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Saturday, September 1st 2012
September 2012
Supporters, Please understand we are overwhelmed with trying to get Freddie Help on several
fronts.  At times we have no choice but prioritize and leave the record updates until we get time to
post them.  There are a lot of them!  So please continue to follow and check back occasionally. 
Also, stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter as we will post updates and notices there as well. 
Again, we cannot express what your support and prayers means for Freddie and us.  Thank You
all and we will continue to trust in Our Lordís Will to prevail regardless of WakeMedís desires.
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Healthcare Timeline
Freddie in the News
9/1/2012 Eddie
Fred to Eddie  9/1/2012 8:18:53 PM
7-31-12, rt turned breathe rate down to 5 from 6 and o2 down to 35 from 50%.

9-1-12 13:00, rn, said freddie doing good

Eddie 8:21:12 PM

Fred  8:27:18 PM
We just got done exercising and did good and some movements returning.

Eddie 8:34:31 PM
Praise god

Fred  8:37:28 PM
Amen eddie, hopefully we r going to see a turning point.

Eddie 8:43:29 PM
*Freddie Doing Better
Sunday, September 2nd 2012
Fred to Eddie 9/2/2012
7:00:00 AM, Freddie d-sating, o2 turned up to 100%
8:00:00 AM, Freddie d-sating

Fred  9/2/2012 9:28:30 AM
Rn said freddie had rough night with d-sats.  O2 turned back up and they are trying to wean back down this morning.

Fred  9/2/2012 3:39:55 PM
Rn said freddie doing better, o2 was at 85 now at 80%.

Fred  9/2/2012 7:07:59 PM
O2  down to 70
*Bad Day for Freddie, D-Sating Again
Monday, September 3rd 2012
Fred to Eddie  9/3/2012 4:43:14 PM
Rn said freddie had more trouble d-sating today. They turned rate up to 10, o2 is at 60% and ps is still at 12.
*More Trouble with D-Sating
Tuesday, September 4th 2012
Fred  9/4/2012 4:26:47 PM
I just received a message from WakeMed that they are sending a response letter. And leaving a copy with Freddie's nurses.
*WakeMed CMO, West Lawson Writes Letter to Fred
Wednesday, September 5th 2012
Fred to Eddie  9/5/2012 11:36:38 AM
Called betty bunn with jc dss and left message. Case worker tammy hunt called back and said freddie's coverage  is in effect till nov.  That i should receive a notice to review in oct.  Freddie was not covered jan and feb.   That freddie was admitted as i minor and the unpaid bills will be sent to parent, even though he turned 18 in  oct.
*JC DSS - Says Freddie covered untill Nov
Thursday, September 6th 2012
Fred to Eddie  9/6/2012 2:15:40 PM
Just received phone message from female dr. Johnson.  She said that she was calling to give me update on  freddie.  Said that everything is the same, and their treatment will remain the same, nothing has changed.
* Dr. Johnson Calls - WakeMed Intensivist's Treatments for Freddie Will Remain the Same
Friday, September 7th 2012
Fred to Eddie  9/7/2012 1:20:09 PM
Attorney just called and said WakeMed kicked the authorization form back due to techincality.  She has it fixed  and sending to me to sign and send back to her. Said she will fax to WakeMed's attorney and we should be having meeting next week.
*WakeMed Kicks Back Authorization on Technicality - Should Be Having Meeting Next Week
Monday, September 10th 2012
Fred to Eddie  9/10/2012 8:04:59 AM
Rn said freddie had a d-sat overnight. They turned o2 up. Then able to turn back down, better now
Tuesday, September 11th 2012
Fred to Eddie  9/11/2012 8:00:43 PM
Rn gave freddie the flue shot today.

Eddie 8:02:18 PM

Fred  9/11/2012 8:06:19 PM
Just got done exercising. Freddie's vent pressures went up towards end.  Then started setting the vent alarms  off.  Rn came in and suctioned.  Then freddie d-sated a little. Then pressures were back up and setting alarms off again. Rn came back and suctioned again.  Then called rt.  Rt did roitine, changed filters. Pressures a  little better, mid to high 20s.
Wednesday, September 12th 2012
Fred to Eddie  9/12/2012 3:02:14 PM
Rn just said that freddie is ok, nothing major. No bagging or anything, just normal stuff.  They put him  back in bed when they tried to get him up today because his heart rate dropped into the low 30s.  They just  now put him up in the chair position in the bed.
Thursday, September 13th 2012
Fred to Eddie  9/13/2012 10:10:18 AM
Rn said freddies temp low.  They have wrapped him up in blanket.

Fred to Eddie  9/13/2012 5:03:50 PM
Just received phone message from dr johnson again this week.  She said; everything is stable, and they  will continue with same.
* Dr. Johnson Calls - WakeMed Intensivist's Treatments for Freddie Will Remain the Same
*Low Temp
Friday, September 14th 2012
Fred to Eddie  9/14/2012 5:57:24 PM
Rn said freddie had a good day. No d-sats. Temp and hr have beem norm all day.
*RN said Freddie Had A Good Day - Temp Back to Norm
Saturday, September 15th 2012
Fred to Eddie  9/15/2012 9:31:34 PM
freddie has been d-sating a lot this week.  RT was able to o2 down to 35 from 40.   Rate still at 10, peep at 8, ps still at 12.  Freddie virals look good hr in 60s, sats at mid to high 90s,  temp good but bp was checked three times and all were in low 80s.
*Freddie Has been D-Sating A Lot this Week - Low BP
Monday, September 17th 2012
Fred to Eddie  9/17/2012 5:49:31 PM
rn said freddie d-sated this morning, they turned o2 up, but have been able to get it down to 40%  now.
*D-Sating this Morning - O2 Turned Up
Wednesday, September 19th 2012
Fred to Eddie  9/19/2012 6:39:34 AM

05:30, Rn said freddie's rn was busy, but freddie had a lot better night than last night.

06:30am, Rn, said freddie had good night till about 6am, he d-sated like he does every morning about that  time.  Said they got his sats back up now, didnt make any changes to vent settings.  Temp, bp and hr were good  through night.

6:30pm, Rn said freddie d-sated this afternoon but better now.
*Freddie D-Sating Every Morning and This Afternoon
Thursday, September 20th 2012
Fred to Eddie 9/20/2012 3:52:18 PM

Intensivist, dr. lakey just called to give update on freddie, then paused without giving me an update and said for me to call back at my convenience for the update.  But, he didnt give me a number to call.
* Dr. Lakey Calls to Give Update, Doesn't and Asked to be Called Back without Leaving A Number
Sunday, September 23rd 2012
Fred to Eddie  9/23/2012 9:25:15 PM

Rn said freddie d-sated earlier, had to be bagged. Said better now, just has a lot of secretions/mucus.
*Freddie D-Sating - Lots of Mucus
Monday, September 24th 2012
Fred to Eddie  9/24/2012 3:44:27 PM
05:20, rn said freddie d-sated this morning, they suctioned and got him better.

Fred  9/24/2012 3:47:23 PM
Rn said freddie was in chair about 1.5 hrs and started d-sating, they put him to bed and suctioned and is better now.
*Freddie D-Sating
Tuesday, September 25th 2012
Fre to Eddie  9/25/2012 7:44:45 AM
06:20am, Rn said freddie d-sated in the night.  Rt came and got a lot of mucus out and turned o2 up to 50, to help him rest.

Fred  9/25/2012 4:53:04 PM
4:15pm, rn said she had a hard time keeping freddie from d-sating this morning.  But he has been ok since about 9:30.  She  said she decided not to him up today ans just sat him up in bed.
*Freddie D-Sating Again - RNs RTs Having Hard Time - O2 Up Lots of Musus - No Getting Out of Bed
***This meeting still has Not taken place to this Date (February 2014)
WakeMed's attorney, Mr. Fostner said that WakeMed was wanting to


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Thursday , October 25th 2012
*Day 600 at WakeMed
Wednesday, December 19th 2012
WakeMed Pays $8 Million to End Medicare Fraud Investigation for Falsifying Medicare Documents
  6- 8 Months Since Last Bronch Wash
  8- WakeMed CMO Brings Back His Go To Doc, Dr. David Allen Hayes
  8- WakeMed.s Attorney Sayes Dr. Hayes Wants to Talk to Fred This Time
***Dr. David Allen Hayes Suggest That We Kill Freddie -  WakeMed CMO Dr. Lawson is Pleased w/ Dr. Hayes' Suggestion
***Meeting with Dr. Hayes and WakeMed's CMO, Dr. Lawson shows up Unannounced
Monday, November 12th 2012
Sunday, November 18th 2012
Thursday, November 22nd 2012
Thanksgiving 2012
Timeline Continues In 2013
Timeline Continues In 2013
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