5- Doing Great Breathing - NP, Ally Weaning and Moving to Vent Trials
10- Kate Says Medicaid Terminated - WakeMed Move for Guardianship???
10- SSA - Freddie's Medical Coverage is Fine
12- WakeMed's Financial Office - You Have to Fill Out New Medicaid App
12- Skip Roy, WakeMed's PT Mgr. - No Physical Therapy for Freddie
16- Freddie Breathes Off Vent Again!
26- WakeMed's Intensivist Say NO to Treating Freddie Again
27- Freddie Breathes Off Vent 19hrs! Through the Night!
27- Wait a Minute... Freddie Has Medicaid
31- SSA Changes Position on Medicaid after Talking To WakeMed
  2- Fred Fills Out WakeMed's Medicaid App.
14- Wakemed PT Says NO Again to Freddie
20- WakeMed Says Freddie Has "Hidden" Seizure - Changes His Meds
28- Freddie's Doc Allows Bronch Wash for Freddie after Fred Asked
  1- Freddie's SSI Status Mysteriously Changed in SSA Computer System  
  6- Last Bronch Wash Allowed for Freddie / 1 Year in WakeMed
14- Freddie Breathes Off Vent Again!
25- Problems with Mucus Again
29- JC DSS Asked for Different Info
29- Somene Reports Fred to APS for Financial Exploitation of Freddie
31- APS Sends Letter
  4- Meet with NP Ally about Changes in Freddie Care
  6- 1 Month Since Last Bronch Wash
  8- Day 400
  9- Meeting with NP Ally about what they can do to help Freddie
24- Meeting with Friend and Attorney Marcia
24- Dr. Zinn: Freddie Didn't Have Seizure and Meds Should Not be Changed
24- Dr. Zinn: WakeMed Wants Freddie Out
  6- 2 Months Since Last Bronch Wash
  7- Intensivist Dr. Kirk:  We Won't Consider Chest Tubes for Freddie
  7- Wakemed SW Kate Threatens Guardianship
  7- APS Will Not Talk to Attorney Marcia about Investigation
  9- Freddie's RNs Say Push for Freddie's Care
  9- JC DSS SW Kim Dunn Won't Talk to Attorney Marcia About Case
10- Intensivist Dr. Dejoya: Nothing Else to Help with Freddie's Lung
10- Fred Calls on Dr. Udekwu for Help
10- WakeMed's SW Kate Threatens Guardianship Again
10- Fred Makes Formal Safety Complaint with WakeMed's Care Hotline
11- RN and Fred Make Decision To Not Get Freddie to Chair for WakeMed
14- JC DSS SW Kim Dunn Denies Freddie's Medicaid
15- WakeMed's SW Kate Files Court Papers for Guardianship
16- SW Kate Serves Freddie by Leaving Court Papers on His Counter
20- Another One of Freddie's RNs Trying to Help Freddie
21- Attorney Marcia Gets Guardianship Hearing Continuance
22- Dr. Udekwu Back and Agrees to Look Into Helping Freddie
22- Fred Tells Freddie Dr. Udekwu is Coming to Help, It won't be long Buddy
24- DSS Extends Time for WakeMed But Not for Freddie
26- Attorney Marcia's Letter to JC DSS, Kim Dunn
29- Dr. Udekwu Meeting
31- JC DSS Rejects Attorney Marcia's Paperwork
  3- WakeMed's CEO and CMO call on Dr. David Allen Hayes for Consult
  5- New JC DSS SW Jamie Sexton Said Will Approve Freddie's Medicaid
  6- 3 Months Since Last Bronch Wash
21- JC DSS SW Jamie Won't See Fred After Talking To WakeMed
22- Fred Gives JC DSS Everything and More
24- Stop WakeMed from Taking Guardianship of Freddie Petition
25- JC DSS Will Not Allow Freddie's Medicaid to Be Approved
25- WTVD ABC News Hunts Fred Down and Wants Story
26- WakeMed Fights Hard in Court to Take Freddie from Fred
26- WakeMed Statement: Freddie Will Continue to Get Excellent Care
27- Freddie's Story Goes National And International
29- WakeMed Calls and Wants to Schedule Meeting
29- JC DSS Calls - Wants to Get Freddie Approved Now
  2- Dr. David Allen Hayes' Consult Report Discarded by Dr. Udekwu
  2- Dir. of Trauma, Dr. Udekwu Going to Try to Get Freddie Treated
  3- Attorney Marcia and Fred Meet w/ JC DSS's Supervisor Betty Bunn
  5- Freddie D-Sating Again - 4 Months Since Last Bronch Wash
  6- 4 Months Since Last Bronch Wash
  6- Freddie's Medicaid Finally Approved!
  7- Freddie's Condition Taking Turn for the Worse Without Treatments
  8- Fox News Does Story on Freddie
  8- Freddie Continuing Getting Worse Without Treatments
  9- No Word from Docs - 1 Week Dr. Udekwu to Ask Dr. Feinson to Treat
10- RN Calls - Freddie D-Sating Again
16- No Word from Docs - 2 Weeks Dr. Udekwu to Ask Dr. Feinson to Treat
17- Day 500
20- Freddie Still D-Sating, Doctors and Ally Continue to Do Nothing
20- Ally Finally Called - Weekly Updates to Resume - To Check w/ Feinson
23- 3 Weeks Dr. Udekwu to Ask Dr. Feinson to Treat Freddie
23- Freddie D-Sating All Morning / Still No Word from Doctors
24- Freddie D-Sated Again this Morning
24- Fred Calls Dr. Udekwu's Assistant Rhonda Vincent
25- Another Day of D-Sating for Freddie
27- WakeMed's Dr. Feinson Answer is NO to Freddie Getting Treatments
28- WakeMed Has No Intentions to Help Freddie with Needed Treatments
30- WakeMed Finally Gets Wheelchair - Not Out of Bed for 2 1/2 Months
30- Is it Freddie's Wheelchair Or WakeMed's
30- Freddie Has D-Sated Multiple Times Nearly Every Day In July
  1- WakeMed Demotes Dr. Udekwu from Dir. of Trauma (27 yrs)
  1- WakeMed Buys Out and Hires Freddie's Pulmonologist, Dr. Hart
  6- 5 Months Since Last Bronch Wash
  7- Meeting w/ Freddie's Dr. Ted Feinson - 1 month after Dr. Udekwu
13- Still D-Sating - Nurses Still Complaning About Wheelchair
13- Attorney David Gibbs Writes Letter to WakeMed Asking for Meeting
14- RT Called - Freddie D-Sating Again
16- Freddie D-Sating Bad - O2 Up to 100% - Peep Turned Up to 10
16- NP Ally Called - Said Freddie is Doing Fine and NO Bronch Wash
16- Dr. Hart Called - Said Freddie Doing Fine - NO Treatments for Freddie
16- WakeMed's Dr. Hart - Take Freddie Somewhere Else
17- Another Tough Day of D-Sating for Freddie
21- Hard Day for Freddie Again - Docs Say & Do Nothing but Turn Up Vent
23- More D-Sating All Morning - O2 100% - Turned Vent Peep Up to 12
23- NO Update Call from Freddie's NP, Ally
28- WakeMed Has Freddie Re-Evaluated Neurologically for No Reason
30- NO Update Call from Freddie's NP, Ally
31- Freddie Has D-Sated Multiple Times Nearly Every Day In August
  2- Another Bad Day D-Sating for Freddie - O2 Up to 85%
  3- More Trouble - Intensivist Turn Vent Up More - PS 12 - BR to 10
  3- D-Sating Bad - RNs & RTs Having Hard Time Keeping Freddie Stable
  4- WakeMed CMO, Dr. Lawson Ignores David Gibbs-Writes Letter to Fred
  6- 6 Months Since Last Bronch Wash
  6- Dr. Johnson: Intensivist's Treatment for Freddie Will Remain the Same
13- Freddie D-Sating Bad Again Today - High Pressures - O2 100%
13- Dr. Johnson Says Freddie is Stable - Treatments will Remain the Same
14- Another Hard Day of D-Sats for Freddie
19- Freddie Contnues to Have Hard Days D-Sating
20- Dr. Lakey Calls But Leaves No Return Number to Be Reached At
27- Freddie Continues To Struggle with D-Sating - WakeMed Does Nothing
27- NO Call From Freddie's Doctors
30- Freddie Has D-Sated Multiple Times Nearly Every Day In September
  6- 7 Months Since Last Bronch Wash

15- Freddie's 19th Birthday

25- Day 600

  6- 8 Months Since Last Bronch Wash
  8- WakeMed CMO Brings Back His Go To Doc, Dr. David Allen Hayes
  8- WakeMed.s Attorney Sayes Dr. Hayes Wants to Talk to Fred This Time

12- WakeMed CMO, Dr. Lawson Shows Up Unannounced to Meeting
12- Dr. David Allen Hayes Suggest That We Kill Freddie
12- WakeMed CMO Dr. Lawson is Pleased w/ Dr. Hayes' Suggestion

18- Prayer Warrior's Prayer for Freddie

22- Fred's Thanksgiving FB Post

  6- 9 Months Since Last Bronch Wash

19- WakeMed to Pay $8 Million to End Medicare Fraud Investigation

25- Christmas 2012
Menu of  Major Events
  6- Neuro / Start
  9- Neck & PelvisSurgeries
14- 1st Pneumonia (Right Lung)
15- Freddie Starts Breathin Over Vent
18- Make Freddie a Ward of State or Take Him Home
27- Freddie Opens his Eyes
  2- 2nd Pneumonia (Left Lung)
  4- 1st Conference - WakeMed Assures They Won't Give Up on Freddie
  8- Physical Therapy Denies Freddie's Movements
11- Freddie Starts Pressure Support
14- Moved to PICU
17- PT Denies Freddie's Movements Again
31- PICU Doctors Start
  5- Ultrasound - Freddie Can Breathe!
13- Day 100
15- Lung Surgery
10- Intensivist Start - Hole in Lung?
11- Dr. Honeycutt Goes to Work
13- PT Tells Fred Can't Live at WakeMed
23- MRI
26- WakeMed Focuses on Sending Freddie Home
  2- Vent Trials - Freddie Breathes Without Ventilator Support
  9- WakeMed - Continues to Want to Send Freddie Home
10- Hole in Lung from Surgery Finally Acknowledged - Intensivist Pull Out
30- WakeMed's PT Pulls Out
  1- Give Up on Freddie Meeting - Stop All Treatment to Let Freddie Die
  3- Freddie Get Worst with WakeMed Refusing Treatments
  7- Fred Begs Dr. Piehl Not to Give Up on Freddie
  9- Director of Trauma Saves the Day for Freddie
13- Dr, Leinenweber Moves for WakeMed Ethics Committee
16- Dr. Piehl Goes Outside of WakeMed to get Dr, Hart to Treat Freddie
20- Freddie Responds Well to Treatment
21- Day 200
13- 5A Meeting - Pick Freddie's Room
17- PICU Apology and Well Wishes
18- Moved to 5A - Step Down
  3- Dr. Hart Continues Weekly Bronch Washes - Hole in Lung is Healing
13- Attempt to get Physical Therapy to Treat Freddie
22- Hole in Lung from Surgery Healed! - Bronch Washes as Needed
22- Christmas Gifts for WakeMed Doctors and Staff
22- Fred Tells Freddie Its Time to Get to Work on Vent
25- Christmas Day 2011
26- PT Manager, Skip Roy comes to 5A
28- Freddie Kickin Butt on Vent - NP, Ally Starts Weaning Freddie Off Vent
29- 5A Social Worker, Kate Brookhouser wants to Discharge Freddie
30- Day 300

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  6- 10 Months Since Last Bronch Wash
  9- Nurse Rejects WakeMed's Claim that Nursing Staff Frauded Medicare

  9- RN Disgusted that CEO is Blaming the Nursing for Medicare Fraud

  9- WakeMed CEO says WakeMed wasn't trying to Cheat Government

  21- WakeMed's CEO, Mr. Bill Atkinson Pleads to his Employees

  24- N&O; Billing Isn’t the Only Diagnosing Problem at WakeMed

  27- It’s Been a Year Since Freddie’s Healthcare was Adequate


  2- Day 700

  6- 11 Months Since Last Bronch Wash


  6- 2 Year Anniversary
  6- 1 Year Since Last Bronch Wash


  6- 1 Year and 1 Month Since Last Bronch Wash


  6- 1 Year and 2 Months Since Last Bronch Wash

13- Day 800


  6- 1 Year and 3 Months Since Last Bronch Wash

16- Father's Day


  6- 1 Year and 4 Months Since Last Bronch Wash


  6- 1 Year and 5 Months Since Last Bronch Wash

21- Day 900


  1- Fred Warned, WakeMed May Try Something with Medicare

  6- 1 Year and 6 Months Since Last Bronch Wash

19- JC DSS Calls to Enroll Freddie in Medicare Part D (prescription)
19- Fred Notifies WakeMed of JoCo DSS Enroling Medicare

26- JC DSS Enrolls Freddie in Medicare Part D (prescription)

26- WakeMed CEO Atkinson is Out; Could this Mean Freddie May Get Treated at WakeMed?


  6- 1 Year and 7 Months Since Last Bronch Wash

15- Freddie's 20th Birthday
15- Pray4Freddie.org Website Launched


  6- 1 Year and 8 Months Since Last Bronch Wash

21- Day 1000


  6- 1 Year and 9 Months Since Last Bronch Wash

25- Christmas 2013
26- WakeMed Notifies Fred That Freddie's Medicare Coverage Has Run Out
27- Fred Talks To DSS about Freddie's Medicare LTRDs

30- Fred Informs WakeMed of his desire Not to Use Freddie's LTRDs
31- JC DSS Paula Johnson finally Returns Call
31- Fred Confirms Decision to WakeMed Not to Use Freddie's LTRDs
31- WakeMed Says They Will Come After Fred for Freddie Medical Bills

Supporters, Please understand we are overwhelmed with trying to get Freddie Help on several fronts.  At times
we have no choice but prioritize and leave the record updates until we get time to post them.  There are a lot of
them!  So please continue to follow and check back occasionally.  Also, stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter as
we will post updates and notices there as well.  Again, we cannot express what your support and prayers
means for Freddie and us.  Thank You all and we will continue to trust in Our Lord’s Will to prevail regardless of
WakeMed’s desires.
  1- Fred Ask WakeMed To Explain Their Statements
  3- Fred Ask WakeMed Again for Clarification
  6- 1 Year and 10 Months Since Last Bronch Wash
  8- WakeMed Reinterates Their Position Without Clarifying Key Questions
10- Fred Ask JC DSS for Answers to Contradictions
12- WakeMed Seeks to Stabilize After Doctors Leave
16- WakeMed Names Date for Medicare LTRD Decision

*Did WakeMed forget that they just Paid $8 Million to Avoid Criminal Prosecution for Fraudulently Falsifying Medicare Documents?  Or Do They Just Not Care?
16- WakeMed Resends Medicare Forms Changed and Back Dated

17- Fred Ask JC DSS for Help with Getting Answers Again

*Fred Goes to State and Federal Agencies for Help with Freddie's Medicare LTR Days. All Agencies Say this Isn't Right and Try to Help.

22- Freddie Having GI Tube Trouble Again
23- GI Doctors have put in a different type of feeding tube
28- WakeMed Ask for Freddie's Medicare LTR Days Again
29- GI Trouble Allows Freddie to Improve Without Sedating Meds
  3- Freddie is in Surgery Again for the GI Tube
  3- Freddie GI Update
  6- 1 Year and 11 Months Since Last Bronch Wash
18- PRAYER REQUEST: Freddie in Surgery Again for the GI - 4th Time
18- FREDDIE UPDATE: Freddie was Returned to his Room
  6- 3 Year Anniversary
  6- 2 Years Since Last Bronch Wash
10- Day 1100 - 733 Days Since WakeMed Stopped Treating Freddie
  6- 2 Years and 1 Month Since Last Bronch Wash

  6- 2 Years and 2 Months Since Last Bronch Wash

28- WakeMed Names Donald Gintzig Permanent CEO
  6- 2 Years and 3 Months Since Last Bronch Wash
11- Open by Rob Bell
12- Culture of Death and WakeMed Similarities in Freddie's Healthcare
17- Day 1200 - 833 Days Since WakeMed Stopped Treating Freddie
  2- WakeMed's CMO, Dr. Lawson Contacts Fred - WakeMed Wants to Talk
  6- 2 Years and 4 Months Since Last Bronch Wash
10- Fred Accepts WakeMed’s CMO Dr. Lawson's Offer to Talk
11- Scheduling the Meeting with WakeMed CMO, Dr. Lawson
14- Continued Scheduling the Meeting with WakeMed CMO, Dr. Lawson
15- FB Post: IMPORTANT PRAYER REQUEST: WakeMed Wants to Talk
16- WakeMed Wants to Talk-Meeting with WakeMed CMO, Dr. West Lawson
16- Team Pray4Freddie Immediately Goes to Work
17- Call From WakeMed CMO, Dr. Lawson
17- Dr. Udekwu Examines Freddie and His Charts
18- Call from Dr. Lawson
18- Email from Dr. Lawson
19- Fred and Dr. Lawson Start to Arrange Meeting with Dr. Udekwu
21- Dr. Udekwu Calls Fred
21- Dr. Lawson Calls Fred
21- Dr. Lawson Calls about Dr. Udekwu Meeting
21- Fred Emails Dr. Lawson about Dr. Udekwu Meeting
22- Meeting with Dr. Udekwu
*Dr. Udekwu says He Sees No Reason Not to be Treating Freddie.  WakeMed CMO, Dr. West Lawson Agrees with Dr. Udekwu But Says WakeMed Can't Get it Done.
23- Dr. Lawson Calls Fred for Meeting with Dr, Udekwu Follow-Up
23- Fred Calls Facility
24- Facility Calls Fred
24- FB Post: NEEDTOBREATHE - Multiplied
24- Dr. Lawson Emails Fred
25- Dr. Lawson Emails Fred
26- Visit Nursing Facility in Taylorsville NC
28- Dr. Lawson Emails Fred
28- Fred Emails Dr. Lawson Requesting Meeting with Dr. Udekwu
29- Dr. Lawson text & emails exchange with Fred
29- Fred Talks to RT Director of Vent Unit at Facility
29- Dr. Udekwu Meeting
*WakeMed's CMO, Dr. West Lawson - "WakeMed will Provide Anything Freddie Needs at Facility and Will Put it in Writing"
30- Dr. Lawson Calls Fred
30- Dr. Lawson Text Fred
*WakeMed's CEO, Donald Gintzig Said “I will drive it up there myself, if need be”
30- Fred Calls Dr. Lawson
*No Talking to Facility Doctors Before Freddie would be Transferred.
30- Dr. Lawson Talks to Facility and Calls Fred
31- Dr. Lawson Emails Fred & Dr. Udekwu
  1- JoCo DSS Emails Fred
  1- Dr. Lawson Text to Fred

^CMO, Dr. West Lawson Promises WakeMed's Mission to be Get Rid of Freddie.
  1- Dr. Lawson Promises WakeMed's Mission to be Get Rid of Freddie
  1- FB Post: Oh Dear Heavenly Father, You Know All Truth and Intent
  4- Dr. Lawson Email to Fred
  6- 2 Years and 5 Months Since Last Bronch Wash
  7- Fred Emails WakeMed Health & Hospitals Leaders asking Help Freddie
13- Dr. Lawson Replies for WakeMed
18- Fred Replies to Dr. Lawson's Email for WakeMed



  6- 2 Years and 6 Months Since Last Bronch Wash

Timeline  -  The Inconvenient Truth of Freddie's Healthcare at WakeMed
Freddie's Healthcare Events
Help Freddie
Freddie in the News
WakeMed Says Freddie Will Continue to Get Excellent Care,

"We are committed to providing exceptional care to all of our patients and feel confident that Freddie is receiving and has received excellent care as a patient at WakeMed. The petition for guardianship and the court proceeding truly has nothing to do with the care Freddie has received and will continue to receive regardless of the judge's decision. We are simply taking steps to secure financial resources for Freddie through Medicaid which should be available to him for his care,"

   -Heather Monackey, spokesperson for WakeMed Health & Hospitals
WTVD 11 ABC News
June 26th 2012
Since WakeMed Stopped Treating Freddie
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