delievers the set rate (7) and doesn't pick up on the breathes Freddie  is trying to take.  I mentioned this to him; that the last time I saw this  happen, the vent filters were stopped up.  He then saw what I was talking  about and changed the filter. Freddie immediatly started to recover and was  able to get his 20 some breaths he was trying to get.

I don't know why, but when this happens, there is no indication or alarm by  the machine to make it known that it is taking place and often is the last  thing figured out to be the problem by some.  I hope the manufacturer finds  a solution to this. Because it is very hard on the patient with it being  possible that no one know till they happen to check in and see it.

Freddie then started doing much better and was relaxed.
Monday, August 6th 2012
Fred to Eddie  8/6/2012 10:34:38 AM
Dougal was on 7-31-12

Last update was actually 8-2-12...not 8-1-11.

Still large amounts of thick yellow mucus through 8-4-12

8-4-12: rate turned down to 9 from 10 at 05:20

8-7-12 10:30 AM
Dr Feinson Meeting
1- Why has the Intesivist repeatedly chosen to have a negative attitude towards Freddie’s care at WakeMed?

2- Why has the Intesivist repeatedly refused to treat Freddie with treatments that have proven to help him in the effort to get him off the vent?

3- Why did the Intensivist stop and refuse to treat Freddie last August, 2012; 1 year ago in PICU?

4- Why has the Intensivist continue to refuse Freddie treatments again this year since they took back over Freddie’s care since Christmas, 2011; When Dr. Hart said the hole in Freddie’s lung had healed and Bronch-washes need to be done on as needed basis?

5- Why did I have to request a special meeting with you in February 2012 to get the Intesivist to authorized Dr. Hart to give Freddie one Bronch-Wash on March 6th, 2012?

6- Why have the Intesivist refused to allow Dr. Hart to give Freddie another Bronch-Wash since; knowing that this one Bronch-Wash helped Freddie be able to off the vent; but has steadily been more and more unable to do so since because of the mucus buildup?

7- Why do your doctors of the Intensivist say they have no intention of doing anything to help Freddie’s left lung recover?

8- Why would the Intensivist allow a patient of WakeMed lie in the hospital for a half of a year without trying to help that patient recover with the knowledge and resources available to them that have proven to help that patient (Freddie) in the past, when utilized?

9- Why have you refused to communicate with me, Fred Lempe, Freddie’s Father since the last special meeting in February, 2012?  Why did you not respond to the formal complaint made on May 10th 2012; where you were notified and asked to contact me to address the serious issues of concern for Freddie care?

10- Why have you refused the address the request of Dr. Udekwu, Director of Trauma after my meetings with him on May 29th and July 2nd, 2012; to treat Freddie with what is available to help him and to correct the very serious problem of the lack of communication?

11- Why has there has been a huge communication gap since Freddie has been in 5A? The only time that Fred has spoken to a doctor is once with Dr Feinson in Feb, once each with 2 doctors when Alley was on vacation.

Other Issues and Questions:

1- NP, Alley says that the vent settings are being reduced when Freddie is stable enough to reduce them. What is the ultimate goal for Freddie? Is it to ween him off the vent?

2- When is a bronch-wash scheduled for Freddie?  History confirms that Freddie thrives after each bronch is done.

3- If Intensivist don’t want to aggressively treat Freddie then move him to an area of WakeMed that will be aggressive.  Why is there a negative attitude on aggressively treating Freddie?

4- What are the side effects of the medications?

5- What are the drugs that Freddie is getting that reduce his ability to breathe on his own?

6- What are the drugs that Freddie is getting that cause his muscles to relax? 

7- What doctors specialize in seizures?

8- When can he get chest tubes to eliminate any fluids in the chest cavity?
***The Meeting with Freddie’s Doctor, Dr. Ted Feinson
***First Meeting with Freddie’s Doctor, Dr. Ted Feinson since the only Other One in February
8/7/2012  1:38 PM

Lord, we thank You for this meeting. Thank You for turning the Intensivist’s heart towards You and Your Will.  We pray that Fred’s words will resonate in the intensivist’s heart.  That he will act with the compassion of Jesus.  We praise You for the good reports - Your Reports that we will hear.  We lift Justin and his family up to You.  Thank You for a spirit of peace surrounding them.  Lord, You know ALL things - we pray for healing and love. We lift up the child from Elm City. We pray for a miraculous healing to manifest - no brain damage - complete recovery in the Mighty Name of Jesus.  We stand firm on Your Word that cannot return to You void.  We lift up the family of Walter.  May Your peace and love surround them.  May they draw closer to You.  We pray in the name of Jesus, AMEN!
*Eddie Prayer Warrior Prayer
Wednesday August 15th 2012
*Couple of More D-Sats and Sinuses
RN reported that Freddie had d-dated a couple of times earlier and had to be  bagged.
She said that he is having sinus drainage again. HR in the 50s.
Thursday, August 16th 2012
*Feeding Tube Stopped Up
Rn, reported that Freddie's feeding tube is stopped up again and she called dr. They are going to change it out this
*Freddie D-Sating Again - O2 up 100% - PEEP TURNED UP TO 10
Freddie d-sating again, O2 turned up to 100% from 50%, peep up to 10 from 8
***NP, Ally Edmundson Mauzey's Weekly Update and Dr. Hart's New Found Attitude Towards Freddie
NP, Ally just called and said Dr. Hart said NO to bronch-washes.  That he didn't feel that Freddie needed bronch-washes because he is and has been doing fine.  When I questioned her how he could possibly think and say this, she said; I'll have him call you.

She said that two Neuro docs were to see Freddie. Said that she had turned his vent breathe rate down to 7.  And that Dr. Wall was to change out Freddie's feeding tube beause of it had become clogged.
***Ally's Says Freddie "Is Doing Fine" and Dr. Hart's Says NO Bronch Wash for Freddie: 2:45 PM
*O2 and peep turned down
8/16/2012 4:45:03 PM
O2 turned down to 50%, peep down to 8
***Dr. Hart  Says Freddie "Is Doing Fine" and NO Bronch Wash for Freddie
***WakeMed’s Dr. Hart Gives Freddie the Death Sentence or Take Him Somewhere  Else: 4:36 PM
Dr. Hart Called and said that Freddie is doing fine and that he didn’t think that doing the bronch-washes would help Freddie’s lung.  I asked how he came to the conclusion that Freddie was doing fine.  He said that he had looked at Freddie’s chart, talked to nurse; listen to his chest and everything seemed  fine with Freddie and that; the mucus was not causing any problems.  I informed him that Freddie had indeed been having lots of problems with mucus  build up.  As a matter of fact he has d-sated nearly every day in July and  August of 2012 and some were very bad episodes.  He replied that the bronch washes wouldn’t help with that.  I pointed out to him that the bronch-washes  had indeed helped him everytime they were done.  That Freddie was able to get off the vent when he was doing them up to Christmas, then when the mucus started building up that Freddie wasn’t able to do them.  That I finally got  Dr, Feinson to agreed to allow you to come in and do it on March, 6th 2012  and Freddie responded very well and was able to get off the vent again till the mucus built back up and he wasn’t able to do the vent trials anymore and  then wasn’t even able to the pressure support trials anymore.   He said  Freddie will never be able to breathe.  I said yea if we don’t do anything.   He said that Freddie won’t ever be able to breathe because of his brain  injury.  I asked; why did they do the surgery in the first place last year  if he wasn’t “ever going to be able to breathe”?   He said they did it for  you.  I said I didn’t even want the surgery, I wanted to do more of what had  been working, but they wanted a quick fix, they said that the upper lobe was  fine and if they removed the lower lobe that would rid Freddie from the  pneumonia and Freddie would be good to go.  He said well I can’t speak for  them.  I asked; why did you come in and do all they bronch washes?

I told him that the one and only thing that has stopped Freddie from  breathing since we got WakeMed has been when the mucus builds up.  When we  do more to get him clean and breathing more he progresses, when we do less  he falls back and gets more dependent on the vent.  He said that that lung won’t ever get any better.  I asked; so then when do we take that lung out?   He said; nobody is going to touch Freddie to do a surgery.  I asked why they  wouldn’t.  He replied it would probably kill him.  I said; he is going to die if we don’t do anything.  Wouldn’t it be better to try to help him to  give him a chance to make it?  So you’re telling me that if Freddie needs a  surgery to help him that WakeMed isn’t going to do it; even to save his  life?  You’re just going to let the lung rot away in his chest till it kills  him?  He said look; he is going to die anyway.  He went on and said; for you to have said anything bad about WakeMed is wrong.  He said; you need to take Freddie somewhere else, to another hospital and try to find some doctors that will treat him.  I said; welcome to WakeMed.  And I finished this conversation with; God bless you Dr. Hart.
Friday, August 17th 2012
*Another Tough Day of D-Sating for Freddie
5:00:00 AM
Freddie d-sating, o2 up from 50 to 100%. Still large amount thick mucus.

7:00:00 AM
Freddie d-sating

8:00:00 AM
Freddie d-sating

9:00:00 AM
Freddie d-sating

10:00:00 AM
Freddie d-sating

11:00:00 AM
Freddie d-sating, turned peep up to 10 from 8

12:00:00 AM
Freddie d-sating

12:50:00 PM
O2 down to 50%, peep down to 8 from 10

5:49:00 PM
RN, said Freddie had a hard time with d-sating nearly all morning.  They  turn peep up to 10 from 8.  Said PA Ally made her rounds. And she thought  Dr. from PICU stopped by....

8:40 PM
Large amount thick mucus

9:42 PM
O2 at 50%, peep at 8, Ppeek pressures in 20s, rate at 7 and initiating 14  breaths per min.

9:59 PM
One of the RNs said Freddie has had them scarred.

11:45 PM
Large amount thick yellow mucus.
HR has been going down into the 30s during the day, the last couple of days.   But seems to be normal at night.

3:55 AM
O2 at 50%, large amount thick yellow mucus

8:22 AM
O2 down from 50 to 40%. Large amount thick yellow mucus

2:25 PM
O2 at 40%, large amount thick yellow mucus

8:55 PM
O2 at 40%, large amount thick yellow mucus

11:25 PM
O2 at 40%, large amount thick yellow mucus
Saturday, August 18th 2012
*Lots of Thick Mucus and Low Heart Rates
Monday, August 20th 2012
***WakeMed Has 2 Neuro Doctors See Freddie
***5 Months Since Last Bronch Wash - "to be done as needed"
***4 Months Since Last Bronch Wash - "to be done as needed"
Help Freddie
Healthcare Timeline
Freddie in the News
*Freddie D-Sating Multiple Nearly Everday in July
*Freddie D-Sating Multiple Nearly Everday in August
Timeline Continues In 2012
Timeline Continues In 2012
Freddie's doctor, Dr. Hart that had to be asked by the Director of  Pediatrics, Dr. Piehl to come in and treat Freddie's lungs last year when  the Intesivist refused to come and treat him in PICU, became an employee of  WakeMed today.

You would think this would be a good thing for Freddie, as this doctor came  in and helped him when the WakeMed doctors wouldn't.  He helped Freddie all  the way up till the hole in Freddie's lung healed at Christmas.  He said  that he felt that the bronch-washes didn't need to be done on a weekly, but  "as needed" basis.  He performed one more on the anniversay of Freddie's  wreck, March 6th.  Where he said; that he would be more than willung to come in anytime to perform the broch-washes anytime Freddie needed them, anytime  the Intensivist asked him to.

Well.  I guess becoming an employee of WakeMed has had an impact on this man's previous opinion on Freddie's medical "needs", because he now shares the same opinion of his new WakeMed collegues.

I would like to extend a personal congradulations to this man Dr. Hart on his new career at WakeMed.

I will tell him again what was the last thing I told him on the phone the other day when he was telling me Freddie is doing just fine and needed nothing from him; May God Bless you, Dr. Hart.
*FB POST: Dr. Hart Becomes an Employee of WakeMed
Sunday, August 19th 2012
*Low Heart Rates and Thick Mucus
4:15:00 AM
large amount thick yellow mucus

5:45:00 PM
large amount thick yellow mucus

8:25:00 PM
large amount thick yellow mucus

9:32:00 PM
RN said Freddie’s hr has been going down into the 30s during the day, the last couple of days.  But seems to be normal at night.

11:40:00 PM
Moderate amount thick yellow mucus
D-Sat: 8/20/2012
RN said Freddie d-sated overnight
Tuesday, August 21st 2012
*Another Hard Day for Freddie with Mucus - WakeMed Docs Say and Do Nothing Except Turn Vent Up
2:05:00 AM, Freddie d-sating in the 70s, RN called RT because Freddie d-sating into the 70s.  Freddie was extremely uncomfortable.  BR set at 7 bpm, large amt thick yellow. Sats up to 90%.

06:45:00 AM, rn tild me freddie d-sated overnight but is better now.

10:21:00 AM, Freddie d-sating in the 70s, mod amt thin yellow

1:11:00 PM, Freddie d-sating in the 70s, mod amt thin yellow, breath rate turned up to 14 bpm.

5:05:00 PM, mod amt thin yellow

6:00:00 PM, 18:00, RN said that Dr. I just saw leaving was called because Freddie had d-sated three times today down in the low 70s.  Dr. Donavatal decided to turn Freddie’s breath rate up to 14 from 7 and leave it overnight.

8:00:00 PM, Freddie did good through all exercises.  Then started making weird noises in throat.  Pressures started increasing into 30s then 40s then setting off alarms at 45.  Sats fell from 97 to mid 80s.  RN called RT and did routine, twice, treatment and changed filters.  Turned o2 up to 50%.

8:40:00 PM, sats started rising, now at 96.

8:54:00 PM, D-sating again at 87.

9:09:00 PM, another rt came more suctioning and quad coughing, o2 up to 100%, had to bag. Now o2 back down to 50 and sating 95.

9:14:00 PM, D-sating again in the 80s

9:17:00 PM, 3 RTs and RN and tech. More cough assist, and more mucus.  Trying to change position. o2 up to 100 now, o2 at 60%.

9:25:00 PM, Pressures up again at the 30s.  They put pillow under to keep left lung down. O2 still at 60. Sating at 100 now.
Wednesday, August 22nd 2012
*More D-Sating Trouble
9:45:00 PM, RN in with Freddie trying to stabilize him from d-sating after RT regiment. Had to leave o2 at 100%.  No rotating and pillow under right side.
12:00 pm, RN reports Freddie is now doing better but o2 still 75%.
Thursday, August 23rd 2012
*More D-Sating and Peep Up To 12 / No Call from Freddie's NP, Ally Today
11:41:00 AM, RN said Freddie is d-sating again this morning, o2 at 100%.  His RN is working with him now and she will have her call me.

12:50:00 PM, RN, is still busy.  I was told again they were having trouble with him this morning and they were not able to get Freddie up, out of bed, but is doing ok right now.

6:50:00 PM, RN said Freddie is doing fine now.  I asked her about earlier she said yea, we had some problems.  I asked if he was able to get out bed, she said no.

8:58:00 PM, Peep turned up to 12 from 8. BR turned down to 6 from 8 bpm.
No call from Freddie's Intensivist's NP, Ally with update today.
Friday, August 24th 2012
8/24/2012 Fred to Eddie
Fred  8/24/2012 11:05:46 AM
06:68, talked to rn, said freddie doing fine and had no problems through nite.

Fred   8/24/2012 11:10:55 AM
Just talked to rn, said freddie is doing good with no problems and no d-sats.  His hr dropped a little when they got him up in chair but is back up in 50s now.

Fred   8/24/2012 4:40:47 PM
Just talkt to rn, said everything is fine, no problems, no d-sats.  I asked how he did in chair, fine, he sat up for about two hrs.  Nothing to report.
Saturday, August 25th 2012
8/25/2012 Fred to Eddie

2:30:39 PM  Rn, said freddie did good in chair from 10 til 12.  Then d-sated. Called rt and they worked on him for about 20 mins to get him stable.  Said lots of mucus, lots of suctioning. Hr was elevated.  Better now and hr back to norm.
*More D-Sating
Sunday, August 26th 2012
Freddie experiencing low heart rates and body temps at 94
*Low Heart Rate and Body Temps
Monday, August 27th 2012
Fred to Eddie  8/27/2012 10:35:52 PM
Low hr and body temps over the last couple of days.  Rn said his temp got down to 94 last night and he had a little d-sat at shift change tonight.  Rt came and cough assist and doing good now. Hr on 60s.
*Low Heart Rate / Body Temps and D-Sat
Wednesday, August 29th 2012
Fred to Eddie  8/29/2012 6:17:31 PM
Rn just reported freddie d-sated twice today about time ti get up ti chair. So the decided not to get him up today. Hr n temp good today. Hr at 66 now
*Freddie D-Sated Twice Today - Can't Get Him out of Bed
Thursday, August 30th 2012
NP, Ally with Freddie's doctors, the Intensivist did not call today with an update on Freddie's condition or treatments for this week.
*No Update from Freddie's NP, Ally Today
Friday, August 31st 2012
8:18:00 PM, RT turned breath rate down to 5 from 6 and o2 down to 35 from 50%.
*Freddie Doing Much Better
Tuesday, August 28th 2012
*WakeMed CMO West Lawson Has Freddie Re-Evaluated for NO Reason
*Dr. Glenn's reason for Freddie being Neurologically Re-Evaluated on August 28th
*CMO West Lawson Letter on September 4th - He wants another Pulmonary Consult done.
WakeMed's CMO West Lawson received Attorney David Gibbs' Letter from August 13th.  He in return writes Fred a letter on September 4th stating that he wants Freddie's pulmonary consult updated and was in the process of having that done.  Dr. Hayes' consult had already been discarded by Dir. of Trauma, Dr. Udekwu on July 2nd and he said we needed and was going to try to get Dr. Feinson to treat Freddie with what he needed and was working to help him, right before CMO West Lawson demoted him on August 1st. 

Freddie had also already been evaluated in April by Neurologist, Dr. Zinn who opposed their evaluation and medicine changes.  However, WakeMed's attorney, Mr. Fostner told attorney David Gibbs that they wanted Freddie to have these evaluations done before they would agree to meet with us, that still to this date (February 2014) has not occured.  Below is the Nuero re-evaluation and the quote from WakeMed's CMO, West Lawson's letter that he statement about the Pulminary consult being updated.

This was total manipulation of Freddie's healthcare for the sole purpose of WakeMed's interest, Not what Freddie needed or still needs today.
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